What is there at LEGOLAND for Babies, Toddlers And Preschoolers?

As a family orientated theme park there are a lot of rides that young children can go on at LEGOLAND Windsor. Many rides have a minimum height requirement for going on unaccompanied (normally 1.3m) and a lower minimum height requirement where children can ride if accompanied by an adult (16 years or over). The LEGOLAND website has a useful page for showing what rides children can go on at different ages, but I don't think it provides enough detail to work out what the ride is like and whether young children will enjoy it so I have produced this comprehensive list of rides and activities at LEGOLAND that are suitable for young children. 

Advice for Visiting LEGOLAND with young children. Baby and preschooler on a ride with parent
There are lots of rides suitable for young children at LEGOLAND

Rides And Activities For Young Children at LEGOLAND

Having visited on a few occasions with a baby, toddler and a preschooler this guidance is a combination of the official LEGOLAND advice and my experience. 

This post is divided into 3 sections: 

Rides suitable for babies and toddlers under 90cm 

Rides suitable for preschoolers 

Activities like shows and experiences which have no height or age requirements.

While all information is correct at time of publishing to the best of my ability LEGOLAND may change requirements or close rides without warning. Check the information at the entrance to rides for the latest information. 

You might also find it helpful to check out my posts on how to get the cheapest LEGOLAND tickets,  what to do take to LEGOLAND and what to do on the day of your visit.

a photograph of part of the legoland 2022 map
Grab a paper map at the entrance to LEGOLAND or download the app to find your way around

Visiting LEGOLAND With A Young Baby

If going with a young baby who can not sit (even with support) you are unlikely to find any rides to go on because LEGOLAND insist that babies aren’t held on parents laps and that all riders can at a minimum be in a seated position with support. I visited with a 6 month old baby securely in a sling and was asked to take her out and sit her next to me on the rides. There are however a number of activities you can still enjoy which I have listed at the end of this post.

Rides For Babies and Toddlers At LEGOLAND (under 90cm)

Children under 90cm get free entry to LEGOLAND and on weekdays out of school holidays you can get a low cost ticket covering an adult and a child aged 4 and under (parent and toddler ticket currently £25), this is because there are less rides they can go on and these days tend to be quieter. 

Assuming you are accompanying your children on the rides those under 90cm who can sit with or without support can go on:

LEGO City Deep Sea Adventure - This was my daughter’s favourite ride as a baby because you go into a submarine and look out the glass sides into an aquarium with real and LEGO animals, she was mesmerised by the fish. There is a voice telling you about an emergency mission, but we never pay attention because we are always so busy looking at the fish. At busy times you will share your submarine with other visitors (but no staff) as they hold up to 14 people.

Fairy Tale Brook - This boat ride in DUPLO valley takes you on a gentle journey past LEGO figures from various fairy tales. The boat carries a maximum of 4 people and it automatically moves. While it says you may get wet this seems unlikely.

DUPLO Express - This miniature train goes round a small track, children over 90cm can ride on their own, those shorter will need to share a carriage with an adult.

LEGOLAND Express - This is a family ride where you go on a gentle train ride on a longer track than the DUPLO train. It is suitable for all ages, but babies can not sit on laps. Each row allows up to 4 guests and you will need at least one adult per row if accompanying younger children.

Balloon School - You sit in a gondola holding up to 4 people and as you go round you can make your balloon go up by pulling on a cable. 

Aero Nomad - The gondolas rotate round in a circle similar to a small ferris wheel (or Miss rABBIT'S Helicopter Flight at Peppa Pig Land, Paultons Park). Each balloon holds up to 7 guests (max 5 adults) and older children will get a reasonable view of the park, smaller children probably wont be able to see much over the sides.

Hill Train - While it isn't technically a ride the Hill Train is an easy way to get from near the entrance to the rides without walking down the slope (or back up it). It is suitable for all ages and you can take pushchairs on it.

Note: there are rides in the preschooler section below without height limits as well, but they are less suitable for younger children due to requiring a greater level of self control or being "scarier" thrill rides.


A preschooler sitting on the bright DUPLO Express train ride in the rain
DUPLO Express

View out of the window in the deep sea adventure ride at legoland showing real and lego fish
View out of the submarine on the LEGO Deep Sea Adventure ride

Which Rides Can Preschoolers Go On At LEGOLAND?

Preschoolers are likely to enjoy most of the rides in the above section as well as the ones below

Desert Chase - Preschoolers can ride a horse on this carousel ride (there are belts to keep them on) and younger children who can’t ride alone can enjoy sitting with an adult on the tea cup or rocking carriage which allow up to 4 guests each.

DUPLO Dino Coaster - This junior rollercoaster looks like it has been made out of giant DUPLO blocks and is designed to be a fun first rollercoaster experience for children. (Minimum height 0.9m)

DUPLO Airport - You can fly up and down in DUPLO style helicopters in this ride. The  helicopters are attached to a hydraulic pole underneath so it gives more of a session of flying than rides where you can see the arms holding your vehicle. Only two people can fly per vehicle (which if under 1.3m must include an adult). (Minimum height 0.9m).

L-Drivers - This is the younger children's version of the driving school where children get a short driving lesson before going round a miniature track. If they are over 1.1m they can go on the LEGO City driving school instead. Afterwards they get given a paper driving license you can fill in and stick a picture on, but you can also buy a photo driving license for them on a lanyard. Tip: you don’t need to have been on the ride to buy this license, so if the queue time is long and they really want one just head to the photo booth near the two driving schools. (Height between 0.9m and 1.1m).

Fire Academy - This ride is fun for little firefighters, but be warned it is hard work for the accompanying adults who are likely to take the brunt of the effort. You have to race against the other fire engines by pumping a bar up and down to get to the “fire” where they can spray water on a pretend house. (Minimum height 0.9m)

Coastguard HQ - In this boat ride someone has to steer the boat with the steering wheel and control the accelerator. Due to an often long queue time it probably isn’t worth going on with very small children as they will struggle to reach the steering wheel and you’ll end up taking over to prevent crashing, but as you can have three people in a boat if you have a preschooler or older child your baby/ toddler may enjoy the journey.

Merlin’s Challenge - In this ride you go round in a a circle similar to a waltzer, but the vehicles don't spin round so it's a less dizzying (and slower) experience. It’s a bit faster than most of the rides in this section, but not too scary. (Minimum height 0.9m).

Thunder Blazer - This ride is a mid size chair swing ride. It doesn't go very fast or high in the air, but each seat is individual. Adults can go on this ride too, but the seats are different sizes and there are a limited number of adult size swings. (Minimum height 0.9m).

a driving school for toddlers and preschoolers and LEGOLAND
L-Drivers is for children between 0.9m and 1.1m

preschooler on fairy tale brook showing a lego cinderella
Fairy Tale Brook takes you on a boat ride past fairy tale characters made from LEGO

Rides For The More Fearless Preschoolers

Younger children over 0.9m can go on the following rides if accompanied by an adult, but they are all a little faster or scarier than the rides listed above.

Dragon’s Apprentice - This rollercoaster is faster than the DUPLO Coaster, but still aimed at younger children so if they like the DUPLO one it is worth a try.

Sky Rider - This ride doesn't go fast, but the cars go on a track 20 feet in the air so not for everyone. You get a nice view of Miniland. Up to 3 people in each car, maximum of 2 adults.

Scarab Bouncers - On this indoor ride guests sit in a row and are lifted 15 feet into the air before dropping down and rising again. The drops aren't huge, but it can still be a bit scary for little ones. Most of the seats are child size and I think it's only one adult seat per ride. Over 0.9m don't need to be accompanied on the ride, but if it's their first time you might want someone with them on the ride for hand holding.

Destiny’s Bounty - This is a small pirate ship style ride that swings side to side as well as up and down. Up to 4 people can sit on each row and only 8 adults are allowed on the ride at one time. 

Spinning Spider - This ride is essentially the same as a tea cup ride, but themed with a giant spider over your head. The "logs" seat up to 6 people each and they spin round, for those with a good stomach you can rotate the disk in the middle of your log to spin even faster.

LEGO NINJAGO The Ride - A good ride for Ninjago fans. You are in a car (with up to 3 other people) wearing 3D glasses and you use your hands to shoot at various challenges. While there is no minimum height limit if accompanied it isn’t recommended for under 3s because it can be a bit scary. My 3 year old struggled to work out how to use his hand to interact with the ride and he was initially scared, he became happier when he took the 3D glasses off.

Laser Raiders - Similar to the Ninjago ride, but it isn't 3D and this time you use a laser gun to fire at the bad guys as you are driven through the adventure. You sit in a car (holding up to 4 in 2 groups of 2). There is no minimum age, but younger children may find it scary and they need to be able to hold the laser gun and fire to get anything out of the ride. 

Haunted House Monster Party - This ride isn’t recommended for children under 3 due to the noise, smoke and lighting. It is a bit dark and scary going in, but then you are encouraged to join in a dance before moving to another ride where you sit down and are taken on an experience which at one point makes you feel like you have gone upside down. My 3 year old go to scared to go in, my 6, 10 and 40 something year old really loved it.

Rides For Children Over 1 Metre Tall

If your preschooler is over 1 metre they can go on the following rides if accompanied by an adult, however these rides go quite high and/ or are fast so they will only appeal to the most thrill seeking preschoolers. 

The Dragon - A rollercoaster that's another step up from the Dragon's Apprentice

Hydra’s Challenge - a water ride where you stand on a a jet-boat style pod and go round quickly in a circle, spectators can interact with you to make you get wet.

Pirate Falls Treasure Quest - The log flume is what you would expect. You sit in a line on a narrow boat (between each others legs) and go round on a pirate themed ride ending by going up a slow slowly before splashing down.

Jolly Rocker - A full size pirate ship which goes forwards and back (but not upside down).

Flight of the Sky Lion - Located in Mythica this is one of the newest rides (opened in 2021) and is still very popular. Described as the UK's first flying theatre ride you watch an adventure on a 20m screen which curves around you while in a large gondola which moves, the combination of these make you feel like you are flying and involved in the adventure. It is indoors as is the queue so it is even more popular on wet days.

Fire & Ice Freefall - a sudden drop ride, similar to scarab bouncers, but it’s much taller and the drops are further.

If you have a particularly tall preschooler they can also go on:

Over 1.1 m 

LEGO City Driving School - the version of L-drivers for older children with a larger area to drive around. You can't easily see them at all times while they are driving, but there are staff members available if they need help.

Viking River Splash - The Rapids has a few bumps and potential splashes. The queue ride is often long for a preschooler and the ride itself is over quite quickly.  

Over 1.2m 

Mia’s Riding Adventure - a thrill ride where you are spun round in a circle really quickly while moving from side to side.  A really great ride for older children and adults.

Other Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers to Enjoy at LEGOLAND

Shows in Heartlake City (on the lake) include LEGO Friends and a pirate show. On at various times throughout the day.

DUPLO Playtown - A playground in DUPLO Valley. There is also another playground: Castaway Camp, but this is designed for children aged 5 to 12.

The Magical Forest - A new walkthrough experience where you get to meet some of the Mythica characters. You can scan QR codes using the app to create a virtual reality version you can see via your phone.

Miniland - A miniature world made of LEGO. Includes trains and other moving vehicles which children will love to see.

LEGO - There are also several locations where you get access to a large amount of LEGO to build your own creations including: The Brick, Creature Creation and Planet LEGOLAND

LEGO Studios 4D - Various 4D films are shown throughout the day. They contain sound, wind, fog and lighting and you need to wear the special glasses so not suitable for all children.

Splash Safari - the splash park aimed at younger children (seasonal opening and dependent on weather). One adult can supervise up to 4 children, but everyone (including the supervising adult) must wear swimwear. Swim nappies required for those that need them.

Drench Towers - The splash park targeted at older children doesn’t have an age restriction, but there is a 0.9m height restriction for lower level slides and 1m for the upper level slides. Swimwear required.

LEGO Reef - Build a digital fish on screen and then release it into the digital reed where you can interact  with it.  There are also some lego bricks to build real versions.

Model Making Studio - Get inspired by the skills of some of the LEGO master builders.

LEGO game area - Located inside next to the Scarab bouncers you can play various games on PS4 (no charge). While the website says this area is closed to aid social distancing it was open when we visited in June 2022.

Does LEGOLAND Operate a Parent Swap System?

Some theme parks, like Chessington, have a Parent Swap system which allows a parent to go on a ride with an older child while the other parent looks after a younger one, and then for the parents to exchange the younger child so the other adult can go on the ride. While LEGOLAND doesn’t officially operate a parent swap they have said it is up to the discretion of the ride operator. This is frustrating because you could reach the front of the queue and they might say “no”, but it’s unlikely they would especially if reminded that it is something LEGOLAND has said they can do.

What age is LEGOLAND most suitable for?

LEGOLAND has something for everyone making it a great family day out. There is DUPLO Valley to appeal to little ones and some good thrill rides for teens and adults too. Most areas have a mix of rides so if little children are waiting with a parent nearby for older siblings then there will be things to keep them entertained.

Having said that if you are just heading to the park with older children who love fast thrill rides they will probably spend a lot of time queuing for the rides the want. Because there aren’t that many fast thrill rides the ones they have get very busy. Unless older children are particular LEGO fans you might find you get on more rides they will enjoy at Thorpe Park or Alton Towers. 

If looking for other theme parks to visit with young children check out this post for my recommendations.

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