Friday, 23 February 2018

Babysitting with BABY born Interactive Doll

Do you ever watch your children do something and wonder where they learnt it? It's when my girls are role playing I think it is most revealing how they see the world. While they are happily entertained it is the perfect time for me to get on with some work, but I often find myself sitting there watching them or listening outside their room as they act out the every day world they witness with their own special interpretation. I have been capturing some of these moments on video to share as part of the BABY born Babysitter campaign, but my children are smart, they save their cutest moments for when their back is to the camera or they walk out of shot.

Close up of girl giving BABY born doll water from it's bottle

Friday, 16 February 2018

My Daughter's Cut Face And The Glue Which Didn't Help

I’m annoyed.

Last week my youngest had an accident. It was just one of those things and nothing could have stopped it. She ran across the room and face planted, hitting her cheek on the grate in our (now ornamental) fire place. If it had been a little bit either way she would have hit her head on the wall with force, so even if we had protected the fireplace you can’t pad the walls and she could still have been injured. She got a cut on her cheek which was deep and gaped.

A toddler with a cut on her face cuddled up to her Daddy and reading a book together
At Children's A&E waiting to be seen 

Thursday, 15 February 2018

One Point Five Children

It’s Thursday and for me half term is over. I have one daughter of school age and while she doesn’t go back to school until Tuesday for now our holiday time has passed. This morning I took her over to her Dad’s house and gave her a big cuddle before her little sister and I drove away.

M jumping up and down in excitement with her mouth open

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Valentine's Day Card Inspiration with Gel-A-Peel

I have always been a fan of Valentine’s Day even when I was depressingly single and the only card I received was from my sister (anonymously of course). There is something special about making a card or present if you have time so when I was challenged to make a card decorated with Gel-A-Peel it was just the motivation I needed to get thinking up cheesy puns. I created a few designs which work well whether you are sending them to your partner or your BFF for "Galentines".

Group selection of 4 Valentine's cards with messages on as described below

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

360 Play in Basildon With A Toddler | Soft Play And More

I had heard good things about 360 Play, but for some reason I hadn't thought about going with my just turned 2 years old. I was invited to visit the Basildon centre so I headed along on a Tuesday morning to find out what it is like for a toddler. 360 Play in Basildon is based in the Festival Leisure Park which has a cinema, bowling, restaurants, bars and plenty of free parking. It took me a while to spot the 360 Play at the end of the row next to Bella Italia, in fact I saw the carousel on the first floor window before I spotted the 360 Play sign. I managed to park right outside and we wandered in to check it out. 

A view of the end of toddler soft play across to a pretend pizzeria, supermarket and post office

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Review: Brio Pull Along Bumblebee

Little was sent a Pull Along Bumblebee from BRIO and she has fast become a big fan. For my part the review has been challenging, not because of the toy itself, but because trying to get a photo of it while my youngest runs around the living room in circles resulted in rather a lot of images with blurry flashes of black, yellow, white and red.

My toddler holding the Brio Pull Along Bumblebee in front of her face

Friday, 9 February 2018

The Speed Tower Burger Challenge and Our Rustlers Burger Hack

After school or a busy day out we have a race against time for dinner to be on the table before M has managed to consume crisps, biscuits, several slices of toast and more. I like to have meals which I can prepare in advance and finish off in minutes when we get home. With Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burger I can do just that. Get them out the fridge and they only take 90 seconds in the microwave. M can even cook one herself. *Collaborative Post*.

A close up on a breadcrumbed burger in a sesame bun with spinach, cucumber, tomato, pepper, onion and mushrooms

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Sounds Right Phonics Class Review for Preschoolers in Loughton and Woodford

With my eldest I had no time for toddler groups. Going back to work full time after maternity leave meant my daughter was in nursery for 50 hours a week. I didn't feel guilty for taking the weekends easy as I knew nursery gave her new experiences and made sure all her developmental needs were met according to the EYFS. In contrast Little Sister has the luxury of her mummy being with her all the time and too much Peppa Pig. As she gets older I increasingly feel she needs time socialising with other children and learning new skills from adults outside the family. I believe strongly in the importance of play and not pushing children into structured learning too young, but I also want her to be ready for school when she starts. We were invited along to Sounds Right Phonics classes in Loughton to see what they are and how they help prepare children for school.

An adult and a child playing with play doh with disco lights on

Happy Valentine's With Baylis & Harding With Their Rosé Prosecco Fizz Range | Review and Giveaway

Valentine's Day is just next week and if you are like me you haven’t even bought a card yet. I’m not sure when I became so disorganised, actually I am, it was around the time I got pregnant and gave up my right to sleep and have time to myself. Fortunately I’m not worried about what I’m going to get because I’ve already had some lovely gifts thanks to Baylis & Harding and because it’s Valentine's I’m going to share the love with a giveaway.

Baylis & Harding currently have a limited edition Rosé Prosecco Fizz Fragranced Range which make the perfect Valentine's gifts. Unlike chocolate or alcohol there is no need to worry about if the recipient is on a diet or can’t eat dairy. The delicately scented range has lots of different gift sets and I was kindly sent three of them.

A metal van shaped tin, 2 mini pink bottles and a body polisher with hearts in the forground