Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Telling The Time The Monster Way

How long a minute lasts when you have children is a pretty flexible thing. 5 minutes watching television or playing before bed is never long enough, but waiting 5 minutes for dinner or for you to get out the bath? Suddenly it is the equivalent of a life time.  This of course can be used to a parent’s advantage “let’s tidy up, it’ll only take 2 minutes” can provide encouragement when we know it will take far longer or we can speed time up when we are cold, bored and want to leave the park. On balance I’m still unsure whether teaching my eldest to tell the time is a good thing or not.

A girl in a cat dress looking at A Furry Friends Monster Watch

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Getting Babies Eating Vegetables With Babease

We started off our weaning journey with baby led weaning. Little’s first food was broccoli and vegetables have always featured pretty highly in her diet. It surprises me how for many babies their first foods are predominantly fruit. It’s not surprising that when moved on to savoury foods, including more bitter green vegetables, they often refuse to eat them. Little had a huge variety of foods in the first few months and she ate all of them. From about 9 months she has been more selective in what she eats, but she still enjoys a good mix of flavours and textures.

A cauliflower, butternut squash and a cauliflower

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Putting New Wellies Through The Half Term Fun Test

I’ve really enjoyed spending 6 days with my girls this half term. We managed to fit in so much before I handed M over to her Dad for the rest of the holiday. We have seen so many different groups of friends and family too, people there just often isn't enough time to see at weekends, it feels like we were both on holiday. We were sent a pair of Term Wellies to review just before half term so they’ve seen a lot of action, but what did we get up to?

A girl in a fluffy white bear hat, pink coat, pink tights and pink wellies on the path leading to the beach at Wells-Next-The-Sea
Wrapped up for the beach


Friday, 17 February 2017

10 Ideas To Cheer Up Poorly Children

When Little is feeling poorly she gets more clingy and we spend lots of time cuddling on the sofa. She gets upset more easily and of course there is the constant snot. Why do children not like having their nose wiped with a tissue? And how are they so good at managing to wipe snot all over your shoulder or trouser legs as they cling to your leg preventing you from moving any where?

A black and white image of a sleeping child holding a parents hand with title text in front of it (10 ideas for cheering up poorly children with #VicksTricks

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Discovering HomeSense in Harlow

I recently spent a lovely evening at HomeSense in Harlow. I will admit that it might be a sign that I don’t get out enough, but spending an hour or so browsing the eclectic home store with some great company was a surprising amount of fun.


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

So It Turns Out I Should Be Taking Vitamin D Supplements...

At the recent 1 year check the Health Visitor told me I should be giving Little Vitamin D. She also told me off (in a friendly way) for not taking enough care of myself and suggested that I might benefit from taking Vitamins too. I find it interesting that while the NHS say most people shouldn’t need to take vitamin supplements, they actually recommend that everyone takes Vitamin D supplements for half the year. 

Thinking back to my school biology lessons I struggled to remember much about Vitamin D other than that our bodies can make it from sunlight. So why should we need to take a supplement of something our bodies can create? I did a bit of investigating and thought it might be helpful to share.


Monday, 6 February 2017

My Baby At 12 Months

Every day Little starts to understand more and more of what I say. She follows instructions (when she wants to), she looks at me cheekily when about to do something she shouldn’t and she is copying so much of what she sees . It feels like she has shifted from being a baby and is transitioning to toddlerhood. It’s such an exciting time, but I am missing having a baby. I can see just how much trouble she is going to be in a few months time as her confidence and inquisitive nature means I’m really going to be on my toes. This is what she is doing at 12 months.

A collage of 9 pictures of a baby girl between 11 and 12 months. Including asleep with a snoozeshade, in a cuddle dry towel, in front of some giraffes, eating bubbles in the bath and sitting on a tube train sleep
Little months 11 to 12


Thursday, 2 February 2017

How To Spend Less Money On Food

Since I stopped working full time we have needed to be smarter with our money and one of the ways we have done this is to spend less is on food. When I looked at our monthly outgoings food was our biggest expense after the mortgage! We all love food and realistically we are going to keep buying good quality meat, treats and convenience foods, but I have found I can cut our food bill by 25% by changing the way we shop, cook and store food.