Creating Privacy and Soundproofing with Internal Doors

Collaborative post by another author. If you’re thinking of buying new doors for your home, you’ll have to pause for a moment and think about your needs first. Is solid oak a good option? Absolutely! Or how about oak veneer? It costs less and it offers high quality standards too.

Doors based on oak have never been more accessible. Considered a luxurious idea back in the day, oak is grown in a sustainable manner these days, meaning its prices are moderate, while still offering the same quality.

To most people, it's a matter of price or perhaps value for money. To many others, it's about the overall appearance and design. Oak is more than just all these, though, and its privacy standards shouldn't be overlooked either.

A corridor with an oak door

Exploring the soundproofing capabilities of oak

Oak doors are also appreciated for their soundproofing features. Most people associate soundproofing with music studios, but we can all appreciate the benefits. You don't need to run a recording studio business to opt for oak, and more importantly, a classic door won't offer as high soundproofing features.

Oak is a very dense type of wood. This means noise vibrations will find it more difficult to pass through its fibres.

How does that help? Understanding how sound travels isn't well understood by most people, hence their ignorance for this feature. If you live on a busy road, the sound of traffic wakes you up, or you have loud neighbours, you will realise that closing doors will help prevent noise from reaching you.

Even if you live in a quiet area, a quiet home is often a must. Perhaps someone in the household snores, or perhaps kids love streaming movies. How about loud music or kids shouting? If noise is a concern, oak will do the job.

The same rule applies if you work non-standard hours. Whether you work nights or do shift work rest is essential for your well-being. Again, while oak won’t give you the soundproofing levels of a music studio, it can and will help you keep some rooms quieter than normally.

Even those who don't realise they are disturbed by noise will notice the difference straight away.

Is noise pollution bad for health?

Noise pollution is one of the side effects of today's modern life. While you may get used to it over time, the truth is you get used to poor performance and reduced functioning, not the actual noise. People who have lived close to noise neighbours, main roads, or building sites can easily understand the negative impact of noise.

Continuous noise will have numerous effects on the mind and body. It makes people feel more agitated, but also nervous and aggressive. No one actually likes it. On the other hand, calmness and tranquillity can improve the quality of life, work performance, and general happiness.

A door with soundproofing capabilities will help you create a peaceful environment to thrive in, whether you want to reduce stress or you just need to rest after a long day at work.

A matter of privacy too

A solid oak door will also provide a sense of privacy when it blocks noise. Privacy can embrace multiple forms. Perhaps you want to read a good book, or you have a home office and have lots of remote meetings. 

You don’t want someone to hear your phone conversations, or perhaps you're watching something without trying to disturb people.

Oak doors come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and some of them bring in glass features or panels. At this point, privacy becomes a bit of an issue because glass is not as good as wood in terms of noise insulation. It can still be effective though, especially since single glass is usually toughened when used for doors.

As for visual privacy, the glass will clearly reduce it, but it can still keep things private if you opt for a frosted appearance.

Further advantages of oak

Oak is not just a noise insulator, but also a temperature regulator. Oak can trap warm air inside, as well as cool air during the summertime. It’s important to ensure the door matches its frame with no big gaps around it.

Insulating rooms with oak will help reduce your heating bills, while also adding to the overall comfort.

Even if you go for glass oak doors, the toughened profile of glass will still help you keep the temperature at comfortable limits. Indeed, dense oak is better than glass, but it's up to you to find a middle option between looks and practicality.

Bottom line, it's no surprise why oak has become such a popular choice lately. It looks good, it comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and designs, and it has numerous characteristics that make it superior to other types of wood.

Being more accessible than ever, it’s also excellent value, regardless of the style you pick for your doors.

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