The New Sk:n Clinic In South Woodford, East London

Like many people I look in the mirror each day, poking my face and lamenting over my flaws, but not really knowing what to do about them. I was invite to the official opening of sk:n in South Woodford recently and met some lovely people who gave me a whole new perspective on my face and what I could do to make it better.

A photograph of the front of the sk:n clinc building

I was really impressed with the facilities at the new sk:n clinic, I have never been into one of their branches before, but they have 49 clinics in the UK currently and plans to open more. They are somewhere between a beauty salon and a medical facility. Most of what they offer is cosmetic, but they also have a doctor who works with them and carries out some of the more clinical procedures. They are also registered with the CQC (the same body which inspects hospitals and ensures they are safe).

A white room with a massage bed, a few machines, a sink and a trolley

Sk:n expect one of their most popular procedures to be laser hair removal. They use Cynosure elite grade 4 medical lasers for hair removal from all skin types. Unlike with IPL (which they don’t do) the staff are regulated to use the lasers which involves being specially trained and checked by both the council and CQC. 

Another popular treatment is the Hydrafacial and I was given the chance to find out what the Hydrafacial Express is like. The full treatment includes: lymphatic drainage, a double cleanse with suction, deep exfoliation for clogged pores, a gentle glycolic and salicylic treatment, hydration with serums and then the use of LED lights depending on clients needs. It is a painless treatment where they basically suck out everything nasty from your face, treat any problems you might have and then apply serums to ensure it feels good and looks great.

Me lying on a bed while a lady in a blue tunic and gloves treats my chin

I also got to have a taster of what their skin scan is like. You get to look at your skin in a mirror with special lighting which shows up damage which may not be visible with the naked eye. This helps them suggest what would be the best treatment for your skin. After a chat with Chelsie about my current skin care routine she recommended what she thought would be the best treatment for me as well as some skincare products I might like to try. She was so positive about my skin and I didn’t feel like she was telling me off for my current somewhat lacking facial care. She was so lovely and I didn’t feel at all intimidated like I often do in the spa so I was able to ask her to explain various words and terms without feeling silly. 

It was suggested that my face would benefit from products with active ingredients in because despite being in my mid-thirties I have spots, combined with large pores and a few wrinkles. I ended up buying a facial wash with glycolic acid (good for closing pores, acne scars and provides a gentle exfoliation of the dermis layer of skin) and Salcylic (which is antibacterial so great for spot and acne prone skin). 

A light and airy waiting room in shades of white and grey

How To Get To The South Woodford Sk:n Clinic

The South Woodford sk:n clinic can be found in George Lane E18 1JJ, for those that know the area it is on the other side of George Lane to most of the shops and just a few doors along from Creative Biscuit (the pottery painting place than sells amazing chocolate brownies). There is a small amount of street parking which you need to pay for, but it might be easier to park in the car parks off Primrose Road. Alternatively it is almost directly outside South Woodford Station (you need to leave by the Westbound Entrance).

There are 12 other sk:n clinics in London as well as one in Chelmsford, but the South Woodford one is by far my closest. You can check their website to find your nearest clinic.


  1. Sounds like you had a great experience!! My skin care regime is not great either!! Now that I’ve read this I’m going to make more of an effort! Xxx

  2. Nooooo to the wrinkles - I am 32 and hate my forehead!! Sounds like you had a great experience with them. I think it is so important to look after your skin!

  3. It's so important to go somewhere with properly trained and qualified staff. It sounds like a positive experience.

  4. Sounds great. I have to admit I don't look after my skin at all well

  5. Sounds like you had a good experience. It’s something I should probably look into having too x

  6. What a great clinic! It sounds like you had a great experience and the treatment went well!

  7. Love the idea of getting everything bad sucked out! It looks like a really clean and lovely clinic, not clinical at all!


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