Me and Mine - June 16

This month I didn’t manage to get the tripod out to take any nice pictures of us as a family and the selfie attempts all made me look rather large of arm. Fortunately there were a few pictures taken this month by others.

On Father’s Day we all went to a Baby Sensory session. M and I watched while all the Daddies and their small offspring banged drums, were tickled by feathers and watched balloons and bubbles. There was a professional photographer there so I took the opportunity to see if we could grab a quick picture. I really love the result.
credit Sophie Oldhamstead Photography
The other pictures of the 4 of us were from an amazing trip we took to Legoland Windsor Resort. We had such an amazing 2 days going on lots of rides and spending time together as a family. I love the official pictures as they aren’t very well posed, but they make me laugh and smile at the memory of our holiday.
official Legoland Windsor picture of a laser shooting game

official Legoland Windsor picture of heartlake city weather reporting

Fairytale Brook Official Photo 2016 LEGOLAND
We had a family party in June which was lovely and where I planned to get lots of lovely photographs, unfortunately Little wasn’t in a very happy mood and only wanted to be held by me so I didn’t get to take very many photographs. This lovely shot was taken by my Auntie of me and my sisters.
a black and white picture of 3 sisters posing on a sofa

The last big exciting event which happened this month was BML16, you may have heard me say a thing or two about that! There were a lot of quick snaps taken of me and Little on my phone, but this one is my favourite even though it’s not great quality. The lovely lady sitting next to us thought Little was being cute so she quickly grabbed by phone and snapped it (I think it was Swazi, but apologies if I have misremembered).

small baby holding her mother's face and smiling
June has been a great month. It has been really busy with a lot of time with friends and family. Little has been poorly much of the time, but that just meant we spent a lot of time cuddling. I’m not going to complain about the weather or the mass reduction in vegetables and plants in my garden due to slugs. lucky, happy slugs.

Tomorrow I’ll start working on making July great.


  1. Great photos :) I'm laughing at 'large of arm' haha x

  2. Ahhh, you have such a lovely, fun filled collection of family photos this month. It looks like Legoland was great, and that photo of you all from your Baby Sensory party is so cute. x


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