Pregnancy Bingo

There are many things I love about being pregnant. Getting a seat on the Tube and feeling my baby moving around in my tummy are my top two, but let's face it, pregnancy is hard work. I'm not sure if it is worse for the pregnant woman or her partner who has to put up with support her. Actually I do, it is much worse for us ladies.

The bingo grid below with a white rectangle covering most of it and the words: Pregnancy Bingo, Will you get a full house?

Second time around my body has definitely been complaining more and it's probably only now in my 3rd trimester that I've managed to slow down and adjust enough to be feeling in control. As hard as I have tried to adapt I haven't manage to avoid my fair share of pregnancy ailments and with over a month to go they will only get worse. The pelvic girdle pain and heartburn are really hard as I'm walking the speed of a slug and can't eat chocolate without painful acid burn.

I'm sure all pregnant ladies can get at least one line on my bingo grid below. There are 10 conditions below I'll admit to and maybe a few more I won't. It's funny how we are all happy to talk about how tired we are or our back aching, but you are less likely to drop into conversation that you are suffering from haemorrhoids or that the other day you did a huge sneeze with a full bladder and you then had to go change your knickers. It's generally anything to do with our bottom areas that we keep quiet, but they can often be the ailments which cause us most distress. If you have friends or family you can share all will you are very lucky.

If you are pregnant how close to a full house have you got? If you have had your baby did you manage to tick them all off before your little one's arrival? One thing I know for sure is that we will all forget just how uncomfortable pregnancy was, parents must do or they wouldn't do it all over again.

A 4 by 4 silvery grid with 16 pregnancy ailments in: morning sickness, heartburn, haemorrhoids, stretch marks, constipation, restless leg syndrome, mood swings, pelvic girdle pain / SPD, headaches, exhaustion, leaking when you sneeze (weak bladder), swollen ankles, lack of appetite, baby brain, back ache and round ligament pain


  1. I got a full house! Oh the joys lol x

  2. Not long left and then we'll have all the post partum fun as well x


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