Recording Childhood Memories with The Book Of You

Time passes so quickly when you have children and so many of those special moments seem to get forgotten as time passes by. It’s part of the reason I take so many photographs and try to record milestones in blog posts, but wouldn’t it be a lovely idea if there was a single place you could record all those childhood memories and changes in your children across the years? Something they could easily look back on when they are older? Well the Book of You from Colour Chronicles is designed to be a “record of childhood” so they can do exactly that.

The Book of You is a record for childhood memories

The recently launched Book of You has space to record important memories about your child from birth through to age 16. Bring it out each year on their birthday and you will be able to document the changes year on year. I would have loved to have a book for each of my children to look back on and see the differences and similarities between them. I think this book makes a lovely gift, perhaps for a baby shower or when a friend has a baby?

What Do I Remember About My Daughters First Birthdays?

For my youngest daughter we went out for a meal with family to celebrate, she got a bit restless and bored. I don’t think she was walking yet and I can’t remember what she could say, but I have monthly blog posts for the first two years so I have a great record and could easily check by reading this post written about my daughter on her first birthday and previous posts.

Remembering my youngest daughters first birthday

And the first birthday of my eldest over 6 years ago? We didn’t have a birthday party for her because I had already organised a wedding and a christening that year. I remember she was due to start nursery the next day so her Dad and I took her to a local farm. She wasn’t able to walk, but they had some ride on tractors that she could move around on. Most of my memories come from a single photograph I have of the day. Do I remember the facts that I would have recorded with The Book of You? Yes a few, but I don’t remember how many teeth she had, what she weighed or any of her favourite things. So many special memories forgotten.

Photographs helping me to remember my eldest daughter's first birthday

About Colour Chronicles The Book of You: A record of childhood

The Book of You was created by Ruth Sturdy who enjoyed completing baby books for her children, but she found that she wanted to continue recording the memories once they were complete. From age 3 she also wanted to get them involved in answering questions, but she couldn’t find a book with prompts for parent and child so she came up with the idea of creating The Book Of You.

At the beginning of the hardback book, which is covered in a choice of bright coloured fabric, it explains: “This book is a record of all the wonderful moments and memories that make up who you are. Filled out each year of childhood, it is a reminder of all the things you loved, your aspirations, and everything else that was important to you.”

The book starts with a simple space for the birth record: date, weight, time and place then you continue to fill it in on each birthday up to and including their 16th. For the 1st and 2nd birthday there is a page to add a picture (which it suggests could be a photo, handprint, drawing or photo), then a record of a few facts about the child and their favourite things. Next there is space for the adults to record information including the biggest events in the year and the favourite way to spend a day. 

Notes to remember 8th birthday facts like height and nicknames

These same pages are included for every birthday, but from age 3 upwards there are a couple more pages with questions for the child to fill in e.g. “What makes you happy?”, “What games do you like to play?” and “what would you like to be when you grow up?”. Each year the questions are mostly the same, but with minor amendments to reflect age e.g. “noises that you make” becomes “your best quotes”. 

Space to record childhood memories in the Book of You

For the 16th Birthday there are an extra couple of pages with space for a note to their future self and predictions for the future. At the back of the book there are pages for: significant events, your family and friends and a few sheets for notes.

Space to remember significant events and memories

The Book Of You would make a lovely gift and something really special to remember all the childhood memories for families that manage to remember to complete it each year.

Recording childhood memories: The Book of You Review

***Disclosure: We were sent a copy of The Book of You for the purpose of review. Books cost £20 plus postage.***

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