Sweet Valentine's Gifts from Swizzels (Gifted)

Last week I had a taste of my own medicine when I received an exciting (gifted) delivery from Swizzels. I now know how my children feel when I make them wait a few days to play with a review toy we receive. It was a long 3 days sitting with the box of Swizzels sweets in my kitchen that I couldn’t eat until I had a chance to photograph them. With poorly people in the house and non sleeping children I really really wanted those sweets too.

Photographs of various Swizzels sweets in a LOVE shaped cut out next to a red heart with the Swizzels logo in

Everyone knows Swizzels, many of their sweets are classics. From Love Hearts, to Drumsticks to Fizzers they are popular with children and adults alike, but did you know there are hampers and other gifts which can only be bought from the Swizzels website?

Valentine's gift ideas in the Swizzels shop include a personalised Love Heart Tube (there is space for up to 12 letters I think) filled with 25 mini Love Hearts rolls for £9.99. They also have mini Love Hearts rolls specially packaged for Valentine’s Day: for £9.99 you can get 30 packets in pink packaging saying “BE MY VALENTINE”. If your Valentine prefers to have a variety of sweets then there are hampers from £2.99 which fit through the letter box to a personalised wicker hamper at £21.99. Until 14th February you can currently get a discount of 15% with the code V15. P&P costs are in addition and vary depending on weight.

A white tube with pictures of love hearts on and the name "KATE" personalised on it in side a heart shape made from mini packets of Love Hearts
A personalised Love Heart tube

4 mini rolls of love hearts in pink paper with 2 love hearts showing saying "Marry Me?" and "Say Yes"
Limited Edition Valentine's Love Heart packaging, what messages will you find inside?

Swizzels cardboard sweet hamper box. It is bright red with a printed on gold ribbon and the Swizzels logo
A Swizzels sweets hamper is a great Valentine's gift idea

Swizzels Matlow is a British, family owned sweet factory that is over 90 years old. I think it’s pretty amazing that not only do my children eat some of the same sweets I did as a child, but possibly the same ones as my parents and even grandparents: Rainbow Drops and Fizzers were launched in the 1930s!

Where do you stand on Parma Violets? They are the only Swizzels sweets I don’t like. I am very grateful to Swizzels that they are wrapped separately rather than a flavour in the Fizzers packets. Can you imagine getting one when you weren’t expecting it? Eugh. I appreciate that Parma Violets always come in the packs though because it means I have something I am happy to share with the rest of my family, who strangely like them. I just handed my partner one and he genuinely said “wow, thank you”. I think he has forgotten I don’t like them. Apparently Parma Violets were originally sold as breath fresheners (fact sourced from the Swizzels website).

So while I am here munching my way through the hamper they sent while my children are in bed why not check out the Swizzels website?

Oh and before I go here is a true story about me and Love Hearts: 
When pregnant I had bad heartburn. It meant I couldn’t eat chocolate or a whole range of foods I enjoyed. Love Hearts however were fine and seemed to actually help get rid of my heartburn so I bought one of the 3kg bags and spent much of my pregnancy eating them.

***Disclosure: We were sent a selection of Swizzels products for the purpose of this post. All thoughts are my own***

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