In her words: December

At 4 years old my daughter still has a lot of words to learn, but she's starting to play around with words and meanings as well. It is great hearing the phrases she comes out with and I love the insight into her mental development they provide.

Hear is some of what M has said in December:

Walking down the vegetable aisle M points at something:
M "Potatoes!"
Me "No, they're walnuts"
M "So we can put them on the wall?"

Driving home from nursery:
M "When we get home I can open my advent calendar and you can have a bottle of wine."
Turns out she meant a cola bottle from the packet of Haribo she was eating

Eating a packet of crisps:
M "Look at this crisp, isn't it massive like a chimpanzee?"

While decorating the Christmas tree:
M "I have to put the Christmas decorations together (on the same bit of the tree) so they can talk to each other"

While I was cutting some malt loaf up for me to eat:
M "I don't like yucky wart loaf"

Leaving nursery and seeing some of her friends:
M "Yoo hoo!"

While playing:
M "My doll is laying a baby" (I can see the logic of laying an egg being similar to giving birth)

Writing a birthday card:
M "Where's the owl box?"  (She meant envelope)

After coming home from nursery:
M "Why is it so tidy in here?" (An insight into my housekeeping)

Opening her Christmas stocking:
M "I must have been very good"

Recently she's also started to make up pretend languages, but I wouldn't know how to spell any of those.

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