4 weeks later

4 weeks ago Little came into my life and I’ve reached the point where I’m thinking there must be more to life that sitting on the sofa holding a small child and watching Grey’s Anatomy. I’m on season 9 with the Sky Box set and while there are plenty more box sets I could start watching afterwards it is time for me to start try and rebuilding my life.

My body is still recovering from the birth and I still have Pelvic Girdle Pain so I need to spend time strengthening my core muscles before I can do anything as adventurous as walk for more than half an hour, but a few weeks ago I couldn’t stand up for any period of time without feeling my insides were falling out so it’s definitely progress.

Last week I decided it was time to resocialise. At the weekend I planned to go shopping to get some new nursing bra’s (some which actually fit), but my partner was ill so I spent the weekend in the house largely holding the baby. Given that’s how I had spent most of the previous 3 weeks this wasn’t too exciting, but at least I had company.

Monday and Wednesday I had arranged for people to come over to my house. 60% of them cancelled on the day. 

Tuesday I planned to go to a new baby group at the local children’s centre, but M decided she didn’t want to go to nursery. She promised to be on her best behaviour so it felt unfair to make her go in. She behaved most of the day and we had fun, but we didn’t manage to go out beyond the end of our road so again most of the day was spent in the house. Yawn.

I know the baby only arrived 4 weeks ago.
I know I need to give my body time to heal.
But I also know I will go crazy, or fall into depression if I don’t get more of a life.

On a normal day I am doing well if I manage to shower and get dressed, brushing my teeth twice in 24 hours is a challenge and food is largely sugar/ snack based. It’s not like I have big ambitions for my time at the moment, but I am craving the company of other people. I want to hear people talk. I want to have conversations, preferable with people in an equally sleep deprived state who will forgive that my brain really isn’t working.

So from next week I will drag myself out the house, at least on a few of the days. I will get out of my pyjamas every day and I will learn how to blog with a baby in my arms.

Life I am coming to get you. Slowly.

4 week old baby sleeping baby milestone card

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