About Me

Hi I’m Kate,

I am a mum of 3 living in Loughton, Essex, but I am not what you would call a natural mum. On my blog and social media I share honestly about the highs and lows of motherhood as well as everyday life with my family. I want to help others realise they aren’t alone if they don’t find it easy.

If you are looking for things to do I share ideas for play and children's crafts, review toys and places to go with children locally in Essex and London as well as further afield.

Through trial and many errors I know lots about being a mum and I’m always happy to offer advice when asked, except about getting babies to sleep, I’ve never really got that one sussed. I have used disposables and cloth nappies, trained as a babywearing consultant, breastfed and have done baby led weaning 3 times now. Some days are a whirlwind of nursery, school, mealtimes and bed so I am always looking for ways to make parenting easier or how to have an organised, tidy home. 

As my youngest child has turned 3 I am starting to focus more on me again so you can follow my journey as I discover what it is like to wear clothes not covered in baby dribble, how to look good again and maybe even spend some time child free!

I am passionate about writing and taking photographs and I have been blogging for 12 years now!  I love that I have so many memories captured within this and my previous blog.

About My Family 

M is my eldest daughter, she is 11 and I co-parent her with my ex husband. She spends half her time with us and half with her Dad. She loves to read, learn about everything and play Roblox, but also to play with dolls, animals and characters.

Little is my youngest daughter who was 6 in January. She loves Superheroes, elephants and Toca.

BB is 3 he loves causing chaos, cuddles and his family. He loves Paw Patrol, cars, dinosaurs and jigsaws. 

G is my partner. He does a wonderful job of putting up with my moods, getting up early to look after the children and looking after us all. He is rather amazing.

Mittens is our cat. She is surprisingly tolerant of being grabbed by BB and she is overly fond of food.

Me sitting in a diner with my children

Work With Me

I love working with Brands and discovering new products. I offer collaborations, reviews (products, services and days out), giveaways and social media promotion. I always give a fair and honest opinion in my posts. 

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements or ask for a copy of my media pack and rate card.

You can contact me via social media or email:
Email: countingtotenblog@gmail.com

As well as my channels I'm: 
Mums & Tots Editor for Britmums
Editor at Less of a Mess

Press Coverage/ Ambassador Roles
South East Bloggers Club: Introducing Kate of Counting To Ten
I was interviewed about my blog on BBC Essex, Essex Sounds Segment in August 2019
I was invited to contribute to a Which? Money Podcast as part of the Ease The Squeeze website

Best wishes

Kate x

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