Friday, 30 September 2016

Me and Mine - September 2016

The last day of the month means it is time to publish (and usually write) my Me and Mine post. I love this linky as it is a great reminder to capture photographs of us as a family. I didn't manage to publish one last month as M refused to be in any group pictures and it didn't feel right to post without her, but this month we managed to get some. Yay!

There have been 3 super special events this month:
M started school. She was really excited before it started, but as the days move on she has been less keen about going in everyday. She is learning lots and although she isn't keen on talking about school (apart from complaining about the tidying up), but we have had some conversations about topics she must have learnt for instance "if the world is round, why doesn't it look it?" and "why doesn't if feel like the world is spinning?"
My cousin got married and M was a bridesmaid. M got to wear beautiful shoes, a beautiful dress and then she ran around in a field all afternoon. She loved it. The bride looked beautiful as well. Oh and the bridesmaids wore blue (if you are that way inclined).
It was my mummiversary. Which could also be described as M turning 5. We had a wonderful weekend focused on her, including a trip to a shopping centre where we told her she could have whatever she wanted. This was too difficult a concept for her to understand as she normally isn't allowed more than one toy in a shop. We managed to get a few things eventually though.

At the wedding I gave my sister my camera and she snapped away to record us all being dressed up.
Family photograph of Me, my partner, my 4 year old daughter and my 7 month old baby girl
The closest to a traditional portrait
Our pictures aren't perfect, I'm not sure they ever will be, but they have all 4 of us in and they make me smile.

Family photograph where there are lots of silly faces
The capture above is my favourite of the series. I love how M and my partner are messing about and laughing with each other.
Family photograph of Me, my partner, my 4 year old daughter and my 7 month old baby girl where none of us look good
The portrait above should be named "the out take". It's not a good shot of any of us and that is why I have included it. It's a struggle to get good pictures of a group, but when I look back at these pictures in years to come I wont care about perfection, I will smile at the memories of a lovely day.

Please click on the link below and show some love to the hosts and other people who have joined up this month to the Me and Mine Project.

The Me and Mine Project

Thursday, 29 September 2016

My Baby at 8 months

This month has been none stop. Little has become a lot more mobile which means I constantly have to be vigilant. She’s also had a cold much of the month and we’ve both been sleeping really badly. Hopefully she is starting to get better now.
9 photographs of my daughter aged 7 to 8 months old showing crawling, sitting and standing
Little months 7 to 8

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Letter To My Biggest Girl On Your 5th Birthday

Tomorrow it will be 5 years since I became a mummy. It’s your 5th birthday. I am excited to spend the day with you. I really hope you have a lovely day, that your party goes to plan and you have an amazing time. 
Portraits of my eldest daughter the day she was born, her first birthday, 2nd birthday, 3rd birthday, 4th birthday and a week before her 5th birthday
Birth to nearly 5

Thursday, 22 September 2016

The One In Which I Complain About Lack Of Sleep

Sleep, oh beautiful sleep. How I love thee. Once I had such lovely dreams, now I just day dream of sleep. 

It’s been a tough couple of weeks because Little hasn’t been sleeping very well. At best we are getting wake ups every three hours. She won’t settle for anything other than a feed. And then she feeds for ages and ages.

It could be she’s poorly.
It could be teething.
It could be a developmental leap.
It could be the weather.
It could be because I accidentally trod on a snail.
A tired mother with a sleeping baby lying on her

It’s all part of being a parent isn’t it? Even those lucky enough to have a “good sleeper” have bad nights every so often. When those bad nights start to add up, I start to fall apart.

I have the luxury of not needing to function very highly at the moment. Being on maternity leave means I don’t need to have too many sophisticated adult conversations (by which I mean a conversation which requires my brain to be functioning, not an “adult” themed conversation; I always manage to talk smut). When I write blog posts I can reread them later to try and prevent any glaringly obvious stupidity. My partner has to get up, go to work and make important decisions. A mistake from him could cost millions. My lapses in memory lead to cold tea and burnt toast. My decisions tend to be about clothing, food and whether to stay at home or yawn at people at a baby group.

When I'm really tired I get cranky. It's not nice for anyone. My temper is short and I shout for irritations which would normally be tolerated. I also swear *a lot*. I'm not a sweary person normally, but in the early hours of the morning after another night with frequent disruptions my use is prolific. Roughly half the words each sentence as I attempt to communicate with my partner are profanities. I've even said "bloody hell" and "bugger" in my older daughter’s company. Give me another few days with this sleep deprivation and I'm in danger of saying worse. I try my best. I can usually say something calmly once (even if there are additional swear words) but if I have to repeat myself I lose the thin level of control and snap. 

Little is normally an ok sleeper. The last few months she's been waking up a couple of times a night, but I've been coping. She would feed them go back to sleep. It's not required much effort from me and I’ve got enough sleep overall.

The last week and a half her sleep keeps getting worse. She is waking more often and won't resettle (with or without boob). It started when she suddenly got a bad cold and one night couldn't breathe properly, but even on the nights she can breathe easier she is waking every couple of hours and spending periods of time wide awake. She's also waking up for the day before 5am.
A baby looking up in the her cot wide awake
You are cute, but you are meant to be asleep

This I find so much harder to cope with. Wake up, stick on boob, return to cot is doable. It doesn't require me getting out of bed and I barely need to be awake. The night time parties and the crying that will only be stopped by an excessively long feed is draining. Worse still is the crying which won't stop with milk or rocking or patting or pleading or praying or sacrificing stuffed bunny rabbits (I jest).

My eyelids are heavy. My fingers barely managing to lift off the keyboard long enough to type words. I am reaching my limit. I am a sleeper. I have always loved sleep, always needed more than other people. I know I will sleep again soon, but for now sleep is my new obsession. I dream of sleep.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A Children's Story Centre? Discovering Discover Stratford

Discover in Stratford has recently reopened after a major refit so we went along to see what it’s like. M has visited on a number of occasions before it closed, but it was my first visit. If you haven’t heard of it Discover Children’s Story Centre is a sort of interactive museum for children. It’s hard to describe because I’ve not been anywhere else like it. There are play areas, story sessions and a special exhibition all based around literacy.
Part of the Fantastic World of Dr. Seuss exhibition at Discover Children's Story Centre in Stratford. Includes basketball hoops and croquet
"Oh the places you'll go"


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Buying Presents For Children The Wicked Uncle Challenge Way

Do you always know what to buy children for their birthday? Or do you need help to buy presents? If you have a daughter aged 5 or under and it’s their birthday I will normally get them a pretty fab present (time and money dependent). If you have a son? Suggestions are very welcome. Before I had children I didn’t have a clue what to get any children for presents and this is the thinking behind the website Wicked Uncle


Monday, 19 September 2016

Why you should visit The Baby Show and #Win Tickets To Go

This October The Baby Show returns to London. I first went to the Baby Show over 5 years ago when I was pregnant and I have gone back regularly as it's a great opportunity to see new products, get well loved products at brilliant prices and to see a huge range of items to help you decide what you want. They also have talks and demonstrations so you can have fun and learn new things.

The Baby Show is at London Olympia Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd October 2016, 10.00am to 5.30pm, but why should you visit The Baby Show?

If you are are pregnant:

  • Are you interested in cloth nappies? Babywearing? Infant Nutrition? You can speak to experts on a huge number of topics, or just listen to them talk to you.
  • There are so many brands under one roof you can decide exactly what you want and get it all at a great price.
  • There are plenty of toilets (surprisingly not available in all baby shops).

If you have a small baby:

  • I took my eldest when she was a few weeks old and didn't find it daunting as I knew that if I had any problems there would be someone there who could help.
  • They have a changing area (provided by Superdrug) where there are free wipes and nappies when your little one's bum needs changing.
  • There are areas to help you feed your baby in comfort (breast, bottle or solids) making it stress free when you need to have a break.

If you are going with a toddler:

  • There is a free Creche. Book your spot when your arrive as it's popular.
  • Check for activities to help entertain your bigger little one. We had fun at a Diddy Dance session and a story time session on our last visit.
  • There are lots of items to buy for older children so it's still worth going if your "baby" is no longer a baby.

Tempted to go?  Tickets are £20 on the door, but if you book them in advance you will save money. Better yet go for free if you win tickets in my giveaway. For more information on the event visit

To be in with a chance to win one of two pairs of tickets enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. You will want to make sure you are available on one of the days (21st, 22nd or 23rd October) and you can make your own way to London Olympia (travel is NOT included). No alternative prize available.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

(Not very scary) ghosts for Halloween fun

With the Summer holidays over we have been thinking about the celebrations ahead. Halloween is next month and we were excited to come up with some ideas to celebrate. We created 5 different types of ghosts which were all really simple to do. M decided she wanted to make the ghosts friendly so our ghosts are all happy and fun and suitable for young children.
Title text in front of transparent images showing painted ghost footprints, ghost fairy cakes, ghost cups, paper ghosts and glue ghosts


Monday, 12 September 2016

My Baby at 7 Months

I’ve really enjoyed August. For most of the month Little has been able to sit up which has made putting her down a lot easier. She has been on the move, but not so fast that everything becomes a hazard and she has been joining in family meals. She continues to give big smiles to everyone and brightens my day. I know that there are harder times ahead once she moves faster, but for the last month it’s not been too crazy and we have been having fun.
9 pictures of Little
Little Month 6 to 7


Monday, 5 September 2016

Munchkin Weaning Bundle Giveaway

Any regular readers of my blog will know that I have chosen to do Baby Led Weaning, but for the majority of parents weaning baby on to solids includes spoon feeding. People choose to spoon feed because they want to introduce solids earlier, it's faster, it's less mess and you have more control about what is eaten. Spoon feeding works perfectly with finger foods when your baby is ready for them. If you are about to start the journey into the world of puree this competition is for you.

I have a set of 3 Lift spoons which are designed to keep the spoon of the table, a set of 6 soft tip spoons and a fresh food feeder, all by Munchkin. If you want to win just choose one or more of the Rafflecopter entries below.

If you are a UK resident you have until the end of Sunday 18th September 2016 to enter.

Good Luck.
A set of 3 Lift spoons which are designed to keep the spoon of the table, a set of 6 soft tip spoons and a fresh food feeder all by Munchkin

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My Giveaways are advertised on social media as well as the following competition sites:
Competition Database


Thursday, 1 September 2016

Cuddledry Love: Grey Stars Baby Towel Review

I love Cuddledry towels. Yes this is a review and I’ve been sent a product to write about, but seriously I love them. It was love at first touch because their towels are just so soft and snuggly; exactly what I want to wrap my children up in.

A baby lying on her tummy with a cuddledry towel in grey stars and white on her head