I'm going to #BML16 !

My name... Kate
My blog... Counting to Ten (you might have noticed you are on it). 
Find me on social media at... EssexKate. I'm frequently on Instagram and Twitter and a few other places too. The links are all on the right if you are reading this post on a computer.
How I look... Blonde hair (it will probably be tied back due to the early start), hazel eyes, glasses, about 5ft 4. Of course you wont notice any of this at Britmums because I'm bringing my super cute baby: Little. She will be 5 months old and strapped to me in some sort of carrier.
Blonde lady in a Mama top carrying a baby
Say "Hi" to me and Little
Is this my first blogging event...? No, I've been to Britmums Live a few years ago when I blogged at The Secret Life of Kate.
I will be wearing…baby vomit, a  bit of dribble and a top which helps me get my boobs out easily (what do you mean it's not that sort of event?)
What I hope to gain from #BML16... I would love to meet up with new bloggers and see in person some of the people I only know online.
My tips for a great conference... it depends what you want out of it. The break out sessions last time were great, but I got just as much from chatting to people. Choose carefully about how you spend your time as it's only a day now it's going to fly by.

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