My Baby At 15 Months

Month 15 is slipping away and I realised I hadn’t written Little’s latest update. It’s just as well I make notes throughout the month or I would forget what she has been up to. The last month has seen Little become more and more like a toddler, she still looks pretty baby faced due to the short hair, but she understands so much. She is also starting to run, talk more and climb! She is soaking up everything like a sponge and experimenting to see what happens when she does something.

A smiling baby on a baby swing in a pink and white striped dress


Little has become a bit of a pro using a fork and spoon. She now uses them more than her fingers at most meals. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t make a mess, of course she does, but it means it’s easier for her to eat a wider range of foods. We have the normal challenges with eating in that she will devour a type of food at one meal (like roasted carrots) and then next time I make them she will barely touch them. We also have the fun that she often won’t touch one of the foods on her plate until I have eaten nearly all of mine, and then she will eat all hers up quickly. It’s like she is saving her favourite foods until last. There have also been a few occasions she hasn’t touched a food on her plate until her big sister eats some and suddenly she is prepared to try it. Little likes to watch and copy her big sister a lot. This is really cute most of the time, but M has awful table manners so it isn’t always teaching Little great things.

There doesn’t seem to be any reduction in breastfeeding. She can happily go a long time in the day if we are out, but a day at home means constant tugs at my top to try and gain access (I'm grateful she doesn't often do that when we are out). She gets most of her milk at night with long feeds at bedtime and from whichever point in the night we co-sleep. Little continues to drink water as well and she has got really good at drinking out of an open cup, until she gets distracted and it goes everywhere. 

Collage of 9 photographs including: climbing a ladder, helping to feed a cat, kissing a penguin, playing with a mud kitchen, smiling in the bath, on a tyre swing with her big sisters, on a bike and hitting a glockenspiel


There hasn’t been a magical transformation in our rubbish sleep and I decided enough was enough. Sleep training in the traditional sense (cry it out, controlled crying etc) is never going to work for us, I know just how long she can cry for and I’ve read too many studies into the potential impact, but I have asked for help from super gentle sleep consultant Sarah Ockwell-Smith. I received a plan from her the day Little turned 15 months old and we are currently trying to introduce it.

My 14 month old sleeping on me after not having a nap


Clothes, shoes and nappy sizes are all the same as last month (12-18 months, 3 1/2 G and size 4), but the clothes are coming up tighter. I think Little might be fairly long in the body as a few of her sleepsuits are tight to do up around her bum, but they have space around her feet. She is 82cm long so still has a way to go before she grows in to 18 -24 month clothes according to the size charts. I have managed to persuade Little to stand on our scales to be weighed and it said she was 11.2kg, this is the same as last month so allowing for some daily variance she hasn’t put on much (or any).

A baby in a bathroom with a roll top bath in the background. The baby is wearing a Cuddledry towel with ears and brown spots


As another month passes Little is getting more confident and stronger. When we are out walking she rarely fulls down and she can walk longer distances without getting tired. The world continues to be hugely exciting though and every bit of rubbish, leaf and flower can be studied to learn it’s secrets, if only the sun would come back again I wouldn’t mind the meandering pace. Little can run, but doesn’t often do it in the direction you want her too.

Recently Little has shown a renewed interest in forbidden activities like playing in the cat water bowl or cat litter. When she first started to crawl we had to keep an eye on her heading towards these, but then she stopped and it was safe again. In the last month the water bowl has been spilt countless times. It’s interesting to see her exploring and testing out rules, if a little hard work.

This month Little has been loving the fish at the Sea Life Centre and the soft play at Chessington World of Adventures. She also loves going to the playground where she can play and go on the swings and slide. Little can now climb the mini slide in the garden and go down on her own with a big smile on her face. The slide isn’t just good for sliding down though, she has also learnt she can make objects slide down it too. 

Little has enjoyed playing with her new mud kitchen. She loves to copy so much of what we do so the mud kitchen is great as she can copy my cooking. One of her favourite games is moving a pile of objects from one place to another and she can play this with the mud kitchen too as she moves the mud around. This fun game can keep her entertained for ages.

A 14 month old baby sitting on the forest floor in a blue monster hoody, surrounded by cut wood


New words are creeping in to Little's vocabulary, but we don’t always realise at the time. It's only as she keeps repeating a word that we realise what she is saying. New words this month include: boo, duck and row. At Chessington we were impressed with her use of language as she pointed at the lions saying "cat" and the penguins calling "duck". 

Little loves to listen to music, songs and to sing herself. She can be quite tuneful at times. I often get requests to do "row row" with her so she can do the scream bit at the end. 

She happily says "hello" and waves to everyone, waves goodbye and has a chat with you, even if you don't know what she is saying. Don't worry if you are busy: she is great at talking on a pretend telephone too. I love our conversations and they get better every day.

Baby in a yellow Little Tikes playhouse chatting on a bright yellow telephone

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  1. This really brings back some memories for me, and Little seems so big suddenly! The mud kitchen sounds awesome :)

    1. You're welcome to come round and play with it!

  2. Will be interested to know how you get on with the sleep support! X

    1. I'll definitely be sharing updates, but she warned it could take 6ish weeks to start seeing a change. Not helped by my weekend away at Blog On!

  3. I love it when they're little as there are so many milestones to watch 💕

    1. Exactly, they change so quickly. It's such a magical time

  4. Ooh how lovely are these photos! I do similar updates for my two, and they're so lovely to look back on. It sounds like she's doing so well.. good luck with the sleeping! xx

    1. I love reading back on mine and other peoples, they change so quickly.
      And thank you, I'm feeling positive about the sleep thing

  5. What a clever little girl with all those new words and the confident walking :) she seems to be growing up so fast! Lovely photos :)

  6. I bet the mud kitchen is great fun! And well done to her, love the words she came out with at chessington :-) Btw Sarah Ockwell-Smith is lovely isn't she x

  7. What a cutie! We went to chessington a couple of weeks ago and loved the gruffalo ride! Xx

  8. You little one is growing up in to an absolute delight. At this age, they an be a bit mischievous as you are finding out and testing the limits as to how far they can go, but it is all a learning curve for them.

  9. She's doing so well! The mud kitchen looks great by the way! My 3 year old still comes in to bed with us in the night so I'm going to look at trying to get some help with that myself and will look up the lady you're using. Good luck! #littleleaps

  10. Thanks again for linking up. Love how cute she is in that towel! #LittleLeaps


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