Disney On Ice Presents Frozen Review

Today we went to see Disney On Ice presents Frozen. It was the first time M had seen anything like it and we both had a great time. It was at the O2 in London which I love as a venue, mainly because it is so easy for me to get to. It's a short walk from the Jubilee line and we managed to get home in an hour from leaving the Arena.

A stall selling various toys and items relating to Frozen

The doors opened an hour before show time and we entertained ourselves by buying up lots of merchandise. It is unsurprisingly very expensive with programmes costing £8 and a flashing wand thing costing £20 (neither of which we bought). Comparatively our purchases of a £10 snow cone (which came in a special plastic cup we could keep), £10 candy floss (which came with a crown or Olaf hat and some stickers) and a £12 t-shirt seemed like good value.

I did have a small panic as we waited to go in as there were signs and announcements saying "No food or drink", fortunately this only meant items purchased elsewhere and we weren't made to throw away our super expensive treats. When we got through security we were told we had been reseated and we were given new tickets. We had been moved a block forwards and so were just 4 rows from the ice. In some ways this was great, but these seats weren't tiered so it wasn't always easy for M to see the stage.

The show started with "Fit to Dance" where they tried to warm up the crowd by getting them to do a snowman dance. Our block didn't seem very keen on dancing, but they cheered up when Mickey Mouse appeared.

Minnie, Rapunzal and other Disney characters dancing on Ice

Before the Disney On Ice version of Frozen started there was a scene with the best loved Disney characters. Starting with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy talking about friendship they are soon joined by a host of Disney Prince and Princesses, Buzz, Woody, Nemo, Dory and others.
A young Anna on one side of a door with a young Elsa sitting on a bed on the otherside

The elder Troll from Frozen

The Frozen performance follows the plot of the film, but isn't acted out scene for scene. Not every song is in there and many parts are shortened. It still had most of our favourite scenes, the most popular songs and some great skating. I heard M say "wow" a few times before "Let it Go" finished the first half.

Elsa in coronation clothing at the top of stairs in Disney on Ice presents Frozen

Anna from Frozen dancing with Prince Hans

Some how I managed to get away without buying Ice Cream in the interval, but the short break gave M time to run around. An hour can be quite a long time to sit still even with a live Disney performance to watch.

Scene from Disney on Ice presents Frozen with Anna and Kristoff on a sleigh

Olaf from Frozen dancing in front of butterflies and flowers which ice skating and singing about summer

The second half was slightly shorter than the first and it seemed like next to no time before the sisters were happily reunited (should I have said spoiler alert?). A final rendition of "Let It Go" reintroduced the other Disney characters to leave everyone happy.

A giant inflatable marshmallow monster in Disney on ice presents frozen

Sven from Frozen in Disney on Ice

After the show we walked with the crowds out the venue, but we didn't have to queue at any point and we easily got on the first train. I felt slightly sorry for the commuters heading home from work who had memorabilia stuck in their sides and an over excited child who had consumed too much sugar.

We really enjoyed Disney On Ice Presents Frozen and M asked if she could come back and see it tomorrow.



  1. This looks amazing! My daughter would love this :) hope you enjoyed your snow cone! ox

    1. Sometimes I wish they did fruit salads or something not full of things which make small ones go loopy x


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