Monday, 27 June 2016

Getting ready for school - Part 3 Advice from other mums

In the last in the series preparing for M to start school I asked some members of friendly Facebook group if any other parents had advice from their experience of their children starting school. Here are my favourites:

Catherine, who is an old hat at first days suggests: 

“Leave at least fine minutes before you think you need to. All you need is for a particularly fascinating worm on the path and your expert parent plans of being early for school are scuppered. “

Take a photo of your child next to the school sign on the first day of each school year. You'll have a lovely collection over the years and be able to compare year on year. “

“Label everything... even pants!”

Lucy of Bambino Goodies says: 

“Pop a little note (or a joke) into their book bag or lunch box - I had a tear-off pad - every day that they can look at if they start to feel sad. “

“Plan something lovely (coffee and cake with a friend, beauty treatment) for yourself after you've dropped them off on the first day to take your mind off it.”

“Don't worry. They'll soon be running in without a backward glance. That's the sad bit. *sob*”
a reception school room with boxes of activities, tables and lots of things on the walls like alphabet and numbers

Chantelle from Mama Mummy Mum advises:

“getting 4 girls out the door on time means organisation is key. Uniform laid out the night before, getting up before the kids to make sure lunches are made (I've been known to forget otherwise) oh and if all else fails yelling hurry up a lot!!”

And finally Louise recommends:

“If they are a little upset, take a lead from the staff. I suspect they'll want you out of the way quickly as that's the fastest way to settle the little one. Allow that to happen and leave quickly.”

“Expect extreme tiredness and hunger at the end of the school day for at least the first term. Take a snack with you when you collect them from school to fend off the "hanger”.”

“Don't ask too many questions and expect a long tale about what they've done all day. It's their equivalent of work and, although we are desperate to know, they think it's pretty boring. Stimulate responses with questions like "Who would you like to have been abducted by aliens today?" "What was your favourite activity today?" and try to keep your questions open or you'll get yes/no answers.”

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