My baby at 1 month

Little is 1 month old today and a whole kilo heavier. That means she has put on just over a quarter of her birth body weight since birth. I don’t think Little was the best nickname for her!

1 month old baby girl sleeping
Little at one month old
Clearly she spends a large amount of each day feeding, but what else is she doing at a month old?

Little is increasingly alert: she is happily awake for around an hour at a time and likes to look around. She’s particularly fond of looking at our faces and will track us as we move around. Obviously she can only see close up, but she also loves looking at contrasting colours and light.

She has broadened her verbal communication range from just crying to making cute cooing noises.

Her muscle tone is improving. As well as having good neck control she kicks her arms and legs around a lot and likes to grab on to things like fingers, clothes and hair.

She is starting to discover her hands and explore depth perception as she sucks her hands and reaches out towards objects including the monkeys on her bouncy chair.

Sleep ranges between short naps (particularly when woken by her sister) to one brilliant 4 hour stretch. Generally she sleeps for a couple of hours at a time, but this adds up to about 18 hours a day. Never when I want to nap though.

At night she is waking roughly every 3 hours for a feed. She nurses for 10 to 15 minutes then normally goes back to sleep. She’s been pretty good from the beginning at sleeping at night versus the day, but that might deteriorate as she has longer periods of time awake.

Little likes to spend most of her day sleeping on people and she loves being in my stretchy wrap, but at night she will sleep in her Bed Nest between feeds which is an improvement on her sister.

In the evening she tends to be a bit fussy and wants to feed every hour. This cluster feeding makes it hard to get much done, but I think it is helping her sleep better overnight so I’m not complaining.

I frequently smell of curdled milk as she likes to decorate all our clothes if we aren’t quick enough with a muslin. There are plenty of dirty nappies and she is gaining weight so plenty must be staying down even if it doesn't feel like it at times.

Little is in 0 to 3 month clothes and has been for a few weeks, but she is still ok in size 1 nappies (which is fortunate since we have loads).
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