My Baby At 11 Months

It was always going to be a special month with Little’s first Christmas. She might not have really understood what was going on, but everyone else enjoyed it. M really enjoyed getting to open twice the number of presents, it was ever so kind of her to offer to open her sisters. The older she gets the more fun we have together as a family. More personality shows each month; she is happy, cheeky and inquisitive. 

A blue eyed baby in front of a tree


Little is continuing to eat well but is showing preferences for some foods over others. She will ask for more food when she wants it, by reaching for it or opening and closing her hands while holding it out. When she has had enough of something she holds her hand over the edge of the highchair and opens it dropping the item intentionally on the floor, normally over the right side.
Little has about the same amount of milk as last month. With short feeds during the day and more at night.


This continues to be the hardest part. Little doesn’t sleep well. In facts she sleeps very badly. It’s reached the point that I am reviewing every little thing we do and wondering what it is that stops her sleeping. She rarely manages a decent nap in her cot and we are lucky if we get one three hour stretch over night. She often wakes up 8 or more times over night. 

9 pictures of a baby including Christmas outfits
Little month 10 to 11


She weighs 10kg and measures 75 cm so continues to grow well . I have got the 12 to 18 month clothes out and washed them, but they are still a bit big for her (phew).


What a month we have had. Little’s favourite activity is definitely putting items into and out of containers. This is entertaining when it’s a box, amusing when it’s our shoes, but getting troublesome when it is the shower. I have narrowly caught the first attempt at depositing a toy in the toilet, but I doubt I will be so successful overtime. Another afternoon she happily spent an hour putting clean pants round her neck, by the time she got bored she was wearing 8 pairs. Another of her favourite past times is to dance, she will be found rocking, bouncing and twisting to the radio, music from her toys or even to me singing
Little seems to be getting more control over her mouth and this month has seen her suck food out of a pouch for the first time, probably aided by getting better at using her sippy cup. She has also learnt to blow into some plastic panpipes. Sometimes she even blows into the right end.
Little has become increasingly stable on her feet and can stand up independently for around 10 seconds. She can walk around using our hands for minimal support and has even managed a few steps unsupported. She has also managed to stand up from being on the floor without support a few times.

Baby hugging Peter Rabbit
Christmas Day


Little seems to understand what we are saying at times. She (sometimes) follows simple instructions and makes it known very clearly when she is unhappy. Take an item off her and there is a good chance you will be met with tears, return it and they instantly stop. She reaches for the items she wants, and opens and closes her hands to indicate she wants more of something. She calls for who she wants (Mumma or Dad dad) and she has even said “bub, bub” when she wants milk (boobs), that’s when she doesn’t just try and pull my top down to get access.

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  1. Aww lovely photo's of your little one. Ooh I can remember those sleepless nights - wouldn't wish them on anyone. My eldest who is now a teen didn't sleep at all, I was a zombie for 4-5 years until he started school then it all settled down. #WhatMyKidDid popping over from Playdays and Runways

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  3. Little is so cute! I'm glad she had a good first Christmas and M enjoyed opening her presents :) Thank you for linking up with #WhatMyKidDid ox


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