Home Renovation Ideas To Give Your Home The Feel Of Luxury

AD In today's fast-paced world, where the concept of luxury often seems reserved for the privileged few, achieving a home full of all the mod cons can feel like an unattainable dream. However, with careful planning and strategic renovations, you can transform your home into a haven you love.  From incorporating timeless design elements to embracing innovative technology, this post will guide you through the luxury home renovation ideas that will elevate your living space to new heights of luxuriousness and convenience. These investments will save you time, make your home more efficient and even bring elements of a spa to your everyday life.

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Luxury Home Renovations You'll Want In Your House

Boiling Water Tap

Whether you are a stay at home mum or you regularly work from home a boiling water tap will save you a lot of time. You’ll no longer need to wait for water to boil to make a cup of tea and it will speed up cooking too.  It's surprising how much time you can save boiling an egg or even cooking peas when you have hot water quite literally on tap. While some versions incorporate a boiling water option into the kitchen sink tap (with safety lock) you can also get designs which provide chilled and even sparkling water. As well as the time saving benefits you will no longer need a kettle cluttering up your kitchen surfaces. 

Steam Shower

With a steam shower you can enjoy the luxury of a state of the art shower that provides a steam room experience too. Steam showers are believed to have several health benefits including improved circulation, better joint flexibility and they are perfect for relieving congestion if you are full of cold or have blocked sinuses.  Don't under estimate the impact on your mental health either, they can be a perfect way to destress before bed. The good news is you don't need a completely new bathroom to get a steam shower installed, they come in a sealed pod designed to keep all the steam in for a more luxurious washing experience. With different size options you can find one to fit in most bathrooms.  You can even get features included like speakers and bluetooth device control so you can listen to music, seating and an essential oil diffuser for the added benefit of aromatherapy.

Air Conditioning

British homes are designed to be well insulated and keep as much heat in as possible. This is great in the winter months when you want your home to stay warm, but it's less helpful on those increasingly hot summer days when your home may be too hot for you to get a good night's sleep. If you are planning major work to your home then definitely consider getting air conditioning installed. While you can get stand alone units they can be large and you need a way to remove the extracted hot air.  Air conditioning units can also help purify air which is helpful if you live in a town or city or have asthma. 

Solar Panels 

​If your house has a suitable roof then solar panels can be an investment that pays for itself. While the UK doesn't feel like a sunny country there is normally enough sunlight to generate electricity meaning those monthly bills will dramatically reduce. Some locations even generate enough electricity that it can be sold back to the National Grid helping to offset the costs of paying for electricity on those shorter winter days where the sun doesn't breakthrough the thick clouds. Spending less on your household bills will give you more money to spend on luxuries for your dream home. 

Connected Smart Home

Gone are the days where you had to get up to turn the heating on or switch on a light as it gets darker. Thermostats, sensors and timers can help turn everything on and off automatically and using them with a connected smart device can ensure you only use them when you need them. With set ups like Hive and Nest you can control your heating, lighting and more from your phone. The technology goes beyond the simple thermostats you normally get on heating as you can create rules that will make your home more efficient eg you can set up a rule where all the lights and heating go off automatically when you leave the house. Away on holiday and want the lights to come on each evening? That's not a problem to set up. Coming home early after a cold day out? You can turn the heating on remotely while you are on your way home and make sure you feel toasty and warm when you get in. It's so convenient you will wonder how you lived without it. 

Bifold Doors

Natural light makes your home feel brighter and fresher so don't over look the impact new windows and doors can have on your home. If you the back of your house opens into a garden then it might be time to replace those old patio doors with modern bifold doors. On warm days they fold up compactly to the side creating a seamless transition between your home and garden.

Under Stairs Features

People take a long time searching for their perfect Staircases Edinburgh to Eastbourne, but how much thought have you had about how the space under your stairs is used? In some homes it's an open space, in others a basic cupboard, but with planning it can be used creatively to meet your needs. I lived in one house which had a toilet installed in the space, some people turn some of it into a dog house, another idea is bespoke pull out cupboards where you can store shoes etc. It's not just side access to under your stairs you can use either, how about clever drawers installed under the treads of the stairs themselves? Where the lower steps are too low to the ground to be useful cupboard space accessing the space in another way is a clever idea. Having smarter storage will help you feel more organised and makes your house less cluttered which definitely adds to the feel of luxury. 

Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating isn't just about keeping your feet warm, although coming downstairs on a cold morning and not feeling cold tiles under your feet is definitely a bonus. It is actually an efficient way of heating the house which uses less energy than traditional radiators. It also allows you to regain the space on your walls where you might currently have radiators or simply to have clearer walls. 

Instant Ice And Cold Water

If you love a drink with ice in the summer it is worth getting a fridge freezer with an ice dispenser. You don't even need to open the door (letting the heat in) to get a glass of cold water or ice if you have one of these plumbed in. If you need the freezer space (appliances with an ice maker tend to have a small storage capacity inside for food) then you can get a counter top or stand alone ice maker so you don't need to miss out. 

Multi-Room Sound System 

Luxuries don't alway have to involve getting the professionals in. Once upon a time if you wanted to hear the same music throughout your house it would require headphones or complex wiring, now you can easily set up a sound system which works seamlessly from room to room with wireless technology.  Smart speakers like Amazon's Alexa and Google Nest can be set up to allow multi room groups so you can choose to have music where ever you have a speaker, and with the low cost of some of the smaller speakers it wont cost a fortune either. 

While your furnishings, flooring and styling make a huge difference to how luxurious your home feels don't overlook investing in renovations which make your life easier and more comfortable as these will have a bigger impact on how much your love your home long term.

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