Review: Gel-A-Peel Colour Change Kit

We love Gel-A-Peel. I say “we” and I really mean my eldest daughter and I. We reviewed a Gel-A-Peel kit in the summer and this time I decided I was going to open it and have a play before she came home from school so she couldn’t complain about sharing it with me! We were sent the colour change kit to review so our creations change colour in sunlight, how fun is that?

A close up of the gel-a-peel tubes in pink, purple and greeny blue, the tray mould and templates

The set is pretty similar to one we reviewed before, but the gel tray mould has more intricate shapes and bracelets and the patterns to trace were all new. It’s great that if you have a few sets you can build up a collection of patterns and use all the gel pens across them. Using the stencils provided you can make earrings, necklaces, chokers and bracelets, but you can also decorate other items too. You are only limited by your imagination, the amount gel you have and if your child lets you use them. Oh wait a minute, the kit was meant to be for her...

A close up of a traced bracelet in 2 colours

Gel-A-Peel is recommended for children age 8 plus, but can be used by children age 6 and older with supervision. It is challenging to trace the patterns exactly as on the sheet, but that doesn’t ruin the fun. The most important thing is to not have gaps or spread the gel too thin or the jewellery can break easily. I’m not sure my attempt looked much better than my daughters. 

Over the shoulder view of my daughter focusing on a gel-a-peel choker necklace design

A front view of my daughter tracing out a pattern in purple

The trays are fun and much easier to use than the traced designs because you just squeeze the gel in and use the scraper to push it down and level it off. They take a bit longer to dry, but they look really good when peeled out. There are a couple of bracelets on this gel tray which means anyone can make impressive looking jewellery even if they don’t have a steady hand. It says on the templates how long to leave them to dry, but I generally leave them over night so I can be confident that any big blobs are try.

My daughter's Gel-A-Peel design left to dry

The colour change aspect is pretty fun, but it’s probably the wrong time of year to fully appreciate it. My daughter has insisted on taking her designs to school with her so she can check them out when they change. On weekdays it's too dark to really see the change when she comes home from school.

3 GEL-A-PEEL tubes, 5 nibs, a tray mould, 3 double sided design sheets, a plastic sheet to do the design on, a scraper and a poking stick to clean the nibs

If there are any weak spots or breakages you can use more gel as glue.  The gel colours all go darker in sunlight so from pale pink, pale purple and greenish yellow to brighter pink, purple and a greenish blue. How long a tube lasts will depend on how big and thick the creation, but you can make at least 8 bracelets from our experience.

Gel-a-Peel Colour Change Kit makes a great gift for children who like to be creative and can sit down and focus for 5 to 10 minutes. It's challenging to do, but even if the end result isn't perfect children will wear their creation with pride.

The front of the Gel-A-Peel Colour Change Kit box showing a girl with various homemade necklaces and earrings

***Disclosure: we were sent this item for honest review and had great fun playing with it. You can find out more about Gel-A-Peel on the MGA website.***

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