Review: Disney Princess Trading Card Game

We love Disney. We have films, soundtracks, dolls, jigsaws, princess dresses, mugs, duvet covers, the list goes on a while. M and I are particularly big fans of the Disney Princesses and I will admit I bought the Disney Princess Album for me to sing along to rather than for M. So when we were asked if we were interested in reviewing the Topps Disney Princess Trading Card Game I didn’t need to ask if M was interested before accepting.

A selection of Disney Princess Trading Game cards spread around in a mess

The Topps Disney Princess Trading Card Game features all the normal Disney Princesses along with special cards containing live action movie stills from the new Beauty and the Beast film. The original Beauty and the Beast film came out when I was only 9 and it was a one of my favourites (along with the Little Mermaid) so I have been nervously waiting for the new version. Fortunately I thought the new Beauty and the Beast was brilliant and I have loved looking through the Topps cards to remember it.

A young blonde girl sitting on decking looking at a Topps Disney Princess Trading card from Brave while holding a clear binder

About The Disney Princess Trading Card Game

The full Disney Princess Trading Card Game consists of 192 cards (plus limited edition cards) with images from the following films: Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast (original and 2017 versions), Brave, Cinderella, Mulan, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Tangled, The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Frog.

You can buy the cards in different pack sizes gradually adding to your collection and making the game more interesting. The smallest packs have 8 cards in and only cost £1 so they are a great pocket money buy. To play the game each player needs a minimum of 8 cards so you can quickly get started and add more later.

A mess of small packs of Topps Disney Princess Trading Game

There are 4 types of cards available:
Movie story cards (144 to collect)
Sparkly shimmer cards (32 to collect)
Limited Edition sparkly shimmer cards (6 to collect, I think)
Special Beauty and the Beast 2017 cards (16 to collect)

As well as an image from the film each card has: a card number, the film it comes from, a princess symbol and a rating for courage and kindness. Now I’ll admit the scoring has caused some debate in our house: should Aurora really get a higher score for braveness than Pocahontas? I know she has the eternal sleep threat hanging over her head, but Pocahontas is pretty fierce. I know who I would rather have by my side in a fight, although I suspect Aurora would be more fun on a shopping trip. Am I thinking about this too deeply? Possibly, but having a debate about the characters is a great way to help develop my eldest’s critical reasoning skills. I love that the Disney Princess Trading Card Game focuses on the adventurous nature and braveness of the Disney princesses providing a way to talk to your children about what makes someone kind and brave.

A young girl look at the starter pack including a small pack of cards, a sheet of stand up cards, a clear plastic binder and a couple of folded up A4 sheets of paper
The Starter Pack
The cards are available in the following packs:
Standard card pack with 8 individual cards for £1
Starter kits containing everything you need to start playing the game: 5 stand up cards, a collector guide, a game mat, collectors binder and 1 pack of cards. Costing £4.99
Multipacks (with 5 of the small packs, including a limited edition card) for £5
3 different mini tins with 39 cards and a limited edition card (Snow White, Aurora or Cinderella depending on the tin) £5.99

The cards and sets are available at: Martins, WH Smith. Sainsbury’s, one Stop, ASDA and local newsagents or online at If you have any missing from your collection you can order them individually from Topps after 29th May 2017.

We are enjoying playing with the cards and I’ll be posting soon about how to play (both the official game and few other ideas), but instructions are also in the starter kit and online.

A small open tin with Cinderella, Arial and Snow White on the front with a pink background. In the other half of the tin is a packet of cards with a Cinderella Limited Edition card on show

*Disclosure: we were sent the products to provide an honest review*


  1. When I was younger, trading cards were always so male oriented so it's lovely seeing them embracing princesses and Disney magic! I have to admit, I would argue the same over the scoring system!

  2. That is a really reasonable price for the start up kit! And it's great that there is a trading card game that isn't football or Pokemon!

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  4. I remember when I was young collecting similar and it was so addictive not to mention expensive for my mum. I am sure I will go through the same with my girl in a few years!

  5. It's usually football cards in our house but these look cool.

  6. Oh wow! These are cute. I knew there was football ones but not Disney princess


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