Me and Mine - July 2016

I have left this to the end of the month and the end of the weekend as I was really hoping to get another picture of the 4 of us, but it didn’t happen. Yesterday we were all dressed up nicely to go to a Christening, but it was all too much off a rush to get the tripod out and I forgot to ask anyone to take a snap of us. At least I got people to take some pictures while we were on holiday. None of them are perfect, but they make me smile. I've even braved putting up pictures of me in a bikini! The water and children make a good cover up of the wibbliest bits.
A family of four next to a brick wall with a vine in France
July has been a good month with plenty of sunny days. We started off the month catching up with one of M’s best friends who moved to the other end of the country. After some initial shyness it was like they had never been apart. The next day we went to a birthday party of a friend from nursery where M was initially scared of Cinderella before joining in and trying to win all the games.

I had the last of my baby groups before the summer break. I understand that it’s harder for people with older children and they want to use the space for different things, but 6 weeks without catching up with local mums is a bit of a shame.
Me in a bikini holding my baby Little in the swimming pool
The highlight of the month was spending a week with my family at my mum’s house in France. The weather was beautiful and I love spending so much time with M and G. I blogged more about the holiday here.
Me and G in the swimming pool with M in arm bands and pink swimsuit and Little in a floating baby ring
Since we came back from holiday I haven’t really caught up with anything. I have seen friends, had decking put in the garden and met our new kitten (warning there will be kitten spam when it moves in), but I feel everything is in a bit of chaos and I am aching to get the house in order. 
Oh well August is a new month.

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