Review: Molly Monster Film

You are a little monster and your parents love you, but what happens when Mummy is going to lay an egg? Molly is excited to be getting a sibling, but her wind up toy Edison isn’t so happy about it. Molly Monster by Ted Sieger is a film aimed at preschoolers which explores families and friendship. It’s released nationwide in the UK on 21st July 2017 and we had a preview.

Molly a yellow monster with a red star on and Edison her small blue wind up friend standing on a train

From the moment the egg arrives on the scene Molly gets less attention. Molly is initially excited, Edison isn’t, but Molly gets upset when she is left behind as her parents go to Egg Island for the egg to be hatched. It gets worse when she discovers the present she made for the baby has been left behind too. What is a little monster to do? Run off to find her parents of course.

On the way to Egg Island Molly meets a number of characters which teach her about families and friendship. Will Molly get to Egg Island? Will Molly's little sister (or brother) get the hat Molly has knitted? And will Edison come round to the idea of a baby?

Spoiler Alert: things don't go to plan but it all works out ok in the end.

On the surface this is a lighthearted film for preschoolers. It is easy to follow and the animation is bright and colourful. With a run time of 72 minutes it is a good length to keep a preschoolers attention without tiring them. This film also has a deeper side where Molly and her toy Edison display the differing feelings children face when waiting for a younger siblings arrival. Edison experiences the normal negative emotions a child might have including: jealousy, cranky behaviour and cheekiness and the trip to Easter Island is as much about his journey as Molly’s.

Edison: a blue wind up toy with red hands, red nose and white fangs sits with his head in his hands

There isn't anything scary in this film, but a few parts may be sad for the most sensitive of little ones. The colour and music engaged my toddler as well as my five year old. I enjoyed some of the subtle stereotype challenges including Daddy being responsible for hatching the egg and Molly’s Uncles who are left to look after Molly. A fun film for littles ones (and their parents).

Molly Monster releases in cinemas nationwide on 21st of April from Enchanted Animation. 

***Disclosure: we were given a preview of the film for review***

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