What I Love About The Ion8 Kids Water Bottle

I originally planned just to do social media promotion of the ion8 water bottles we were sent, but I love them so much I thought they deserved a blog post. We were sent 2 of the kid's water bottles in rose and pink and for the last month they have been out with us practically everywhere. The girls even take them to bed at night too. I never knew I would have enough to say about a water bottle to write a whole post, but there is just so much I love about them.

A photo of water being poured out of a rose water bottle

The kids water bottles are 350mls which is a great size. It’s enough to take out for the day, but not so big that it weighs my changing bag down (two filled 500ml bottles weigh over 1kg!).

My daughters love having matching bottle, but in different colours so they can tell them apart. Even better they have 2 shades of pink! The Kids Water Bottle also come in 10 other colours including 3 designs with cute animal pictures on. 

A girl holding one water bottle on top of the other blocking out her face

They call themselves leak proof and while that is only true if closed properly, they do have a really smart way of opening and closing. My eldest takes a water bottle with a similar opening (but without the safety catch) to school and the number of times it has been accidentally knocked open in her bag and leaked all over her school books is embarrassing. I don't have to worry about that with the ion8.

The clasp is really clever: not only is there an easy to open and close clip which locks the lid shut, but when it is opened the lid flicks up at the touch of a button. It is so easy to use my 2 year old manages fine and it is a relief that she doesn't try to open it with her teeth like she does with most lids (I blame her Dad).

They have a wide spout, not so large that they pour it over themselves, but large enough you can drink quickly. This is what is missing for me from many water bottles and I love being able to have a quick glug.

There is a handle which makes it easy for my daughters to carry the water bottles without dropping them and they also make it easy to hang them on the handles of our pushchair.

A young girl holding a water bottle in each hand up in the air

The diameter of the 350ml (and 500ml) Water Bottles are the same a can, this means they fit in pretty much all cup holders.

They are dishwasher safe which makes it easy to give them a really good clean every so often.

They are BPA Free and made from phthalate free and non-toxic Tritan. I don’t really understand why these things are bad (apart from being non-toxic obvs), but I understand that they are bad especially for water bottles.

You can buy a replacement complete lid (only in black unfortunately) or replacement seals. The bottles are leak proof thanks to the food-grade flexible silicone seals which can degrade or get damaged over time so it's grace they do reasonable priced replacements. 

Two young girls holding water bottles, the youngest is hugging hers and kissing it

They have measurements marked on one side in both millilitres and ounces so you can see how much they (or you) have been drinking.

They are also available in a range of larger sizes and with a sports grip, including a 500ml pink bottle with unicorns on!!!

I love these bottles so much and really want one for me too. The only question is what colour should I get?

They are available from Amazon or www.leakproof.co.uk


***Disclosure: we were sent gifted these water bottles, but all views our own***


  1. These look great. A decent water bottle which doesn't leak and is easy to clean isn't a big ask, but can be hard to find

  2. Oh this looks great. I am always on the look out for a water bottle that doesn't leak as my daughter seems to break them so easily. I will be checking these ones out!

  3. These look brilliant!! Why is it so hard to find leak-proof bottles?! Great review! Xxx

  4. They sound really well designed, a good kids water bottle is like the holy grail, isn't it!

  5. These sound fantastic! These would be great for the boys as I’ve been looking for something similar but thought it was impossible x

  6. Oh I was just looking for new water bottles for my girls so these would be great! I love the colours too!

  7. Wow, these look brilliant. I think I've bought about 10 bottles during the school year and still haven't found one that is durable and does not leak.


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