Review: Piccolo Just For You Personalised Subscription Boxes

(#AD) Weaning your baby is a difficult time and it can be even harder at the moment when supermarkets are busy and you can’t always rely on the stock. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just hand over all that stress to someone else? Well that’s what the Piccolo Just for You boxes aim to do. We have tried out their new tailored subscription service to see what it is like.

6 baby food pouches arranged in a flower shape next to a delivery box full of baby food from piccolo subscription service
A baby and toddler food subscription service from Piccolo

Buying Baby and Toddler Food Direct From Piccolo

Piccolo have had an online shop for their baby food for a while and you can buy their products from a number of online supermarkets, but their Just For You Boxes are a new venture which bring a more tailored solution.

When you sign up you are asked a few questions about your child including their name, age, any allergies or dietary restrictions and if you have any particular aims eg to increase the variety of flavours they eat. You can then choose from a few different options including a meal box and a cooking box and how often you want to have food delivered (you can cancel future boxes as long as they haven’t been despatched yet). Choosing the frequency means you can have the Piccolo meals just once a day to supplement other food or you can use it for multiple meals or snacks.

Piccolo use their expert knowledge to select meals and snacks for your child and send them to you. The box arrives via courier service which can obviously take varying amounts of time at the moment, ours took about a week from ordering. 

A close up of the opening section of a cardboard box with the Piccolo logo on
An easy way to get baby food to your door

What You Get in the Piccolo Just-For-You Subscription Boxes

The contents of each box varies based on the information you provide, but in a standard meal box you get 35 to 40 items. The information below is based on what I received, but every box will be slightly different because they are tailored to individuals.

I was sent a meal box, costing £50, aimed at 7 month olds which had a variety of Piccolo pouches. I chose to avoid dairy so we had 5 of each of the following pouches: 

Pear, Banana, Coconut Milk & Baby Rice with a Hint of Cinnamon (4 months plus, smooth)

Pear, Apple & Spring Greens with a Hint of Mint (4 months plus, smooth)

Courgette, Pea & Leek with a Hint of Mint (4 months plus, smooth)

Carrot, Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash with a Hint of Parsley (4 months plus, smooth)

Sweet Potato, Apple, Pear & Beetroot (4 months plus, smooth)

Apple & Raspberry with Wholegrain Oats (6 months plus, smooth)

Spring Vegetables & Chicken Casserole with Rice & a Hint of Tarragon (7 months plus, textured)

Roast Lamb Dinner & Vegetables with a Hint of Rosemary (7 months plus, textured)

A few into the Piccolo Just for You delivery showing 40 baby food pouches
The Just For You Piccolo box for a 7 month old contains 40 pouches

We also received a taster of the boxes for older babies which have had a mixture of pouches and snacks (the numbers of each depend on their age and requirements). We received:

Carrot, Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash with a Hint of Parsley (4 months plus, smooth)

Apple & Raspberry with Wholegrain Oats (6 months plus, smooth)

Roast Lamb Dinner & Vegetables with a Hint of Rosemary (7 months plus, textured) 

Mighty Breadsticks : Tomato and Basil (1 year plus)

Mighty Breadsticks with Parmesan Cheese (1 year plus)

Beef spaghetti bolognese with extra virgin olive oil (10 months plus) this has small pieces of pasta in rather than being a puree.

An open delivery box received to review with baby pouches a meal pouch and toddler snacks
For older babies and toddler there are snacks in the box and different meal pouches

There is also a cooking box priced at £25 which includes 12 items: 3 x stock, 1 box of pasta (type of pasta will vary depending on age) and 8 x sauce.

A box of tricolore baby pasta and a stir in tomato cooking sauce from Piccolo
There are cooking boxes as well containing pasta, sauces and stock cubes

The great thing about these boxes is that you don’t need to think about what you are going to buy for your baby (although you will want to supplement with more fresh food and meals as they get older) taking a huge amount of stress away. There is a premium you pay for the convenience of having the food selected and delivered so it wont suit every budget, but the subscription will be a huge help for others. 

About Piccolo

Piccolo is a great baby food brand which have many interesting sounding meals that taste really good. 10% of their profits are donated to charities supporting local families. Their products are organic and don’t contain refined sugar, palm oil or salt. 

The company cares about sustainability so they source their ingredients from independent family farms, they offset the company’s carbon related activities and they have worked hard to improve their packaging. Their single layer pouch is Europe’s first 100% recyclable pouch and they launched the UK’s first bio based pouch from plant-derived materials.

***Disclosure: we were sent the boxes in order to provide feedback and review***

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