My First Trimester - Round 4

Oh my goodness where has my brain gone? I don’t know if it’s tiredness or if I have become more forgetful but I’m constantly forgetting what I am about to do. I’ve just remembered a very important letter which arrived yesterday and I haven’t open yet. Oops.

Smiling at the camera in a pineapple dress with a slight hint of bump

The first trimester is an interesting time. For this post I will put aside all the angst and stress which comes after my last pregnancy and just think about the struggles my body is going through as it does this whole pregnancy thing for the 4th time.

It’s almost like this trimester is a teaser for what is to come, with little sneak peeks of forthcoming ailments which have brought back strong memories of how I suffered before. There has been the restless legs from around 4 weeks, but fortunately these have reduced since I got into the habit of taking my multivitamins regularly (and I found some which didn't give me headaches). There were a few days around week 7 when I felt the familiar sensation of heartburn bubbling up in the evening or when I bent over. And then that delightful moment when I had to text my partner to buy me some “bum cream” on the way home thanks to a super brief dalliance with piles. Pregnancy is many things, but sexy it ain’t.

I’ve been tired of course, but I have 2 children so that’s my normal state of affairs. Fortunately I have only had a few days of that all pervading tiredness that can plague the first trimester.

I’ve also had less nausea and food aversions than my previous pregnancies. I normally spend the first few months eating beige carbs and unable to stomach the thought of green vegetables. While I have had less interest in food than normal I have eaten foods that aren’t potatoes and toast which is impressive. I haven’t felt much nausea but I have been gagging a lot, often in the evening at food smells, but then there have been totally random triggers too. Like last week when I started retching whenever I tried to hold my tummy in. Weird.

From 2 or 3 weeks onwards I have got very bloated after eating. This was perhaps the trigger for my eldest laying her hands on my belly a few days after ovulation and telling me there was a baby in there! From 11 weeks I have definitely had more of a belly on me at all times, while I haven’t gained weight and my uterus is still inside my pelvis I think the displacement of internal organs has pushed my tummy fat outwards.

The most distressing pregnancy issue has been the return of pelvic hurdle pain at just 11 weeks pregnant. I really struggled last time with PGP (physically and mentally) and the familiar twinges at the top of my legs has filled me with fear. This is much earlier than before and without access to such brilliant Women’s Health Physio’s as I had last time I fear how badly I might suffer. I have created an action plan for my PGP and I'm hoping that full term won’t be accompanied by crutches.

Holding a number 3 balloon next to my belly
4th pregnancy and fingers crossed a 3rd baby

As my first trimester comes to an end I am feeling good, but a little whale like. I have adjusted my activities to try and prevent aggravating PGP, but it's not stopping me doing too much so far. I am starting to relax and allow myself to look forward to the baby coming as everything is looking good so far.

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