The great baby questions...

Why do babies prefer to play with a baby wipe packet than the most sophisticatedly designed baby toy?
A baby on a changing mat playing with a packet of Johnson's Baby Wipes

Why are babies less likely to nap the more tired you are?

Why are babies (and children in general) more likely to sleep late on mornings you have to get up early?

How do babies know to wake up from a nap just as you are sitting down with a cup of tea or hot food?
A photograph of a cup of tea in an Emma Bridgewater mug with dots on and "Kate" in front of a musical toy
Why are babies more likely to wee during a nappy change if you haven't covered their boy bits or placed another nappy under them straight away?

How do babies know to save poonami's for either when you are in a hurry to go out or when they are wearing brand new clothes?

How can babies fall asleep instantly when you start driving yet take so much effort at home?
Photograph of a baby sleeping in a car seat
Why are babies more likely to spit up or drool on you if you put on clean clothes to go out than if you are wearing you PJs?

Why are babies more likely to sleep badly the later you go to bed?

Why do babies gravitate towards the items in the room which are NOT toys eg handbags, TV remotes, mobile phones, toes?
Photograph of a baby eating a big toe

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