Solo Parenting and A Lovely Father's Day

The beginning part of the week was quiet and filled with the normal activities and additional rain. Excitement came from going to a couple of baby groups and my Mum coming to stay on Wednesday night. There aren't a lot of photos from this time because Little spent much of it naked for some reason, at least she was making some progress with potty training.

A toddler under a rainbow umbrella on a pavement next to a bush

On Thursday Morning G going to work not to return until very late Friday night because he was heading off to Southampton to watch cricket with friends. My mum left at lunchtime Thursday to go to my sister’s and suddenly I was feeling alone. It’s funny how much more alone I was feeling than normal given that I spend most daytimes with just the children so it was only a few hours in the evening and morning that were any different really.

Bedtime Thursday I had just the younger two to get to bed, but it didn’t go well. Neither child was going to sleep easily and I ended up sending lots of rude messages to G throughout the 3 hours which were only partially tongue in cheek. I ordered a take away treat for long after they should have both been asleep, but I ended up eating it with Baby Boy on my lap. At least he seemed to enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy on TV. On the plus side I found a lovely sushi restaurant which delivers to me and I used a Just Eat voucher I had received a while ago for some work.

I was lucky that once asleep they didn’t wake up for the day until 5.45am (of course Baby Boy woke up for feeds before then), but for some reason they both woke up at the same time. I would have encouraged some time cuddling in bed, but Little was heading downstairs declaring she needed a poo, so I followed swiftly afterwards to ensure that her bottom was the only thing I was going to have to wipe clean.

It’s funny how long the mornings are when you are up that early. We had a whole 3 hours to fill before leaving for nursery and I felt every minute of it. It did give us time to make a birthday card for Mittens our cat who was 3 that day though.

A toddler writing a birthday card for a cat
Writing a birthday card for the cat

Baby boy reaching out to stroke his sister's cheek
Sibling love

A 5 month old baby boy smiling and showing off his two bottom teeth
Showing off his teeth

Baby Boy napped fairly well while Little was at nursery and I spent the time working. I got Baby Boy up shortly before we needed to leave for nursery, but it was only as we were about to head out the door I remembered that Friday means dance class. At the moment we go straight from nursery to dance class so I make Little sandwiches she can eat on the way and she gets changed in the car once we have parked. It was too late to make her lunch this time, but fortunately I still had an Ella’s Kitchen pouch from the recent event we went to and I grabbed her dance bag too which had everything necessary already packed up.

Bedtime on the Friday wasn't as bad because M was here. Having the extra pair of hands (and eyes) is helpful, even if there are extra arguments and stresses at times too. It also had the added benefit that I knew the next morning I would be off duty thanks to G being back.

Baby Boy up on all fours in a crawling position
Attempting to crawl

A messy front room
Standard mess making after school by my children

Father’s Day

After a quiet Saturday I once again had to get up early on Sunday because it was Father’s Day. I am very grateful to G that normally he gets up early with the children so it’s only a few times a year that I have to get up at the crack of dawn. When I’m no longer responsible for night feeds the situation might well change.

My Mum had returned Saturday night but I had already gone to bed with a dose of painkillers to try and tackle an early migraine (luckily it worked). I saw her when she got up at 7am by which time all 3 children were up too, lets ignore that on a week day I normally have to wake M up at that time.

At 8am I could hear noises from my room so I checked if G was ready to be invaded. He suggested the girls came and woke him up so I went up with the children and their cards. The morning was filled with breakfast and presents.

I had struggled to buy G anything decent for Christmas and his Birthday due to a shortage of money and lack of inspiration, but I received some really great products for my Father’s Day Gift Guide and it was amazing to give him the treats he deserved. He really is an amazing Dad and he looks after us all so well.

I gave him a few options of what we could do and he decided to accept my Mum’s offer to take the girls out for a few hours (in the rain) so G and I could have a relaxed few hours together. Baby Boy went down for a nap and G and I spent time enjoying each others company and watching some of our sky +ed TV that we are very behind on. It was lovely and not something we had done for a long time.

A dad holding his son in a cuddledry apron towel
Bathtime cuddles

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