10 life lessons we should learn from newborn babies… or maybe not

Babies live using their instincts. Many of these behaviours we subsequently encourage them to change, but what if we are wrong? What if newborns are doing things the best way? Could it be that by following the lead of a baby we could all live happier, simpler lives? 

Newborn baby girl looking at the camera

What every newborn babies seems to know:

  • If you want cuddles ask for them, if people don’t understand then cry until you get them.
  • Sleeping while being cuddled is the best.
  • Explore the world with all your senses: stare in wonder, smell, touch and taste everything.
  • Don't worry where you are or what is going on do what you need to. This includes eating, sleeping, pooping, seeing, burping and parping. 
  • When you are full stop eating. You can always have more in 20 minutes if you are still hungry. If you are persuaded to eat more just regurgitate it.
  • A bit of comfort eating is ok when cuddles or rocking don't help.
Black and white photograph of newborn baby breastfeeding

  • When constipated or trying to poo grunt lots and windmill your arms.
  • When you miss your sleep window and are really tired fight it, do not give in to sleep.
  • Wee in the bath, preferably just after you get in.
  • It's good to be naked, enjoy feeling the fresh air on your bottom

Ok so maybe not all of these are advisable, but nature must know something right?

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