Once Upon A Time #TearsIntoSmiles

Once upon a time Princess M lived in a small terraced castle on the edge of a strange land full of smoke. Princess M lived with her half sister (Princess Little), her Mummy, her not-at-all-evil Step Daddy and a magical unicorn. Mittens the unicorn looked just like a cat to everyone because it was only when she was alone with Princess M she showed her true self. No one else even realised she was a unicorn.

The two sisters were the best of friends. Princess Little looked up to her sister and loved it when she was around. Princess M loved to hug her sister and have fun with her, but she got annoyed when Little didn't understand how to play her games.

Big sister bending over and smiling at her little sister who is crawling on the grass

One day Princess M's mummy (who was the Queen) had to cook some dinner because the chef was on holiday. The Chef had been on holiday for the last 34 years and the Queen had considered replacing her, but it was hard to find a good cook who was happy to work for a simple "thank you". The Queen suggested the two Princesses played in the castle grounds so she could focus on the cooking without tripping over them. The girls happily ran out to enjoy the last of the day's sunshine.

2 sisters are playing with a throw a hoop game

As the Queen looked out the back door she could see the girls playing nicely. The sound of their laughter blew in with the wind and it made her smile. It warmed her heart when her princesses got along. 

A big sister throwing a hoop while the little sister watches

The Queen watched as Princess Little took one of the hoops and started to run off. The laughter turned to shouts of "give it back!", "it's mine!" and "I was playing with that!". The Queen quickly rushed outside before the dragon appeared. The dragon had visited a lot recently. One moment there was no sign of it, then in a "poof" Princess M was transformed into a red faced, shouting, angry, fire breathing beast. None of them liked the dragon.

Little sister is holding a hoop and big sister is trying to pull it off herLittle sister is still holding on to the hoop and big sister is getting in her face trying to get it back
Little sister is being pinned to the floor by big sister who now has the hoop in her hand

The Queen reached the girl's who by now were fighting over the hoop, but she was too late. The dragon had arrived and the smallest Princess had tears in her eyes. The Queen scooped up Princess Little giving her a big kiss and cuddles to stop the tears. She had rescued her just in time to avoid a blast of fire from the dragon. 

The Queen started to carry Little back to the castle so the dragon could let off steam, but as they were reaching the entrance she heard a roar. The dragon was charging towards them when suddenly the roaring turned into a loud shriek. The Queen turned round to see her biggest Princess on the ground clutching her knee and crying. 

A close up of knees with 2 hands clutching one knee

The Queen and Princess Little rushed over to Princess M. All signs of the dragon were gone. Little gave her sister a big hug and her Mummy tried to dry the tears. It was no good, the tears kept coming. The Queen tried a joke and tickles, but the howling increased. The tears must have been enchanted because they continued to roll down M's cheeks with no sign of stopping.

Suddenly the Queen had an idea: she had something very special given to her by the Wizard Elasto from the Kingdom of Plast. She hurried quickly to grab the box which she had heard contained dressings with special healing powers. The Queen gave the knee a quick wipe then pulled out a special plaster, placing it carefully on the sore knee. Instantly the crying reduced to gentle sobs as Princess M looked down at her leg. Seeing the picture of two sisters smiling stopped the tears completely. 

A close up of big sister's knee with an Elastoplast sticker with Elsa and Anna from Frozen on it

The Princesses and the Queen had a big hug before walking hand in hand back to the castle for dinner where they all lived happily ever after (at least until bath time).

The end

A box of Elastoplast Star Wars Plasters and Elastoplast Frozen Plasters on green grass

Based on a true story. Please note no children were harmed in the creation of this blog post.

This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast. http://campaigns.elastoplast.net/plastermoments/uk 

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  1. What a lovely story! & those plasters are adorable :-)

  2. I loved this hahah, I think we have the same dragon in our household from time to time - oh and the cook! ;)

  3. These plasters look fab. My older 2 ALWAYS want plasters for the tiniest knocks and grazes

  4. Those plasters look fantastic! Such a fun post! x

  5. I absolutely love this story and the little disclaimer at the end. My S is loving these plasters and finds the smallest marks just to try and get one :) ox

  6. I love the disclaimer!! 😆 My daughter loves frozen plasters too!

  7. I love the disclaimer on this please tell me that these are not just for children because they for sure are something which I would to use should I cut myself.

    Charlotte x

  8. I love this! Such a great way to write and I hope you win in the Britmums Challenge

  9. Awww I love this so much. I can see that you are fantastic at creating bedtime stories. Very cute plasters too x

  10. Great post and thanking you on behalf of BritMums for taking part


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