How To Avoid The Crowds on A UK Staycation

(AD) After several months at home the thought of going on holiday is definitely appealing. I want to see hills, I want to see beaches, I want to see something new. As much as I want a change of scenery I don’t know when I will feel ready to go on a crowded aeroplane or stay in a busy hotel with my children. I would love to  so I’ve been thinking about the options for family holidays in the UK.  

A tent and a sunset in an empty field my idea of the perfect post COVID UK staycation
Camping is just one of the options for a UK holiday away avoiding busy hotels

What are the options for holidays in the UK away from the crowds? 

If you are looking for a quieter family holiday then these 6 options make great alternatives for a break in the UK and you wont need to worry about your baggage allowance either!


As much as I have enjoyed campsites in the past with shower blocks, a pub and even take away pizza there is some appeal to back to basics camping on a quiet site where you take everything you need with you. My children are more than happy to run around covered in mud and eat simple food for a few days too. 

Motorhome Hire

If you don’t like the idea of sleeping under canvas how about hiring a motorhome? Freedhome Motorhomes hire out luxury motorhomes from Bury which you can use to explore the beautiful sites of the Lake District, Peak District, Yorkshire Dales or even travel to Scotland. Luxury motorhomes give you home comforts in a new space while allowing you to move around to explore. This is a great option at the moment because you don’t need to share amenities and if somewhere is too busy you can find somewhere new. You can even hire motorhomes which allow you to take dogs away with you. 

Fly Away

Ok I know I said that the idea of a busy plane didn't appeal, but what about your own plane? Whether you want to fly private to London or Birmingham this luxury option will make for a holiday you won't forget.

Holiday Home Rental

The thought of cleaning a whole house at the beginning AND end of a holiday puts me off slightly, but a short term holiday home hire in a quiet village is another way to get away somewhere new (rental’s are cleaned before you stay, but in the current climate I would want to give it a clean myself too). If you choose carefully there will be a lot of new sights to explore on foot or a short drive away and if you have children you can choose a house with a garden to give you outdoor space you don’t have to share.

A Narrow Boat Holiday

I went on a lot of canal boat holidays as a child and I have great memories of them. They are a relaxing way to watch the world go by with the comfort of your own space. The downsides are you need to plan a route and keep to a schedule to get back on time and someone needs to be prepared to stand outside to drive the boat on rainy days. 

Small Bed & Breakfasts

If a holiday isn’t a holiday for you unless you get a break from cooking and cleaning then a small bed & breakfast might be an option. With less visitors and less staff it feels like a calmer holiday than a larger hotel, but with some one to take over the housework.

Have you found any other options for a quiet UK holiday? I would love to hear from you.

***Disclosure: this is a collaborative post***

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