ROARsome Father's Day Cards For Children To Make

Sometimes you think of a pun and you just can’t decide on what artwork to go with it, so I’ve created two footprint based artworks perfect for toddlers to make for Father’s Day. Take your pick from a grrrreat lion or roaring dinosaurs. Either way they are just right for telling a special someone they are ROARsome. I think the dinosaurs are my favourite because they look so good from siblings, but the lion footprint fits better on a normal size card.

Dinosaur and Lion Your are Roarsome Footprint card ideas

Roarsome and Fun Father's Day Card Ideas

Roaring Dinosaur Footprint Father's Day Card

These dinosaur heads are really fun and you could make a whole family of dinosaur heads. If you have one child you should able to get the footprints on an A5 landscape piece of card (e.g. an A4 piece of card folded in half), for multiple children you might have to upgrade to A4 or larger.

Sibling Dinosaur footprint heads in green

How to Create the Roaring Dinosaur card

  1. Put a sheet of white card of the floor.
  2. Get a wet flannel or baby wipes on standby (you’ll want to wipe the foot asap afterwards to avoid footprints through your house).
  3. Cover the bottom of one of the child’s feet in green paint or whatever colour you want your dinosaur to be.
  4. Place the foot on the paper with the heel towards the top righthand corner.
  5. Clean the foot. 
  6. Repeat with the other foot making a “V” shape with the toes overlapping slightly. 
  7. If there is a sibling repeat with their footprints.
  8. Leave to dry.
  9. Stick on your choice of eye e.g. a circle of paper with coloured in pupil, button or goggly eyes.
  10. Take a felt tip pen and draw on teeth.
  11. Add cheesy message of your choice, but I suggest you include the word “Roarsome”
Toddler feet next to white card and a plate with green paint

Two pairs of green overlapping footprint feet for dinosaur heads

Completed dinosaur head footprints with teeth and eye

Roaring Daddy Lion Footprint Father's Day Card

This lion fits perfectly on an A5 Portrait card and it is more simple to do that the dinosaurs because you just need to get one decent footprint on the piece of paper. The rest of the picture you can have the child more or less involved depending on their age. Our lion didn’t turn out the scariest looking, but I think that adds to his charm.

Roarsome Daddy Lion footprint card

How To Make The Roaring Lion Card

  1. Fold a sheet of white card in half.
  2. Turn the card upside down to the way you would normally open it and place it on the floor.
  3. Get a wet flannel or baby wipes on standby (you’ll want to wipe the foot asap afterwards to avoid footprints through your house).
  4. Cover the bottom of the child’s foot in yellow or orange paint and get them to stand in the middle of the sheet of card.
  5. Clean the foot!
  6. Use a paint brush to draw a tail from the toe end of the footprint.
  7. Ideally leave it to dry to avoid smudging.
  8. Using gold, brown or orange paint (it looks best if it is a bit darker than the body of the lion) get the child to fingerpaint a circle of dots around the heel for the mane and one at the end of the tail. You can either direct their finger or just let them try it for themselves. 
  9. Leave it to dry.
  10. Draw on a face, whiskers and message of your choice, my preference is “Daddy your ROARsome!”
Yellow Painted Toddler Footprint on A5 card

Toddler fingers putting a finger print mane on a yellow footprint lion

Footprint lion before face drawn on

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Easy Footprint Father's Day Card Ideas for Toddlers to Make

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