Sunday, 31 December 2017

Fabulous Finds December 2017: Good Bubbles, Fun Stationery and A Heated Airer

December has been a quiet month for me so I haven’t had a lot of time to find fun and wonderful things making this a shorter post than normal, but there are still some products I had to share with you including: bubble bath for children, stationery, a make up brush, a dairy free find and my latest home gadget.

Collage of the 6 images below with title text over the top

My Blogging Year in Review: 2017

I’m not sure where the last few weeks have gone, Christmas has passed even faster than the rest of the year and that zoomed by. In 2017 I went from being on maternity leave to a stay at home mum, not a huge change I guess, but the removal of my regular income and previous identity has taken a little getting used to. It was absolutely the right choice for me as I wasn’t happy in my job and while being at home all the time is hard work I have loved seeing Little develop and being there more for my big girl.

Fireworks with title over the top

Friday, 8 December 2017

Camera Comparison on the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Mobile Phones

How do you choose a new phone? My mobile rarely leaves my side and I can frequently be found chatting on social media. While most apps are available in the App Store or Google Play the one thing that makes phones stand apart for me is their cameras. I love my DSLR but as a mum with young children I am more likely to capture those special moments on my mobile phone.

Title text over an image of the three mobile phones

Thursday, 7 December 2017

#MeToo, But Please Not Them

I just finished reading the TIME Silence Breakers article about the #MeToo movement. It talked about the great shift enabling women to stand up and say they have been victims of inappropriate behaviour, harassment, abuse and rape and equally importantly that people will believe them. I want to join in the voices, I want to say “me too”, but I will never tell my full story. I’m not alone, but I am one of the many who will never tell the truth.

A black and white photograph of a close up of a dandelion against a blurred background of grass

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Christmas Giveaway: The Blue Collection

As I explained in this blog post I am running 5 giveaways this Christmas to share some of the great products I have been given this year by brands, but which aren’t a great fit for my family. The giveaways are running on my blog and across social media and this post contains the chance to win the “Blue Collection” prize. I don’t want to call it a giveaway for boys, because there are lots of bits which will appeal to all children, but I wanted to split the prizes up a bit. 

DC Comics Ooshies Pencil Toppers 7 pack, 2 x Nerf N-Strike Jolt, Marvel 500 blind bag series 6, Marvel 500 blind bag series 7, Hot Wheels Porche 911 GT3 RS, YO-KAI Watch blind bag, Power Rangers Ninja Power Star 2 Pack with Launcher ,Power Rangers Ninja Star blind bag, Little Green Men Blind bag, Flama Nexo Knights

Christmas Giveaway: The Baby Collection

I am lucky that through the many blogging events and opportunities I am involved in I am given quite a few things. Some items are in exchange for reviews and others are provided without any obligation. Anything relevant to my family we try out and I share information about the products I love (often in my Fabulous Finds series), but I’ve ended up with a collection of bits we won’t use or fully appreciate so I am giving them away in a series of advent giveaways.

La Roche-Posay Baby Soothing Repair Balm, La Roche-Posay Baby Lipid Replenishing Balm, Sudocrem care & protect nappy rash cream, Bathtime Buddies Hippo bath toy, Brio Bell Rattle, Super Squish Reusable Food Pouch x 2, Taggies Sooth Me Snuggles Bear Pink

Friday, 1 December 2017

Dear Father Christmas, Please Could You Clear Up A Few Things?

Dear Father Christmas,

Please could you clear up a few things?

A group of children standing silouetted in a doorway as Father Christmas leans over and talks to them

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Fabulous Finds For November 2017

Once again I am bringing you an eclectic mix of all the things I am loving this month. This month I have been indulging my sweet tooth with lots of dairy free finds, enjoying some luxury with new beauty products and provide evidence that sometimes I am very behind on a trend.

A collage of the 9 photographs described below

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Review: Pepe & Friends Toys for Toddlers

If you have read Little’s last monthly update I shared that I think she is getting a bit bored so her behaviour is getting more challenging. She is good at playing with toys on her own and she makes up her own games, but sometimes she needs some inspiration and toys that are well matched for her current learning stage like the Hape PEPE & Friends toys we have been sent to review. They are recommended from 2 years old and I love watching Little discover how to use them.

Putting the magic wand away in it's special storage space

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

My Toddler At 22 Months

When Little’s Grandparents visited last month they said she had a lot more “character” since they last saw her. I have also been told that I breed “independent” children. In case you can’t pick up on the parenting euphemisms Little has become rather more challenging in her behaviour recently. It may be a natural part of growing up as she approaches the “terrible two’s”, but I am finding the demands and refusals hard work.

A collage of 9 photo's of Little in the last month including sitting on duplo, on a see saw, on grass, hugging me, with shaker instruments, watching TV while teething and with a baseball cap and magnifying glass

Thursday, 23 November 2017

5 Tips To Save Time Wrapping Presents

Every Christmas I spend a lot of time wrapping presents so over the years I have come up with a few tricks to make it faster. I enjoy putting on the Christmas music, sipping on some bubbly or a snowball (mmm love a bit of Warninks Advocaat at Christmas) and getting ready for a big wrapping session. The challenge is that since I’ve had children the number of presents I have to wrap has increased and the time I have to wrap them has decreased so I have to be smarter in how I do things. These tips will help everyone who struggles to wrap presents.

A selection of Christmas presents

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

My Toddler At 21 Months

Oops I’m nearly a month late with this update. It’s been sitting half finished in my drafts while I work on gift guides and reviews and it's nearly time for me to write her next monthly update! Little seems to change less each month now, but in the last months her speech has improved a lot and she has got increasingly cheeky. 

A collage of 9 photos of Little including in a snow white dress, sticking her tongue out, dressed as Gecko from PJ Masks, asleep on my chest, in front of an aquarium, on a throne and painting with her hands

Monday, 20 November 2017

Review: Bugs In The Kitchen Children's Board Game

You wouldn’t think Bugs In The Kitchen would be any fun, but when it’s the board game from Ravensburger it is great family entertainment.  We had ants in the kitchen once and I didn’t find it nearly as enjoyable as this game we were sent to review. The bug in this case is a HEXBUG nano: a small battery operated robotic bug which scuttles around changing direction when it bumps into something. Players have to try to direct it into their trap.

The Bugs In The Kitchen Board Game set up with a small hand about to turn a fork

Review and Giveaway: Kids Songs CD

Kids Songs is our family’s new favourite album, well mine and Littles anyway and Big Sister doesn’t mind listening to it either. If your children enjoy watching CBeebies then they will love this album which has songs from a variety of TV shows and presenters. It even has my favourite Justin Fletcher song “Hands Up”, if you ask my partner he says it’s my favourite song by any artist. I hope he isn’t right. I should probably find it worrying that I knew a good percentage of the songs on this album before my first time listening to it. As a comparison I’ve just looked at the latest Now That’s What I Call Music album (which is 98 by the way, I’m sure I have Now 1998 somewhere as well as Now 21) and I’ve only heard two of the songs on it before. 


Friday, 17 November 2017

Gift Guide For Mums, Dads and Others You Have Known For A Lifetime

It can be hard to know what to buy people when you have known them your entire life. You have a good idea what they like, but everything you can think of you have already bought. This gift guide is full of beautiful, delicious and unusual gifts to inspire you to get the perfect presents for parents, sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Lots of the items are under £15 so they are great if you are on a budget too.

A collage of 12 images as shown and described below making great present inspiration of family members.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Review: Gel-A-Peel Colour Change Kit

We love Gel-A-Peel. I say “we” and I really mean my eldest daughter and I. We reviewed a Gel-A-Peel kit in the summer and this time I decided I was going to open it and have a play before she came home from school so she couldn’t complain about sharing it with me! We were sent the colour change kit to review so our creations change colour in sunlight, how fun is that?

A close up of the gel-a-peel tubes in pink, purple and greeny blue, the tray mould and templates

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Christmas Presents For £5 and Less (A Challenge With Sports Direct)

Christmas can get expensive very quickly. Even if you hang the same decorations year after year and manage not to go crazy on buying food and drink there will still be lots of presents to buy. There are a few special people that I want to treat with large presents, but then there are the other family members, friends, teachers etc who I want to give something to as well. And let’s not forget helping Father Christmas out with the stocking fillers because I’ve heard there have been a shortage of elves this year. I can’t afford to spend lots so I look for presents which are fantastic value. Most importantly I want items which look like they cost more than they did. Britmums and Sports Direct challenged me to buy gifts from costing £5 or less. Would I be able to find anything for a Happy Christmas? 

The selection of presents described below together with christmas fairy lights

Monday, 13 November 2017

Review And Giveaway: BioCare Probiotic Supplements

It’s that time of year when everyone is getting poorly. Every family I speak to seems to be recovering from coughs, colds or nastier bugs. There has also been a lot of chat about how to get that yucky “banana” flavour antibiotic into children (we used smoothies!). Antibiotics work wonders when they are needed, but they can be pretty hard on the gut for both adults and kids. There is some evidence (as recognised by the NHS) that probiotics can help prevent diarrhoea and other illnesses which happen when the normal gut bacteria is killed off by antibiotics.

2 BioCare boxes one saying Everyday BioAcidophilus and Red Berry BioMelts

Friday, 10 November 2017

Review: Vremi Silicone Baking Sheets and Handheld Spiralizer

Sometimes it feels like I spend all day cooking so I’m a big fan of products that make it easier or the food more delicious. I was happy to receive two interesting products from Vremi to review: a handheld spiralizer and a silicone baking mat set. Find out what I thought of them in this post and there is a chance to win both in a giveaway too.

3 silcone baking mats with red, blue and green borders partially rolled up

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Would An MSC Cruise Make A Great Family Holiday?

Is the glitz and glamour of a cruise compatible with a family holiday? When I think of a cruise I think of young at heart retirees in evening dress sitting at the Captain’s table and maybe doing some ballroom dancing. I’m sure the film Titanic and their formal wear heavily influences this impression. I recently spent a day on board MSC Preziosa, one of MSC Cruises impressive fleet of ships, and had a taster of what a family cruise is really like. There was still the sparkles and sophistication I would expect (complete with a Swarovski crystal staircase), but there was an impressive family focus too.

View from a balcony on an open deck to a pool with sun lounges

Friday, 3 November 2017

Great Presents for 1, 2, 3 and 4 Year Olds

If you are wondering what present to buy your child, niece, nephew or friend's children this post is full of inspiration for you. From age 1 to 4 these present ideas have been tried and tested to ensure they appeal. Most of the presents will provide entertainment for years so they are great for siblings to play with as well as toddlers and preschoolers.

Collage of 12 picture as shown below showing great present ideas for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Fabulous Finds for October 2017: iPhone Apps for Productivity

This month in my Fabulous Finds series I’m sharing the apps I have on my phone which make me more productive. Most of them are blog related, but there are some handy apps for everyone. I have an iPhone and these apps all work great on my current iOS, many of them have Android versions but I don’t know if the functionality is the same. Most are free for at least the basic version so well worth trying out.

Screenshot from the iPhone showing 9 apps in a productivity folder

Monday, 30 October 2017

Review: Miffy Picture Books

Little Sister’s word of the month has been "rabbit" (pronounced with a bit of a "b" at the front) so she loves the Miffy books we have been sent to review. She keeps turning the pages, pointing and excitedly saying "babbit". It is very cute. 

A small child holding a miffy book with another book in front of her.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Kids behaving badly. Whose fault is it anyway?

This morning my partner was telling me about his journey home from work. There was a child on the train standing on the seats, jumping across the aisle and whistling loudly. My first thought was that the child had ADHD or some other behavioural disorder. I can understand how at the end of a long day the mother may have just given up on trying to get her child to sit quietly. He might have been annoying people, but he wasn’t causing any actual harm to himself or others.

A young girl lying on the floor in a shopping centre having a tantrum

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Review: Project Mc2 Experiments with Dolls Camryn

“Please can I show them Science Girl?” Big Sister asked as soon as her friends came round for a play date. Thanks to my blog M often gets new toys to review and some are more popular that others. “Science Girl” otherwise known as Camryn is definitely a hit. She is part of the new range from Project Mc² called Experiments with Dolls. Each doll comes with instructions to make something from household ingredients, Camryn teaches you how to make colourful nail vanish.

A close up of the Camryn Project Mc2 doll showing her lace style white mask, dragon wings and belt

Monday, 23 October 2017

Review & Giveaway: Milkshake! DVD

I love this new DVD with some of the most popular television shows from Channel 5’s Milkshake! On sale from today Brand New Besties has 14 episodes which can be watched back to back providing over 2 hours of entertainment. It’s perfect for car journeys, taking on holiday or when you just need a bit of peace to get work done.  

Photo of the Milkshake! DVD with a teenie genie from Shimmer and Shine and Tracker and Sky from Paw Patrol


Review & Giveaway: Teletubbies Big Hugs CD

What’s your reaction if I told you the Teletubbies have a CD out? Excitement? Fear? Indifference?Well if it’s excitement or you have a small child who loves Teletubbies you will want to enter my giveaway to win one. The Big Hugs CD is everything you would expect from music by the Teletubbies: the music is upbeat, silly and catchy. It’s not everyones cup of tea, but there will be toddlers all over the country dancing around excitedly to it.

Front view of the Big Hugs CD cover showing the 4 Teletubbies

Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Table Top Nearly New Sale

Saturday morning and a room full of parents set up tables in the local scout hall. They bring bags and bags of their children's belongings from the car. They have clothes their children have grown out of and toys which have lost favour but they've still had to smuggle out of the house. You can't let the children see which old toys you are taking, I've made that mistake before. It doesn't matter if they are too old for the toys, it doesn't matter if they haven't played with them for months or even years. Suddenly that toy is their favourite and can't possibly be sold.

A view from the corner of the scout hall looking out towards lots of tables piled high with second hand children's clothes and toys

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Review: My First Scalextric

I always find it funny when someone says a toy is for boys. Yes there are some toys that appeal to the stereotypical boy more than the stereotypical girl, but it feels like a lot of the really fun toys used to be marketed at boys. There were several toys I jealously watched my male friends playing with as I was growing up; I thought Transformers looked much more fun than plastic dolls you had to dress. Another toy I felt I missed out on was Scalextrics so when I was given the chance to review My First Scalextric I said "yes please" as much for myself as for my eldest daughter.

The crossing point of the track and a red car on the high road and yellow car on the low road

Monday, 16 October 2017

Review and Giveaway: Free From Ginger Cake Baking Kit

This weekend my toddler enjoyed her first slice of cake. I  have made her dairy free cake a few times, but she didn’t really liked it (the icing however she loved). I baked Spicy Ginger Cake using a kit I was sent from bakeit freefrom and my daughter loved it continually demanding more “cake”. The home baking kits from bakeit freefrom contain no EU listed allergens. That means they are milk free, egg free, gluten free, peanut & nut free, soya free and sulphite free (and vegan). The Spicy Ginger Cake is also delicious.

A ginger cake loaf partially sliced and a cup of tea

Friday, 13 October 2017

Toddlebike2 Review: The Bike For Toddlers

Now that Little is good at toddling we often go out for short journeys without a pushchair. It makes for a slower pace of life as she stops to pick up leaves, investigate bushes and tries to run up the path to everyone’s front door. Some days we need to move a bit faster, but I still want Little to have her independence. We were sent a Toddlebike2 to review and I was excited to see if it would help us move a bit faster.

A toddler in a coat with hood up on a red plastic bike

Thursday, 12 October 2017

My Toddler At 20 Months

Everything is so busy at the moment, but I need to get this 20 month update down before another month is over and all is forgotten. You would think that as Little approaches two her development would slow down and there would be less noticeable changes each month. This is partially true, in some ways she is changing less, but she continues to amaze me in her development. The biggest change in the last month has been her speech. On average Little has said a new word every day so she has gone from about 50 words to 80! 

9 photographs of Little in the last month including: jumping in a puddle, playing with playdough, standing on the radiator, surrounded by mess, close up of face, ringing a bell, with Peppa Pig toys at Smyth's, a wonky selfie and dancing in a tunnel
Little Month 19 to 20

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Looking for my perfect shoe with Hotter

Monday morning found me wandering into the Hotter shoe shop in Romford. I’ve been in Hotter a few times because I have reached the age where comfort is a priority in my footwear, but I have never found any thing I liked. This Monday was destined to be different. I had been invited to the store to have my feet measured so they could find my perfect Hotter fit. Did I find my perfect pair of shoes? And did I meet Prince Charming? Well no and yes (I bet you thought it would be the other way round didn't you?).

A close up of my foot in a manual foot measurer

Monday, 9 October 2017

Review and Giveaway: Mi Home Smart Plugs by Energenie

We installed smart heating nearly 2 years ago, smart light bulbs soon afterwards and last Christmas we got our first Amazon Alexa. I love them all. I have been thinking about getting smart plugs for a while so I was excited when I was offered a Mi Home starter kit to review by Energenie. I just had to work out how I would use them.

Mi Home Gateway, 3 times Mi Home Adaptors and Mi Home Remote Control boxes and devices

Friday, 6 October 2017

Brilliant Present Ideas for 6, 7 and 8 year olds

If you are looking for inspiration about what presents to buy a boy or girl aged 6, 7 or 8 then you will find it here. I have pulled together suggestions for presents at a range of budgets so whether you are looking for a gift for Christmas, Birthday or other occasion this post should help.  

Title text over greyed images of present ideas (as seen below in the blog post)

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Review: Geomag Animal Magicubes

Geomag Magicubes are building blocks reinvented. Everyone who has tried playing with these magnetic cubes we were sent to review has found them surprisingly entertaining. They might be targeted at preschool children (and my 3 year old nephew loved them), but both my 1 year old and 6 year old have played with them for hours. They even appeal to the adults who have visited recently. Impressive huh? 

The building blocks together in the shape of a bird in front of the box and next to the instruction cards

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Reflections on BML17 - the blogging conference from Britmums

The Britmum's conference returned yesterday with a new venue, new time of year and a new format. The previously 2 day conference suffered last year from trying to fit it all into 1 day, but did the new concept work for BML17? The answer is yes and no.

Around 200 white cotton bags filled with stuff as the goodybags for BML17. On the bag it says "Britmums leading the conversation"

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Fabulous Finds for September 2017

Warning, this month my Fabulous Finds are mostly food related so this post might make you hungry. I have some brilliant dairy free products to share with you as well as some lovely children's bubble bath, another fantastic children's clothing range and a personalised phone case which is doing a great job protecting my phone from my children.

Collage of the 9 images below

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Delicious Dairy Free Italian Food From Valsoia

Little Sister and I don’t eat dairy, Big Sister and G do. I would love for everyone to eat the same food, but that can be challenging when Big Sister wants ice cream or a cheesy dish. Finding good dairy free foods which appeal to everyone can be challenging, but I have discovered that my beloved Ocado sell a range by Valsoia which are suitable for people who are dairy free. Their authentic Italian products include ice cream, pizza, vegan lasagne, milk and chocolate spread. You can find them on the Ciao Gusto tab on the Ocado website and I have been putting some of them to the taste test with my family.

A Valsoia Almond Gelato Cone and  two Valsoia Almond Gelato Mini Sticks delicious dairy free ice creams available from the Ciao Gusto tab at Ocado

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Selling on eBay: My experience and Top Tips

Like most parents I buy a lot of ‘stuff’ for my children. Even second time round I was tempted into buying far more for the new baby than we actually needed. Now my baby is a toddler all the clothes and equipment she has grown out of are taking up space next to my bed. It’s been over 6 months since Little moved into her own room and I piled everything up with the intention of selling it. Apart from selling a couple of bits on a local Facebook group everything is still there. So it was good timing when I received a challenge from Mumsnet and eBay to try to sell a few items. What was it like selling on eBay? Did my items sell? Read on to find out.

Items sold on eBay packaged up and ready to send after selling

Monday, 25 September 2017

LEGO Tape Ideas For Adults

I occasionally browse crowd funding websites to see what brilliant (and ridiculous) ideas people have. In March this year I spotted crowd funding for adhesive lego tape on Indiegogo. The idea captured the imagination of thousands of people and Nimuno Loops quickly exceeded their funding target reaching 40,000 backers. While they finished off their testing and production process LEGO tape became widely available from a number of different companies such as Ozmo and Flexi-Block (affiliate links).

ideas of things to do with lego tape for adults including key holder, picture frame and cable holder

Letter To My Eldest Daughter On Her 6th Birthday

Today you are 6. I’m so proud of you. Not for being 6, that was kind of inevitable, but for the person you have become. We’ve had such a great weekend together and the living room is covered in wrapping paper and toys from all of your present opening yesterday and today. You were so excited by everything. I wish your friends could have seen you open them and know how much you loved them all. I'm sure you have been busy telling all at school today though.

7 photographs of my 6 year old daughter taken each year on her birthday.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Recipe: Easy Individual Beef Stir Fry Recipe #HealthyRedMeat

Lean red meat makes a great meal for all the family. It is full of nutrients that are often otherwise low in the diets of toddlers and children including iron, zinc, B vitamins, selenium and potassium. Here is my recipe for tasty, fun and fast individual stir fries which help encourage children to eat more. This post is in collaboration with Britmums and the Meat Advisory Panel.

A girl in school uniform eating a beef stir fry made with an easy recipe

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

I Guess It's Time To Get Used To Being Cold

Game of Thrones warned “Winter is here” and this week I well believe it. Last September we were still wearing t-shirts, but this year my heating has been turned on and I have packed my summer clothes away. All my (slim) hopes of an “Indian Summer” are gone.  I might have experienced over 30 Autumns in my lifetime, but somehow the season change still surprises me. Every year when the daily high drops below 20 degrees I forget that I’m going to be cold pretty much until May (apart from when I go into an overheated shop or train and I find myself melting underneath all my layers). I’m also surprised with how quickly the nights are drawing in. The long evenings playing in the garden are behind us for another year and we now have to have the light on for bath time. 

A spiky conker on brown leaves signalling the start of Autumn and cold weather

Friday, 15 September 2017

Choosing The Best Doors, Windows And Conservatories For You With SEHBAC

What did you get up to at the weekend? Last Saturday I was invited to visit the new SEHBAC show centre in Colchester. SEHBAC create bespoke home improvements including windows, doors and conservatories across Essex, London and the South East. Investing money in your home is a difficult decision and you want to ensure you make the right choices to meet your needs as well as improving the value you of your home. How do you choose exactly what you need and who to trust with your purchase?

A corridor inside a airy show room with single story brick extensions on the left and doors visible on the right

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Review: Snazaroo Mini Theme Face Paint Packs with Weekend Box

Last weekend we were sent a special package to review from the Weekend Box Club with Snazaroo. The Weekend Box Club send out parcels with crafty activities for children and this special box contained two new compact Snazaroo face paint products (available in shops soon priced £2.99). The mini face paint kits contain all you need to get painting your family’s face and we all found them great fun. 

Snazaroo mini theme pack used to create a yellow super hero mask with white lightning bolts and black outline

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Why I love Ocado

I feel I need to start this post by saying it isn’t a collaborative post and I haven’t been paid or incentivised in anyway to write it. I have been an Ocado customer for years and despite trying a few other home delivery services I haven’t found any others I am happy with. No company is perfect, and I’ve had a few grumbles, but I still love Ocado. Find out why...

A pile of shopping bags and a veg box from Ocado

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Why I don't want to get married ... again

Wedding season draws to a close for 2017 but my Facebook newsfeed is once again full of wedding photo's. Beautiful people in beautiful dresses. People I once used to laugh with and think of as friends. People who have long forgotten me. You see all the photographs remind me of what would be missing from my wedding if I were ever to get married again... friends.

A blurred photo of people dancing in a hall at a wedding

Saturday, 2 September 2017

My Toddler At 19 Months

Which animal describes my youngest daughter best? If you asked me when we got off the aeroplane last week I would definitely have said an octopus, but I think the most similar animal is still a monkey. Admittedly she doesn’t fling her poo, but she has been found with it on her hands a few times. Add in her mischievous ways and how she loves to entertain people and there are definitely monkey tendencies. It has been a great month playing in the sun, spending plenty of time with Big Sister and a whole load of chatting, but what else has Little been up to this month?

A collage of 9 photographs of my toddler including: wearing my flip flops, asleep in a pushchair, eating a baguette, sitting in the garden, in a water tray, hugging her sister, wearing a bucket on her head, smiling with her mummy and running around in a swimming nappy

Friday, 1 September 2017

Review: Thinking outside the box with Gel-a-Peel

This summer Big Sister and I have been playing with Gel-a-Peel. These tubes of gel come in a set with stencils to create your own jewellery which can be worn when dry. After creating a few bracelets we got creative and personalised some headphones because the gel is great to decorate items too. The best thing is once dry you can peel the gel off most non-porous surfaces and start all over again when you fancy a change.

A close up of a gel-a-peel template with a young girl squeezing the gel out to create a bracelet