How To Make Your Garden Child Friendly In All Weathers

Entertaining the kids can be a tough job at times as some days they just never seem happy with anything. It’s often best for everyone if you can get outside and the easiest place to go is in the back garden. As we live in Britain with it’s unpredictable weather I have been looking at ways to make my garden not only child friendly but suitable for all weathers. I’ve found a few things that do that perfectly. 

A large display area with artificial grass, games, a tent, stepping stones and stage area

  • Artificial Grass. It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and is soft for the children to play on. As an added bonus it can be easier to manage if children have allergies like grass pollen. I really fell for this type of grass recently at Cbeebiesland where they had a play area which looked really smart even when raining.
  • Bark. It’s great for under children’s playground equipment like their swings, slides and playhouses because it is gentle if the kids fall over on it, but I have found some barks mark clothes.
  • Plastic table and chairs because they don’t go mouldy or rotten and they are easy to clean. You also don’t have to rush to cover it when the rain decides to pay a visit. 
  • A bit of an area with paving slabs because it’s good if the kids want to play with their bikes or scooters. They are low maintenance and can also provide great entertainment with the addition of a pack of chalks. 
  • All year round hardy plants. If you’re not a keen gardener but still like to attract wildlife to your garden you can buy flowers in pots or hanging baskets.Also if you want things children can do in the garden even if the weather is not all that sunny is maybe add a greenhouse. Then even if it’s raining the kids can plant seeds. Most children love to be green fingered. And on a side note it’s a lot easier to get your children to eat fruit and veg if they have grown them themselves. 

Or maybe even a summer house with a few toys inside. I know you could stay in the house but a change of scenery, even if it’s a room in your garden can make all the difference. And if you do lay artificial grass you can get to the summerhouse or greenhouse without anyone getting muddy feet. 

And don’t worry if you only have a small garden or a flat with just a terrace or balcony there are still things you can do. Again artificial grass works well because it is easy to install, is hardwearing and can last for years. It can really transform a small place and make it feel a lot bigger and has the bonus that it doesn’t need cutting. You could also add some flowers, herbs, vegetables or fruit in pots. 

An image of an all weather display area with text over the top

***Disclosure: This is a collaborative post***

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