Gift Guide For Mums, Dads and Others You Have Known For A Lifetime

It can be hard to know what to buy people when you have known them your entire life. You have a good idea what they like, but everything you can think of you have already bought. This gift guide is full of beautiful, delicious and unusual gifts to inspire you to get the perfect presents for parents, sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Lots of the items are under £15 so they are great if you are on a budget too.

A collage of 12 images as shown and described below making great present inspiration of family members.

Gifts for Beautiful Mummies, Grannies and Sisters

If they love to be pampered … Personalised toiletries from Button & Wilde

I fell in love with Button & Wilde the moment I saw their logo and I was so relieved when I opened the gorgeous packaging that the products don’t just look beautiful, but they smell amazing too. On the Button & Wilde website you can choose your product, the scent, bottle shape and label type. You can then personalise the label by changing text and adding an image. There are lots of templates to choose from or you can choose a beautiful ready made design. They cost from £11.99 for 250ml depending on the product chosen.

A bottle of hand lotion with a photograph of grand children on and a special message to Granny

If they are stylish…Caroline Zip Travel Case from WOLF

I love this compact jewellery case by WOLF (affiliate link). It’s perfect to take travelling, or if you are a busy Mum to keep your favourite jewellery accessible and help remind you to actually wear it. In a choice of colours (including rose quartz, red, cream and black) the inside has a mirror, 7 ring rolls, 4 compartments and 3 necklace hooks with pockets, all within a zipped up box which will keep the jewellery safe from little fingers. £49
A small rose quartz leather box with a zip around the middle, places to store jewellery and a mirror

If they have a little one on the way…Sophie’s Hat Knitting Kit

Sophie La Girafe is a hugely popular teether and this exclusive collaboration with Stitch & Story brings some beautiful new gift ideas. My favourite is this kit to knit a cute Sophie La Girafe hat. It comes complete with wonderfully soft merino yarn, bamboo needles, knitting pattern and basic instructions on how to knit. The pattern allows you to knit any size from newborn up to 2 years so there is plenty of time for them to make it if they don’t manage before baby arrives. It's quick to knit for someone that knows what they are doing, but achievable for a beginner and I love the end result. £24.99 

A gift package with yarn and needles visible through a window and a label with a giraffe hat based on Sophie La Girafe

Gifts for Deserving Daddies, Grandads and Brothers

If they are a man who likes to take care of their face...Bull Dog Skincare Duo

Toiletries and socks are often joked about presents for Dad’s, but in my experience they are two things men in my life actually need so they are practical presents which will get used. Bull Dog have a great range of products from beard oil through to face scrub. This skincare duo gift set contains their hydrating Original Moisturiser and non-drying Original Face Wash. Great quality skincare with a masculine edge. £10 

A tube of moisturiser and a tube of face wash for men in a box saying Bull Dog with a picture of two Bull Dogs

If they love to feel in control….a motion control drone

We love a drone in our house and this Motion Control drone is lots of fun. You hold the controller in your hand and control it’s movement by moving your hand around. It feels so much more futuristic than a normal remote controlled drone, the only problem is you’ll start thinking you can control everything by waving your hands around. It definitely encourages some silly behaviour and pretending to "use the force", or maybe that's just my family? £34.99

A small quad helicopter drone and a yellow and black motion controller to hold in your hand.

If they need to keep their hands busy… Professor Pengelly’s Thermo Reactive Putty

This special putty does what any putty does: it can be squished, bounced, sculpted, stretched, but it also changes colour from reddy orange to yellow when held (other colours available). The colour changes quickly and you can watch it fade as soon as you let go. A great way for people to reduce stress or increase focus. £9.99 

An open round tin showing red and orange putty

Gifts for lovers … of Food and Drink (so pretty much everyone)

If they love sweets and cocktails…Bellini Bon Bons

A bottle of fizz makes for a lovely, but obvious present, so why not give these Bellini bon bons instead? They taste delicious and can be enjoyed at anytime of day because they are alcohol free. The 400g jar will last for a while and you can personalise the name so who ever you give them too wont have to share them with anyone. £11.99

A jar of bon bon's with a personalised label

If they love chocolate…Bettys chocolate coated caramel bites

The reputation for Bettys cafés has spread far beyond the north of England where they are based, but fortunately they deliver so whether you fancy giving someone a chocolate cake or these delicious chocolate coated caramel bites their website is worth looking at. As is the way with 'proper' food the shelf life is fairly short on many items so don’t order too far ahead and it might be worth calling to check if you want them for a particular date. The caramel bites combine biscuit, caramel and chocolate and cost £7.95 

A pile of large chocolate caramel sweets

If they love to take the biscuit…Crabtree & Evelyn Musical Shortbread Tin

Biscuits make a great gift because you can spend more on quality biscuits than people would generally spend buying them for themselves and they still won’t be very expensive. As a bonus you can buy biscuits in a fancy tin to keep them fresh and protected. This musical tin from Crabtree & Evelyn is fun, beautiful and filled with lovely mini shortcake biscuits made by a family run bakery in Edinburgh. If you twist the tin round it plays a cheerful tune. £15
A tin of biscuits in red and gold with a Christmas theme

If they love a good pun … One in a melon mug

Being a parent seems to go hand in hand with drinking mugs of tea and coffee. Add a spoonful of love and a sprinkle of humour and you get the ideal present. This One In A Melon mug can be personalised to say any name making it perfect for a special person. It's chunky enough it should keep their cuppa warm for a while, but unfortunately it doesn't come with a guarantee of 5 minutes peace. Maybe you could include a handmade voucher for one of those? £8.99

A mug with a slice of watermelon on and the message Daddy you're one in a melon. There is also a pile of rich tea bicuits

If they love a cup of tea…Spiced Caramel Black Leaf Tea from East India Tea Company

The East India Tea Company has a great selection of tea, but my current favourite is the spiced caramel black leaf tea. It has a definite taste of caramel and several layers of flavour making it memorable and delicious. The black tea is blended with the spices: nutmeg, cinnamon and star anise as well as orange peel, golden raisins, flaked almond and vanilla and caramel flavourings. £15
A gold coloured tea caddy labelled with East India Company and saying Spiced Caramel Black Leaf Tea

If they love a fruity tipple...handmade vodka or gin from Espensen Spirit

A gift guide for parents wouldn’t be complete without some alcohol and I love the selection from Espensen Spirit. The bottles look awesome and they taste delicious too so they make a great present for any vodka or gin lover. They are handmade in Bristol by an all woman team and they make donations from the sales of the 20cl and 50cl bottles to small local charities. The range includes Blueberry Gin, Rhubarb & Custard Vodka, Pink Grapefruit & Raspberry Vodka, Raspberry Gin and Gooseberry Vodka. There is also a limited edition Sloe Vodka which they will donate 20p from every 20cl bottle sale to a local Bristol LGBT charity. The 5cl bottles make perfect stocking fillers if Father Christmas needs a top up. £30 for a 50cl bottle.
4 bottles of gin and vodka in different flavours with funky labels

***Disclosure: most of the items in this gift guide were gifted to me for inclusion in the guide, but all of them have been personally selected by me. Prices correct at time of publishing.
I’m sure lots of women would love the Daddies gifts and men the Mummies gifts, I just wanted to break down the sections to make it easier so please don't be offended. Many of these products are from small companies who would hugely value your custom. Thank you***


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