Fabulous Finds for June 2017

Welcome to the first in a new series on my blog where I will be sharing all the amazing things I discover each month. I often share products I have discovered on social media, but I thought this series would be a great way to pull everything together.

It's likely to be an eclectic mix and this month I'm including: food, clothes, beauty and kids TV. A few of these products I was given to try and the rest I have discovered all on my own.

A collage of the 9 photographs below with the text Fabulous Finds June 2017

Vimto Seriously Sour Candy Shockers

I am a big sweet fan and I have tried a fair few in my time. Normally when the sweet claims to be sour I take it with a pinch of salt, but these hard candies are coated in a layer so sour I have to take them out of my mouth for a few seconds to give my tongue a chance to recover. Once through the sour layer the rest of the sweet is pretty tasty coming in 3 vimto flavours: cherry, original and strawberry. I found these in my local newsagents.

A plastic tub with individually wrapped Vimto sweet packets spilling out

Sweet Freedom Chocolate Spread

I've long been a fan of the Sweet Freedom Liquid Chocolate because it makes the perfect dairy free hot chocolate when combined with almond milk. I received the Chocolate Spread in my goody bag from BlogOn and after trying it I think it's even better than the Choc Shot. The spread is still dairy free/ vegan, but it's less sweet making it really versatile. The Chocolate Spread has to be kept in the fridge and used within 6 weeks, which shouldn't be hard. Both products are sweetened with fruit extracts and are super chocolatey.

2 brown plastic containers: a small tub with a rabbit on saying sweet freedom choc pot chocolate spread and a tube with a badger on saying sweet freedom choc shot liquid chocolate

AfterSpa Cleansing Puff

I was recently reminded that microbeads in cleansers and exfoliants are a no no because of the harm they cause the environment. This is a shame because I used to love microbead exfoliants, but I stopped using them a while ago and I haven't found an exfoliant I really like to use instead. I was sent the AfterSpa Cleansing Puffs to try and they are a great alternative to microbeads. When I first felt them I thought they would be too rough, but I ran one under the tap and gently rubbed it in a circular motion on my face. I now use them daily and my face feels a lot smoother and looks fresher too. They even come in a handy pouch which you can hang in the shower to multi task and speed up your beauty routine. There are two in the pack and it recommends you replace them after 60 days. They are available from Boots (instore and online).

The afterspa cleansing puffs packet hung up on white tiles and a close up of the pink puff

Be Kind Tank from Smith Webb

I love finding great local companies. I recently discovered a couple of local mums have created an ethical clothing brand with some gorgeous items for adults and kids. Smith Webb clothes are organic and "Fair Wear" and even better a portion of the profits are donated to mental health charities. I love my super soft "Be Kind" t-shirt and I have my eyes on their kids t-shirts too. Holly Willoughby has even posted on Instagram wearing one so I'm in great company.

A body shot of me wearing a navy tank t-shirt with the words "BE KIND" written in white

Graze Flapjacks

One of the many foods I have missed since giving up dairy in January is flapjacks. I started to get regular subscription boxes from Graze a few months ago and I selected the option to not have an dairy in my deliveries. In one of my first boxes they sent a cocoa and vanilla flapjack and, after double checking it didn't have dairy in, it was love at first bite. The flapjacks are also available from the shops, but as there was a discount voucher in my box I went online to order some more. I found Graze do a protein top up box containing 12 small portions of flapjack (6 original three-seed and 6 cocoa & vanilla). Each package contains 4g of protein and is 140 calories, but most importantly: they are delicious. I think they are the perfect snack size, my only problem is I have to hide them from my children.

Small individual wrapped flapjacks one (cocoa & vanilla) in it's packet, the other (original three-seed) has a bite out of it. They are both displayed on a brown cardboard box saying graze

Matching H&M Summer Dresses

My girls love to twin, and I think they look super cute in matching outfits. This month we found lots of sleeveless jersey summer dresses in H&M in both their sizes. The dresses are only £2.99 each so I don't even need to worry about them getting damaged or stained. Little especially adores the unicorn dress and brings it to me to put it on every time she finds it. It is a pretty popular dress with others too and I keep seeing little girls wearing it. My girls love their matching dresses so much I can't even take a picture of them all because they haven't all been clean at the same time since we got home.

4 sleveless summer dresses on a rug, 2 under the sea pale blue ones in age 6 and 18 to 24 months, a 18-24 month grey one with white unicorn heads and a beige rainforest themes dress

Next Clothes

Next is one of my favourite brands for children's clothes because they have some great clothes at a good price. They also have lots of shops in handy places for me so I end up buying a lot from there. Here are a few of the purchases I made this month. I love their multi buy deals (although it's frustrating you can't mix items from the girls and boys sections) and have bought dresses, t-shirts and leggings recently this way. G insisted we buy the Peppa Pig leggings and I like them because you can't even tell they have little Peppa's on them until you are up close.

A selection of Next clothes on a rug: a pink "boys" t-shirt with a monkey on the breast pocket, a pair of leggings with a white background and lots of little peppa pigs, a grey t-shirt with a fishes tail and text saying "secretly a mermaid" and a two pack of leggings (green and navy)

Drumstick Sweets

I love a Drumstick lolly and I was surprised to hear they are turning 60 this year! I also hadn't realised that the delicious lolly flavour now comes in lots of other formats: a bar, sweets, Squashies and Bon Bons. I think the Bon Bons are my favourite, but it's a tough choice. Thank you to Swizzels for this selection.

Several packets of Drumstick sweets including large bags of Bon Bons and Squashies, a drumstick lolly, a chew bar and a packet of soft chew sweets

Nella The Princess Knight

I love that TV producers have realised young girls want programmes where the lead character is a cool, powerful and smart female. M loves Nella The Princess Knight because she's a pretty fab princess who becomes a knight to solve missions. Ok she might not be solving any major missions, it's more missing invites and mischievous animals, but she has a shiny sword and shield and she rides a unicorn. That's enough to win M's loyalty.

A photograph of the television showing Nella the Princess Knight Playing on NickJr. Nella and her Unicorn are both visible.

***Disclosure: I was sent the AfterSpa Cleansing Puffs for an honest review and I received the Sweet Freedom Chocolate Spread and the Drumstick sweets in my goody bag at the BlogOn blogging conference.***


  1. Totally agree about the Sweet Freedom hot chocolate, it's one of very few dairy and soya free options on the market.

  2. ive tried the sweet freedom stuff before and found it really bitter, probably my fault really as I may have picked up the wrong one.

    LOOOOOOVE drumsticks! my teeth dont but I do :)

  3. Those Drumstick Squashies are the best! And thanks for the heads up with H&M kids clothing department. I want to buy something unicorny for a friend's little girl whose baby brother is arriving next month and hadn't thought to try there.

  4. I have a major next clothing problem - went in today and bought a few dresses for the girls!

  5. So going to be checking out Smith Webb I am all down for ethical organic clothing and what better way than supporting fellow Mumma's! Also we too have those H&M dresses, perfect for preschool and this hot weather we are having.

  6. Next is our go to shop for the girls clothes! Those H&M dresses are also our go to for nursery and holiday clothes :) ox

  7. Really good idea to round everything up for the month. Will have to give the Swizzels Bon bons a try and Next is my go-to place for kids clothes too 😀

  8. I like the idea of the after spa puffs and i LOVE LOVE LOVE drumsticks!! the originals ones are filling pullers though!


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