When only one thing will do

Yesterday was a good day. Yesterday M only had two major meltdowns: one first thing and the second at bedtime. Like every young fashionista both were about clothes.

I'm pretty relaxed about what M wears especially at the weekend, but I was forced out of bed when I realised that the top she was wearing was the one item I didn't want her to wear. It was my fault: I had made the mistake of showing her the "big sister" t-shirt the previous evening. On a normal day she won't get dressed without lengthy persuasion and discussion, but yesterday she bounced out of bed and put on the new top.
4 year old girl in pink big sister t shirt and 6 week old girl in pink little sister t shirt
Big sister/ little sister t shirts by Simply Colors via Not on the High Street
I explained that I wanted to take pictures of her and her sister in their new tops so please could she wait until after I had napped and, more importantly, she had eaten breakfast, to put on the new clothes. The resulting meltdown made it clear this wasn’t an option.

Sometime later all was calm again. I had given up getting more sleep and M was eating breakfast in my fleece. Does your children stealing your clothes really start age 4?

When M had finished eating and the top had a chance of staying clean for 5 minutes she got changed. It stayed on only a couple of hours before she changed into another top which had been considered offensive earlier that morning.

Around lunchtime M changed into her 3rd and final outfit of the day (it was a slow day for outfit changes, on a normal day around the house we easily reach double figures). The item of choice? A swimming costume.

Shortly before bedtime M had an accident so I took the costume away to be washed. I suggested she go get ready for bed, but all she wanted to sleep in was the swimming costume. The last time she wore it was last summer on holiday, but now we were experiencing a meltdown because I wouldn't let her wear a wet swimming costume to bed. 

This morning I heard M get up quietly, go downstairs and guess what she put on? One, now dry, swimming costume.  We are going to a go-karting birthday party this afternoon, it’s a shame it’s not a pool party.
3 year old girl with arm bands in a bright blue swimming pool
Wearing that swim suit in the sun last summer

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