Review: ChewyMoon Children's Subscription Snack Box

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I’m a fan of subscription boxes, well following a recent delivery my eldest daughter is a big fan of them too. We were sent a ChewyMoon subscription box to review and M keeps on asking if she can have her “snack box”.

An open ChewyMoon box showing 5 different snack boxes and a message saying Hey kid, welcome aboard
The ChewyMoon Box 

ChewyMoon boxes are filled with healthy, alternative treats as well as few things to entertain them (e.g. a mini comic, fact cards). They have a number of different characters on the packaging including a loved up squirrel and a Space Chimp. ChewyMoon describes the personalities as “quirky, odd, slightly rude and very energetic”. They aren’t really to my liking, but they aren’t aiming to appeal to adults. I did like the snacks though (before I was told off by M for eating them).

A pile of post with the ChewyMoon subscription box on the top
Delivered through the letter box with all the other post

The weekly subscription box, which fits handily through the letter box, contains 5 boxes with different snacks. You can let them know in advance which ones you (or your children) like the sound of to avoid any nasty surprises. The sort of thing you will find in them are: dried fruit, nuts, cereals and fruit jellies (a bit like Bear fruit shapes). These are mixed into all sorts of flavour combinations such as Cherry Cola (raisins which taste of cola, dried cherry and dried cranberry) or Jack ’n Berries (strawberry shapes, cranberry, blueberries and flapjack).

A close up of a snack box

My daughter is a big fan of nuts and sweet things. She asks multiple times a day for sweets or chocolate so it was great that for the last few days she has mostly been asking for the snack boxes instead. The ChewyMoon snacks are developed by child-nutrition specialists and they are tailored to your child’s age and preferences. They are designed to be tasty, but without refined sugar or additives. A great alternative to all the sweets she got over Christmas.

An open ChewyMoon box with the Nutrition Facts sheet showing
Each box comes with Nutrition Information
M says she likes them "as much as she likes sweets" which is a strong recommendation. 
You can find out more information about ChewyMoon here.

Fancy a try?

Disclosure: we were sent a yummy snack box to review. All thoughts are mine and my daughter’s.

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