From Dreams to Driveways: The Best Used Cars for Families

Collaborative post by another author. Owning the car of your dreams is not always possible once you have more than just one other passenger to think about. With children or elderly parents to consider, you'll probably need something a bit more practical. That said, there's no need to compromise on style or performance with a car you can be proud of on your driveway. All over the South Coast area, families are purchasing sound vehicles that offer practicality and style in equal measure by opting for something more affordable from the second-hand market. In places like Brighton, you can get a lot more car for your budget with a relatively new, used family car. 

What type of used Family Car should you be looking for?

Practical Hatches

Boot space is often at a premium if you have children and pets you need to move around. The Honda Civic is a tried-and-tested model noted for reliability, ideal for families with younger kids. If you need more legroom, then take a look at the Toyota Corolla, the Dacia Sandero or the Ford Focus, all good options in this category.

Modern MPVs

Multi-purpose vehicles, or MPVs, used to have a dull reputation. That's changed in recent years with some excellent models on the market. If you want to be able to transport more than three kids in the back, then an MPV will be a practical solution. Models like the Dacia Jogger, Volkswagen Touran and the Ford Torneo Connect have broken the mould somewhat. A used MPV needn't look like a van with extra seats these days! Check out the Ford Galaxy and BMW Active Tourer 2 Series, as well. They're both very stylish given what they offer inside. Explore KAP website for used cars in Brighton for these sorts of family-friendly vehicles.

Stunning SUVs

Modern sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are designed for the road as much as off-road situations nowadays and many models will make for great family cars so long as you don't have a lot of children to fit in. The Volvo XC60 has been a top-performing SUV for families for years and there are often plenty on the second-hand market. Check out the Land Rover Discovery Sport for something iconic you'll love seeing on your driveway as well as the more humble Skoda Kodiaq which is nevertheless an eye-catching model full of practical interior design features.

Family Cars in Summary

Whether you opt for a sporty SUV, the multiple seating options of an MPV or the extra storage space of a funky hatchback, the main thing is to turn to a reputable second-hand car dealer. Some private sellers might not be as interested in the safety aspects of a used family car which, of course, should be your number one priority when obtaining any vehicle that'll be used to transport your nearest and dearest in.

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