Friday, 19 October 2018

No Children Allowed: Finding The Perfect Parents Only Holidays

Going on holiday with your children can be great, but what if you and your partner want a break from everything, including your children? More and more parents are leaving their children behind and going on a holiday where they can relax with no responsibilities, routines or early morning wake ups. While it can be easy to feel guilty, spending quality time with your partner and properly resting can be beneficial to the whole family. If that seems like a dream to you maybe this post will help you start thinking through the practicalities and the possibilities to help it become a reality you can enjoy before your children have grown up?

people sitting on sun loungers as the sun sets out at sea

How to Stay Healthy and Active When You Have Kids

When you have children your priorities change and sometimes you don’t feel you have any time for you. It is totally normal to feel that all your time is devoted to your family, especially when your children are small, but it doesn't have to be that way. If you know that you need to make changes to get more fit and active then sometimes a few simple changes can help and it might be possible to get the rest of your family involved too.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Presents To Give To Parents That They Will Love

Being a parent is the most wonderful gift, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want presents too. I find I spend so much time looking for gifts for others that it makes me appreciate being given the perfect gift even more. Here are a selection of presents, ranging from the functional to the beautiful that G and I would love to receive and I’m sure other parents would too.

A selection of presents to give to parents to provide inspiration

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Who's That Girl Tween Beauty Products Review

My eldest daughter loves make up and beauty products. She’s seen me putting on the basics for years so it’s not surprising that she always wants her own bits. As mini me’s our daughters obviously want to experiment, play and copy us, but when it comes to buying her make up and beauty products it can be a challenge to know what to get: the play make up aimed at children is often bizarre colours and slimy, but products targeted at adults doesn’t seem quite right either. Who’s That Girl is a new beauty range from MGA Entertainment aimed a fashionable young Tweens (but suitable from age 6 plus) and I love that the products are more about having fun than covering up. My eldest daughter, M, has been trying out some of the products from the range that we were sent to review, but what did she think? 

The packaging of Colour Streak Hair, Glitter Roots, Selfie Masks and mood Lips

Monday, 15 October 2018

The Tale Of A White T-Shirt and the #ACEforSchool Challenge

When my eldest was in her first year of school I was sitting outside a classroom waiting to speak to her teacher. One of the wall displays was a white t-shirt pinned up and covered in various stains. It was accompanied by a message encouraging parents not to mind that their child came home with dirty clothes but to be glad they were having a good time.  It made me laugh because I might not get much out of my daughter if I asked what she had done at school that day, but I can make some guess from the state of her clothes.

ACE Stain Remover Spray and ACE for colours next to a school t-shirt

Num Noms Smoothie Movie Night and the Snackables Silly Shakes Maker Review

Recently my eldest and I haven’t been getting on that well. Her behaviour is always worse when she is worried about things, but she doesn’t easily open up and talk to me about what is bothering her. There has been a lot of shouting and foot stamping over the last few weeks. I knew we needed to spend some time together to sort things out so it was good timing that we were sent everything we needed to have a Num Noms Smoothie Movie Night. M and I had a lot of fun playing with the Num Noms Snackables Silly Shakes Maker before getting changes into PJs and cuddling up on the sofa to watch a film. It’s amazing what some quality time and having a laugh can do for the relationship with your children. 

The Silly Shakes Maker in it's box with a 7 year old posing next to it


Sunday, 14 October 2018

Rainbow Themed Gift Guide for Newborns to Adults

Rainbows represent hope following a storm. They are beautiful and they can take your breath away.  I am planning for the birth of my rainbow baby in January (a baby born after loss) so rainbows now mean even more to me. Whether you are buying a present for a family welcoming a rainbow baby, to celebrate gay pride or just someone who loves to see a rainbow when it has been raining here are a selection of presents that might be perfect.

A title text box saying "20 Rainbow Themed Gift Ideas" with images of rainbow gifts faded in the background

Friday, 12 October 2018

Review of Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire

It was a cold Sunday morning when we headed to Paradise Wildlife Park to see what was new. Along with lions, tigers and other big cats at the attraction in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire there are meerkats, tapirs, camels, dinosaurs… Yes that’s right I did say dinosaurs, because Paradise Wildlife Park isn’t like your standard zoo,  one side of the park is primarily animals (from the exotic to the farmyard) the other side has a large play area, soft play, splash park, museum of speed and since Easter 2018 a dinosaur area with 30 moving dinosaurs. That means there is plenty to do to keep little ones running around and hot drinks to warm up the big people.

Looking at  a large map of Paradise Wildlife Park

Thursday, 11 October 2018

A Next Generation Experience In Cruising

We live in a great time for travel. Never before have so many people been able to afford to go see the world with their own eyes instead of hearing of watching about it. This also means that companies are all trying to compete for our money and give us the best value and experiences possible. As you may have seen already, new Airbus and Boeing aircraft for the commercial sector are getting bigger and bigger. With new engines that have 100,000 ft-lb thrust capability, passenger jets can hold well over 300 people onboard. To counteract this, cruise ships have also gotten bigger and bigger to provide a different kind of holiday experience. When I visited a cruise ship last year I was amazed at how many passengers can fit on modern cruise ships, have space to themselves, enjoy the different features onboard and yet still travel the oceans and seas in comfort. With cruise ships getting increasingly sophisticated, impressive and large maybe it's time to save up to experience one?

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

How To Stop Your Child Scratching: from the sensible to the ridiculous

Last night I was kept awake as my 7 year old lay next to me in bed scratching, yes it appears that even at 7 years old she is still an occasional bed invader. This time it was because she'd had a bad dream and she felt sick. For well over an hour she kept me awake and in that time I had to stop her scratching countless times. The eczema on her legs has had another flare up (although fortunately not a bad one) and it affects her most at night. It doesn’t matter whether your child is scratching because of eczema, psoriasis or just dry skin, simply telling them to stop won’t make a difference. As I eventually drifted off to sleep I started to think of all the ways you can get stop children scratching and as the dreams took over the ideas started to become a little less sensible.

A child snuggled up in bed

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Still breastfeeding: A tale of extended breastfeeding through pregnancy

I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m still breastfeeding my two and a half year old. I know a few other people who are breastfeeding their toddlers (not that any of us mention it very often), but I hardly know anyone who has breastfed through pregnancy. That’s sad because for months I have wanted someone who I can turn to and commiserate with about how much it sodding hurts. 

Me and My toddler both happy and wearing matching tops

Monday, 8 October 2018

How To Have a Happy Bedtime Routine For Children

How does the children’s bedtime routine go for you? Do you get tears, shouting or endless requests for one more story? Bedtime should be a lovely end to the day with cuddles and closeness, but sometimes as parents we can dread the nightly struggle. The more tired we are as parents, and the more desperately we need some child free time the longer bedtime seems to take. Here are some suggestions for how to have a stress free bed time based on my toddler’s bedtime routine.


5 stunning family villa in Samui for a restful holiday

Guest Post:
Koh Samui, the beautiful island in Thailand, is known for its white-sand beaches, family-friendly villas, serene panoramas, exciting nightlife, and waterfront bars. When travelling with your family, especially if you have children, then it is ideal to experience Samui from the comfort of a kid-friendly villa.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Going Back To Being A Stay At Home Mum

Ok technically my employment status hasn’t changed recently. I’m still bringing in an income through my blog and social media, but ever since G’s job finished in July it has been a bit different with two adults at home each day. Life changed again this week when G started his new job on Monday and to be honest it is a bit of a relief.

Me and a toddler wearing police hats and smiling

Friday, 5 October 2018

Child Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas

Do your children have their own bathroom? My girls share the family bathroom, but we’ve found that designing the bathroom to make it child friendly can make life much easier for all of us. It can be really simple to make changes with a bit of research.  A combination of bright colours and patterns as well as a few small modifications can make your children love the bathroom and make it easier for them to use.  If you are looking to redesign the bathroom for your children here are a few simple tips for kid-friendly bathroom design ideas that you don’t want to miss out on!

A collection of rubber ducks on the side of a bath
Source: Pexels

The Problem With Instagram: Growth, Engagement, Pods and Instants

Instagram can be a total pain to grow. With more users signed up than ever it has led to increased competition and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. As more people use it as a source of income there are also lots of people scheduling their posts and rarely even logging in to engage with others so more users doesn't necessarily lead to a larger audience for your posts. Why is it so difficult to grow on Instagram? What problems do bloggers face? And how can you grow your Instagram in a sustainable and risk free way? After experimenting for a few months I have finally got my account to start growing again. This post talks about why so many of us have problems growing our Instagram accounts and what the answer is for sustainable growth.

A photo of a Mac opened to Instagram feed for EssexKate

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Thinking Of The Future...

There is something about being a parent and being pregnant that makes me want to plan for the future. Thanks to me having a series of job moves and finally self employment as well as G’s work history as a contractor neither of us have currently have a great pension. We have a small amount of savings for a rainy day, but the last couple of months with G being out of work has shown how quickly they disappear. The one thing I am grateful for is our house. Even after living here only 2 years it has gone up £40’000 in value according to this calculator so it provides me with some reassurance for our future. I appreciate property values go down as well as up, but I still have more confidence in house prices than the interest rate on my savings account.

Cactus plants in the foreground with a sunset over the sea behind

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

The Best Advent Calendars for 2018: Beauty, Alcohol, Toys, Food and Home

There may be 2 months to go until December, but now is the time to get buying your advent calendars because some of the most popular designs will sell out fast. While you can still find the traditional calendars with little cardboard doors and pictures behind if you look *really* hard and supermarket aisles are full of the chocolate ones the variety of advent calendars available gets more exciting every year (even if the cost seems to be a little crazy).  I have trawled the internet for new advent calendars and updated versions of old favourites.  Here are over 20 of my most exciting finds in beauty, food, alcohol, toys and home advent calendars.

A title box with a gold glittery background and 20 + of the best advent calendars for 2018 written on it

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Review of the Stoves BI900EF Electric Double Oven

My kitchen is the heart of my home, and the heart of my kitchen is the oven so when ours started to stop working I needed a new one with as little stress as possible. The idea of going round a sales room with a toddler turning all the nobs and trying to climb into dishwashers didn’t sound like a great idea so I went online to look at the options available from AO kindly offered me the Stoves BI900EF Built In Electric Double Oven to review and I got to experience their delivery, connection and recycling services too.

Pulling out a roasting chicken from an oven


Monday, 1 October 2018

Halloween Giveaway with Red Letter Days

What are your plans for Halloween? Will you have a party? Go trick or treating? Maybe this year you could do something different for the occasion and have a date night? Red Letter Days has lots of ideas of places you could go to celebrate Halloween including: Zombie Infections, a Haunted Bus Tour in London and Murder Mysteries. To help get you in the mood for Halloween they are offering a Escape Room Experience to one of my blog readers in this latest giveaway.

2 people looking through a door with a worried look on their face

Getting Your Children To Share A Bedroom With Less Stress

I have always wanted a family with several children, even when I was a child myself. I didn’t know what sort of parent I would be at the time and it’s only since I have had children that I have really started to understand myself. It’s often when you see your behaviours reflected in your children or hear your words coming out of their mouths that you stop to think about your good, and bad, habits. Sharing a room and frequently arguing with my older sister I have never been under the impression that families are perfect, but it’s only really as an adult with a growing family that I have realised just how much clutter, mess and noise comes with having children. Having a happy family requires sacrifices and constant work from everyone. With (soon to be) 5 people in a 3 bedroom house sharing a room is a necessity and this can lead to lots of fights, but with patience and some handy tips you can make sure children in a shared room don’t feel they are having to compromise.


Sunday, 30 September 2018

Tips for Less Mess When Baby Led Weaning

Having been through the baby led weaning process twice now I’ve found a few ways to reduce the mess and making cleaning up as easy as possible. There will still be mess and allowing your baby to explore the food is really important whether it’s through squishing, smearing, dropping or eating, but you can definitely make it less messy. Give your child the chance to make a mess when you have time, but follow my tips for reducing mess for the days you just can’t face all the cleaning.

A laughing baby covered in food

Saturday, 29 September 2018

How To Choose A Changing Bag and the Skip Hop Forma Backpack Review

How do you choose a baby changing bag? It’s one of those items you will use every day for a year or more so it needs to be functional, but you also want it to reflect your style and personality if you are swapping it for your favourite handbag. Find out what I think it’s useful to consider and how the Skip Hop Forma Backpack I was sent to review measures up.

The skip hop forma backpack surrounded by baby items

Friday, 28 September 2018

Making Your House A Home, One Item Of Furniture At A Time

It can be a challenge finding the right furniture for your home. Even if you once loved what you had, as your home evolves with your family and your lifestyle, gradually your selection of furniture will need to reflect these transformations. Furniture you used as a student isn’t often suitable for your family home. Similarly your sense of style and decor develops with time so the items you brought from your parents’ house when you first moved in may not work any longer. The old desk that used to stand in your bedroom when you were a child has probably seen too many winters to be of much use today and even if it is still standing you can’t make it work in your interior. You might have been given a few old pieces when you first moved in, but you’ll want to replace them in time when you can afford it. One of the most difficult, but rewarding, things you’ll have to do as a homeowner is source the appropriate furniture.

Old chest of white and green drawers with one open

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

A Raindrop Themed Low Mess Craft Activity For Children

Summer days are made for being in the garden, but as the days get colder, wetter and darker my craft box replaces the box of garden toys by the back door. This year I have been easing myself in gently with a low mess sticking activity that was enjoyed as much by my toddler as my 6 year old. Little ones enjoy the different colours, textures and all the glue whereas older children will use the shapes to make patterns and pictures.

A toddler putting PVA glue on a white sheet of paper

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Letter To My Eldest On Her 7th Birthday

You are feisty, strong, curious and stubborn. You don’t listen and you sing your own song. You drive me mad and you enjoy doing so. I am so proud of you. I am proud of how beautiful you are, how smart, how curious you are of the world. You have so much love for the world, for music, for art, for reading, for people.

A young girl sitting behind a white iced birthday cake in the shape of a 7 getting ready to blow the candles out.

Monday, 24 September 2018

The European Escape: These Are The Places To Add To The List

Finding the right holiday for your whole family might feel tricky at times. You want to ensure that everyone involved has an amazing time, while also making the most of the time you have and the destination you have chosen to visit. I think it is important to introduce your children to all sorts of cultures and countries and with Europe being on the doorstep it is one of the best areas in the world to really witness a different culture and vibe. I thought I would share with you five locations to add to your family 'must do' list. I hope it provides you with some inspiration.

Stock photo of the Palace of Westminster at night across the River Thames

Dear Teacher, your homework is ruining our weekends

Dear Teacher,

I don’t want to fail my daughter and I don’t want to feel I am failing as a mum, but it can’t be right for homework to cause so much distress for our family? I want another way, a better way, a way where learning is fun. So if I start sending in a letter week after week saying the cat ate the homework please trust I am thinking of my daughter’s mental health as well as my own. It is not laziness or forgetfulness and I am not critical of your methods, but this homework thing really isn’t working for us.

A young child writing with lots of pencils

Friday, 21 September 2018

Making The Best Use Of Limited Space In A House Full Of Children

Living in my small 3 bedroom terrace house you’ll find me, my partner, my two daughters, my cat and in a few short months a baby will be here too. My eldest has requested a puppy for her birthday, but that really isn’t an option and neither is moving to a bigger house or getting an extension. The limiting size of our 4 walls means we really have to think carefully about how to make best use of our space. 

A white cabin bed with drawers underneath and a desk attachment with title text over it

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Why Luxury Hampers Make A Great Christmas Gift

What do you get someone for Christmas who is impossible to buy for?  Over the next couple of months I will be sharing lots of present ideas to inspire you, but I’m going to start with a great gift which is perfect for every adult: a luxury Christmas hamper. Why do I think a food hamper makes such a great present? Let me explain… 

A hamper, mug, glass bottle and plate

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Review of Cocobelle Baby Coconut Oil and Suggestions for Use

We were sent a jar of Cocobelle Baby organic coconut oil to review. The label describes the “100% organic premium cold-pressed virgin coconut oil” as “lightweight, non-greasy and mild”. With the expected hint of a coconut smell this natural product can be used sparingly and still leaves skin feeling soft so the 250g jar should last a long time. The pretty packaging will complement most nurseries, it's BPA free and can even be recycled after use. But what can you use this organic coconut oil for?

A jar of Cocobelle baby next to a teddy, a muslin and a blanket.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

How To Be Nice To Other Bloggers

Let’s face it, in life you can choose to be a nice person or you can be mean, but being nice will probably make you happier. When it comes to the blogging community, particularly parent bloggers there can be a huge amount of support for each other, but it can be pretty cut throat too. I always find that the nicer I am to other bloggers the more I get back. Kindness breeds kindness as it were, and even when it doesn't it just makes me happy to know I am helping others so I thought I would pull together a few ways we can all help each other.


Friday, 14 September 2018

Searching For Age Appropriate Music For Under Tens

My eldest is soon to turn 7 and I am busy searching for presents. It’s an interesting age because she can now read well which gives her an independence when it comes to following instructions and opens up a whole world of what she can explore on her own. She loves to read, dance and listen to music so one of the presents I was hoping to buy her is some more music. We have a children’s party music album and she loves the Little Mix song Black Magic from it. Little Mix have lots of young fans so I thought I would buy their most recent album “Glory Days”. Having had a little listen I realised I made a big mistake.

Me pulling a worried face hiding behind a Little Mix glory days CD

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Fingerlings HUGS Review

Do you remember Fingerlings? They were one of the must have toys last Christmas and they are still popular with pandas, dragons, unicorns and sloths joining the collection of interactive monkeys which hug your finger. Bella and Boris, two or the original Fingerlings designs, have now been super-sized and made from soft plush. They are called Fingerlings HUGS and we were sent one of the new WowWee products to review. The Fingerlings HUGS are super loveable like their little siblings and they even chatter just like them too, but they are much bigger. We were sent Bella the Hug and she has been an instant hit with the whole family.

A girl hugging a pink long limbed cuddly monkey

Monday, 10 September 2018

Little Tikes Stem Jr Review: Builder Bot and Tornado Tower

Little Tikes have long been a popular brand in our house (and garden) so I was keen to get my hands on their new STEM Jr range when I heard about it. The products take the principles from science, technology, engineering and maths to make educational play for pre-schoolers fun. We were sent the Builder Bot and Tornado Tower (both aimed at 3 years and up) to test out with my daughters, but how did they get on?

The Stem JR toys in their packaging

Friday, 7 September 2018

BRIO Play & Learn Musical Caterpillar Review

My youngest has always loved music, we started taking her to music based baby groups from just 3 months old and she was entranced. Even now whenever she hears music she starts to dance. Unsurprisingly musical toys are a favourite for her so her attention was caught by the BRIO Play & Learn Musical Caterpillar we were sent to review as soon as I put the blocks in. I think the toy is great too because it doesn’t just play music, but it encourages a toddler's problem solving and memory skills.


Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Stunning Compact Beach Towel Review And Giveaway From Tesalate

Over the last few months I have been swimming a lot. From going to the gym to help my PGP, swimming with the girls on holiday, splash park and even paddling in the sea I feel like most trips out have required a bikini and towel. Once upon a time taking a swimming kit out (especially for the whole family) would require a HUGE bag, but not any more as you can now get really compact towels. I was sent a beach towel to review from Tesalate and I’m pretty confident they sell the most beautiful range of towels available.

A colourful towel, flip flops and sunglasses on sand

Monday, 3 September 2018

Our Summer 2018 journal

My eldest’s only homework this summer was to complete her summer journal. I understand in theory it's a good way to encourage memory, logical thinking, writing and drawing, but it’s also good way to make parents repeatedly nag their children to get it done. It should be a lovely book to look back on and remember the summer, from the ordinary days to the extraordinary. M's is somewhat lacking in content though so I thought I would create my own version, one which fortunately doesn’t rely on my art skills or handwriting.

two children on an aeroplane, one is playing on the iPad, the other is writing in a magazine and listening to her ipod
Flying to France

Friday, 31 August 2018

Boots Mini Club Autumn/ Winter 18 Collection

This week the first items went on sale from the new Autumn/ Winter mini club collection exclusively available from Boots in store and online. We we were invited along to see it all and found once again there are lots of great value gorgeous clothes including the 3rd collection by Fearne Cotton and a new premature baby range.

Shopping lines with tiny baby and premature baby clothes pegged to them


Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Thoughts On Having A Boy

At our 20 week scan it felt like it took forever for the sonographers (including a student) to check all the important bits of the baby. We were always planning on finding out the gender, but it wasn't the part we were worried about so when they finally showed us that we were having a boy I was like, "yeah and?". It wasn’t a big surprise because I thought I had caught site of the giveaway feature earlier in the scan and for much of the pregnancy I had suspected I was having a boy. 

An ultrasound image of a baby

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Our Gender Reveal Photography Shoot Fails

I pictured the scene: my two girls in beautiful dresses, smiling, looking at the camera and holding a big bunch of balloons in front of a beautiful back drop. Easy right? It turns out not so much. I know my daughters aren’t always the most compliant when I have a “vision” in mind, but I must admit I was hoping to be a little more successful than we were.

A small pair of feet poking out from a bunch of balloons next to a girl looking sideways and wiping her nose

Friday, 24 August 2018

My PGP Pregnancy Action Plan

I know Pelvic Girdle Pain well after suffering for around 20 weeks in my second pregnancy. This pregnancy I started to get twinges around my pelvis, groin and lower back from 11 weeks. I was (and still am) worried about how bad it will get throughout this pregnancy so it has been really important for me to create an action plan to reduce it's impact. 9 weeks after it started the pain is worse, but only slightly so my plan to reduce the impact seems to be working and I thought others might find it helpful too.

Pregnant me pointing at my pelvic region

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Treating Head Lice with Hedrin All In One Shampoo

It’s just a few short weeks until my eldest goes back to school and I am working on a list of all the essentials we need to get: new shoes, a few more bits of uniform due to growth spurts, hairbands (where do they all go?) and one more thing that you might not think of, but is handy to have in the house: head lice shampoo!

The box of Hedrin All in One Shampoo next to the bottle and the included nit comb

Monday, 20 August 2018

My Due Date And Pregnancy After Loss

Last week was my due date. Not for the baby in my tummy which I have just started to feel kick, but for my little one who didn’t make it this far. Healing from miscarriage is different for everyone, but I didn’t think my due date would pass without tears, without me really even noticing. It was only when the lovely Lauren from Dilan and Me mentioned on Instagram that it was her due date for the baby she lost that I realised mine must be around now too. How different it feels to 20 weeks ago when I wrote about my struggles reading the gender announcements of others


Friday, 17 August 2018

Comparing the cameras on the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X

It's going to take a lot to persuade me away from iPhones for many reasons so when I buy a new phone the priority for me is the iPhone with the best camera. I've heard people raving about the camera on the 7 plus so when it was superceded by the 8 plus and the iPhone X it left me wondering "which iPhone has the best camera?".

A greenish box with text in it saying "which iphone has the best camera?"

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

How Do I Know If I Am Having A Miscarriage?

*Trigger warning: baby loss*

"How do I know if I am having a miscarriage?" is a question I have asked myself many times this year and I have come to one conclusion: you can only really know when you have a scan and the ultrasound confirms there is no heartbeat. If you have found this page after a worried Google then read on to find out my experiences of suspected and confirmed miscarriages in early pregnancy.

Scan pictures paperclipped to the front of a hospital file

Monday, 13 August 2018

My Top 5 Dairy Free Finds At The July 18 Allergy & Free From Show

Last month I headed back to the Allergy and Free From Show after having such a brilliant time there last year. It is a great way to find new products when you are dairy free like me because you get to try before you buy and products you like are often sold at a show discount price. This year I couldn’t stay all day so I only had a quick wander round the huge show which is co-located with the V show full of Vegan products which are obviously dairy free too.

A view from the balcony down towards all the stalls in London Olympia

Friday, 10 August 2018

Struggling With Coming To Terms With Weight Gain In Pregnancy

This morning I stepped on the scales and urgh. The number looking back at me had definitely jumped up. I know it’s normal for women to gain weight in pregnancy, we’re carrying around a load of extra fluids and a little person after all, but does that make it easy to accept?

A view looking down at the scales while standing on them and the scales are showing an error message

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Vampirina Bootastic Backpack and Spooky Scooter Play Set Review

Have your children got into Vampirina yet? My girls love the Disney Junior show about a young vampire and her family who move from Transylvania to Pennsylvania. The show depicts the struggle for young girls to fit in, especially those who are a bit different but it is really fun and Vee is pretty cool. We are loving the merchandise that is available and we were super excited to be sent some of the new products available this Autumn from Flair including the Bootastic Backpack and a Spooky Scooter figure set.

A rear view of the a young girl wearing the Bootastic Backpack and accessories from the set

Monday, 6 August 2018

The Aldi Baby & Toddler Specialbuy Event August 2018

If you thought that the Aldi Baby & Toddler event was only of interest to parents of newborns then think again. We were sent a selection of some of the great products which will be available in the Specialbuy event which will be back next week (offers available online from Sunday 12th August and instore from Thursday 16th August). As well as great baby items like nursery furniture, a Baby Snuggle Nest and a great price nutrient blender rivalling the baby Nutribullet at £29.99 there are lots of great purchases for toddlers and preschoolers.

A collage of photographs as described below and title text saying "Aldi Baby & Toddler Specialbuy event August 2018"

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

It's All About The Poo Poo

My youngest is currently a bit obsessed with poo. Of the many stages children go through this might be one of the strangest and while I don’t remember my eldest going through it I’ve heard many children do. Fortunately I don’t mean she is flinging poo around monkey style or spreading her excrement on the walls, but rather she is going through a phase where she loves to talk about and pretend to play with poo. She's even shouted the word out at least 25 times while I have been writing this post (she's also watching In The Night Garden, but I don't think that's the trigger).

A public toilet with a child's seat attached

Thursday, 5 July 2018

My First Trimester - Round 4

Oh my goodness where has my brain gone? I don’t know if it’s tiredness or if I have become more forgetful but I’m constantly forgetting what I am about to do. I’ve just remembered a very important letter which arrived yesterday and I haven’t open yet. Oops.

Smiling at the camera in a pineapple dress with a slight hint of bump

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

We Have Something To Tell You

have so many posts I have written over the last few months which I have had to wait to publish. There is the one about pregnancy after loss, the one I wrote when I was sure I had had another miscarriage and then there is my first trimester update, but this post? This post I’m keeping short.

Me and my 2 daughters with number balloons

Thursday, 28 June 2018

"Mummy, Please Can I Have Bra?"

“Mummy, please can I have a bra?”. Not what I was expecting my eldest to be asking for in the hottest week of the year. Most people are doing their best to wear as little as possible, but my 6 year old wants to wear more clothes. I can’t be alone in thinking it’s absolute madness than a 6 year old wants a bra (or crop top). And why does she want one? It appears the answer is peer pressure.

Happily wandering around in just pants last summer