My Baby at 7 Months

I’ve really enjoyed August. For most of the month Little has been able to sit up which has made putting her down a lot easier. She has been on the move, but not so fast that everything becomes a hazard and she has been joining in family meals. She continues to give big smiles to everyone and brightens my day. I know that there are harder times ahead once she moves faster, but for the last month it’s not been too crazy and we have been having fun.
9 pictures of Little
Little Month 6 to 7


Little has continued to have regular breastfeeds day and night, but they have spaced out in the day. She often seems to catch up at night though so I try to encourage her to feed as much as possible in the day. She can happily go 4 or 5 hours in the day as she is consuming more food, and she wants just a little bit of milk for her thirst. When we are out for the day and there are distractions she will have very little milk.
Little absolutely loves food and we haven’t found anything yet she doesn’t like (and we’ve tried her on a lot of different foods and textures). She swallows far more than I expect her too and is really getting to grips with picking up smaller pieces.


Little has been waking up twice most nights. It’s not been great and she used to sleep for longer periods before th 4 month regression. She has 2 to 3 naps a day (when given the opportunity) sleeping a total of about 2 hours. The days she doesn’t manage to go down in the afternoon she has been going to bed around 6.30, on a normal day it’s about 7.30. She tends to wake up sometime between 5 and 6am, which is a bit early for me, but fortunately her Dad gets up with her so I get a bit more sleep. it's lovely for them to spend sometime together too.


With a great appetite for food comes great weight gain. At 7 months Little weighs 8.4kg and continues to gain weight faster than the curves in the little red book, but she is also long at around 71cm. She’s still in size 3 nappies and 6 to 9 month clothes, but I don’t think she will be in them for another 2 months as sleepsuits don’t have any room for growth.


When Little was about 6 and half months she started sitting up without support and she has got increasingly stable since then. She has been moving about more and faster, but still commando crawling (so dragging herself along rather than being up on all fours). She is able to move over obstacles and has started going up on all fours, but goes back down on her belly before moving.
She is playing with toys more e.g. shaking things, or banging them. She takes food out of her bib when she drops it because she knows it is there and she has the dexterity to do so. 


This month has seen more development in both verbal and non verbal communication. Little has been continuing with the occasional bit of screeching and testing out different noises as well as repetitive sounds, my favourite of which was when she went through a phase of saying “blah blah blah”. Little appears to wave hello and goodbye at times, but this may be just copying. She has also been able to copy the sound of some words. Her big sister has claimed a few times that she has said her first word and while it may sound like it, she isn’t using it towards anything, just copying the noise.
A 7 month old baby sitting in the sand in a playground and wearing a waterproof suit, but no shoes
7 months old, the day she first ate sand

It's been really hard writing this update so late. I have had to think back to what Little had been doing, but she is already doing so much more. They really do change so much in the first year. Today she was zooming all over the garden and pulling herself up on the sofa. I'm excited to see what she will be doing by her 8 month update, which I'll hopefully be writing in a couple of weeks time.

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