Staying at the easyHotel in Manchester

The easyHotel in Manchester is a cheap way to stay in the heart of the city. Don't expect frills or much space, but for a budget place to freshen up and sleep for the night it is a great place to stay. A visit will allow you to save money for other things like shopping. If you are visiting in Winter you might also want to check out theplaces you can ice skate in Manchester.

A hotel key card and a piece of cardboard with easyHotel on it
The Easy Hotel has only recently opened and at the time of writing it isn't even finished. The main issue with the building work is the lift isn't yet built so you might have to carry your suitcase up to the forth floor. It also means the vending machine isn't yet installed and there is some building noise in the day, but you are unlikely to sleep late in this hotel anyway as you'll be disturbed by noise from other guests.

Based in one of the many beautiful red brick buildings in Manchester and a short walk from Manchester Piccadilly station the hotel building is easy to find, but harder to get inside. While the address is Dale Street the entrance is at the other end of the building on Newton Street. 

There is a small reception where staff efficiently checked us in. When booking you have a choice of a room with a window, or one without. The rooms without a window are on the lower ground floor and they do have a small window. It is right at the top of the wall and through it you can see the pavement and everyone's feet going past. With the blind open everyone can easily see in to your room so you might want to keep it shut.

view into the easyhotel Manchester bathroom from the door way. The toilet, shower door and sink are visible

The rooms are simple, well designed and compact. On opening the door to our double room the bathroom was immediately on the left. The shower, sink and toilet are in a very small space, but it's clean and good quality so pleasant to use. Helpfully the bathroom has a mirror, bottles of liquid soap (one next to the sink, the other in the shower), 2 hooks for your towel and shaver sockets. And yes, despite it being no frills there are towels, but only one bath towel per person plus a hand towel and a bath mat. The key thing to know about this bathroom is the wall to the corridor is made from glass with the middle section frosted and a circle cut out in the door for a handle. This is not a room to share with someone you don't know very well as there is little privacy.

Come out of the bathroom and turn towards the bed and there is somewhere to hang your coats on your right. Take a few of steps forward and you'll hit the bed. 

A double bed with an orange strip and a large window and not a lot of space

The double bed is comfortable and helpfully has a small shelf, light and double plug socket on each side of the bed. The TV is on the wall facing the bed (there is no where else to sit down anyway). You will need to pay if you want to watch television.

You can stash our suitcase underneath the bed so you don't trip over them. On one side of the bed there was a full size mirror on the wall, air conditioning unit and there isn't much else in the room. There are no tea facilities in the room, or even cups, but they are meant to be installing a hot drink vending machine in the hotel soon. You can buy a breakfast box from Reception otherwise there is no food or drink available on site. It's only a short walk to shops, restaurants and bars if you want something.

The large window has a black out blind. Light creeps around the edges so it won't be completely dark. The worst thing about the rooms though is the sound insulation. We could hear conversations easily from the neighbouring rooms and even some one having sex in the room above. With the ear plugs and eye mask I brought with me I had a good night's sleep and I was hardly disturbed by the noise. 

A glass door with easyHotel written above it and a view into a small reception area

Is it worth staying at the Easy Hotel?

If you are looking for a bed for the night in Manchester then the Easy Hotel is a great, cheap option. Bring ear plugs and a bottle of water.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay with children, if you need space to get around, if you want a bath or to spend time chilling out in your hotel room this is not the hotel for you.

A collage of 4 photographs showing the light switches, plus and shelf next to the bed, a place to hang your coat, the Television and a corridor with lots of orange doors

I stayed in the hotel with Mummy Gadget Geek while visiting Manchester for the Blog On conference. Rooms cost from £19.99 per night. We had a good stay and will both come back again (in fact a stay later this year is already booked).

If you are looking for activities while you are in Manchester check out these free activity ideas.


  1. I have never heard of easy hotels before, sounds ideal for family, I always like places that can stay with children that does not have a lot of stuff so don't have to worry about anything getting damaged X #triedtested

    1. That's a good point. I wouldn't stay here with my children, but only because the noise travels so much. My girls are no good at being quiet and i would spend all my time begging them to keep the noise down!

  2. I heard about these over the weekend and planning to book a stay for when I go to BlogOn in September!

    1. If you can get a good price it's a great place to stay. We walked to Msi in the morning, it's just over a mile and there is a McDonalds half way. Other people got a taxi or bus though.


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