Review and Giveaway: So Slime Tie-Dye Slime Machine

(AD - Gifted) The So Slime Tie-Dye Slime Machine is a fun way to colour slime. Suitable for age 6 plus the set comes with ready made clear slime and 3 scented colours so you can make multi-coloured slime. The main USP of this kit is that the mixing takes place in a toy washing machine. We were sent a So Slime Tie-Dye Slime Machine to review and one to give away, so what did we think?

coloured slime made with the so slime tie-die slime machine as apart of a review
Having fun colouring slime with the So Slime Tie-Dye Slime Machine

Review of So Slime Tie-Dye Slime Machine

What's In The Box?

The Tie-Dye Slime Machine comes with: a slime machine, a basket, a slime container, 2 packs of clear slime, 3 scented colours, stickers and plastic gloves. The Slime Machine looks like a washing machine and running on that theme the basket looks like a washing basket and the slime storage container looks like a bottle of washing detergent (you take the base off and store your coloured slime inside). 

The slime machine requires 3 x AA batteries and when you turn it on the drum rotates slowly making washing machine sound effects. My first thought was this wasn’t really needed and children would be just as happy rotating the drum manually to mix the colours, but after seeing how my daughters play with it they really enjoy turning it on and off so I have changed my mind on this.

The stickers need to be added to the coloured scents, storage bottle and basket
Adding the sticker labels to the scented colourants

The Tie-Dye Slime Machine comes with 2 sachets of slime, gloves, 3 coloured inks, a basket, slime storage tub and the slime machine which looks like a washing machine
The Tie-Dye Slime Machine comes with 2 sachets of slime, gloves, 3 coloured inks, a basket, slime storage tub and the slime machine which looks like a washing machine.

How To Use The Tie-Dye Slime Machine

Before use the stickers need to be added to the colour bottles, basket and storage bottle. After putting batteries in the machine open up one of the clear slime pouches and put the slime in the machine. It’s suggested you use about half a pouch at a time and stretch it before you put it in. Shut the machine door and turn it on so the drum rotates and then you can choose how to colour the slime. There are holes at the top of the machine which allow you to add a few drops of the scented colourants which drip into the drum coating the slime. You can then take the slime out of the machine (wearing the enclosed gloves to stop the colour getting on your hands) and play with it. Initially the slime will have lots of different coloured bits, but obviously after playing it will end up all one colour. After being mixed in we were able to handle the slime without it colouring our hands.

The slime in this kit isn’t as sticky (or I guess slimy) as some other ranges we have played with. This was good because it avoided that early phase where the slime sticks to hands (and everything else) until it dries out a bit and it’s probably necessary to stop the slime becoming too wet in the drum after you add colour. I felt that the slime was on the putty end of slime even after colouring.

The kit comes with 2 sachets of slime which is enough to play with for a while, but is less than the images on the packaging would suggest. When you use up all the slime in the kit you would be able to use the machine to colour other clear slime, but if using another make you would need to handle the slime until it isn’t particularly sticky so it doesn’t get stuck in the machine. You can buy So Slime Tie-Dye in medium and single packs (without the slime machine) which would probably be the best option if you want to buy more slime to use in the machine.

Adding the colour to the top of the machine wearing gloves
You add colour into the machine a few drops at a time

being silly and watching the slime machine going round to mix the colours
Watching the colours get mixed with the slime

The slime machine with the door open showing freshly coloured tie-die slime inside
Ready to take the slime out to play with (half a sachet used)

close up of an orangey coloured slime with specks of other colours in it
Close up of some tie-dye coloured slime

After Colouring The Slime

For me there are 2 aspects to slime toys: how fun it is to make the slime and just as importantly what happens to the toy afterwards. Slime will only last so long before you need to throw it away so the rest of the toy matters too. My eldest says the Tie-Dye Slime Machine is a fun way to make colourful slime and afterwards the set can be played with (with and without the slime).

When it is all cleaned out of slime and colour you are left with: a washing machine which makes sounds, a washing basket, a washing liquid container and 3 little plastic bottles. My children have been enjoying playing with these.

We have found the washing machine door comes off quite easily if you don’t open it carefully but it’s also fairly easy to push back on. It doesn’t affect colouring the slime and my eldest was able to play with it carefully enough not to pull it off again (my younger daughter did pull it off several times but she is younger that the age group this toy is targeted at).

two colours of slime twisted around each other
2 colours of slime made and twisted together (1 slime sachet used)

The plastic parts of the set can be cleaned and played with for fun washing games
After use the pieces can be cleaned up and played with

What Did We Think Of The So Slime Tie-Dye Slime Machine?

Overall the kit is easy to set up and use by the target age group. For slime it is low mess as long as you are careful with the bottles of colour because the slime isn’t too wet. It is a fun way to colour slime and leaves you with washing machine themed toys to play with.


If you would like to win a So Slime Tie-Dye Slime Machine then you can enter via the widget below, UK entry only, closes midnight Sunday 5th July. All normal T&Cs apply and can be read in the widget.

A girl holding the So Slime Tie-Dye Slime Machine box happy to be reviewing it

***Disclosure: we were sent the So Slime Tie-Dye Slime Machine from Canal Toys for honest review***

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