Review: Wooden Peppa Pig Toys for Toddlers from Milly & Flynn #AD - Gifted

Peppa Pig is 15 years old! How amazing is that? The episodes have been showing in our house for the last 7 years and I am ever so grateful to the writers that there continue to be new episodes. Unsurprisingly there is also no shortage of Peppa Pig merchandise available and we have everything from wellies to pyjamas and books. I told my partner Milly & Flynn were sending us some of their Peppa Pig toy range to review and he said “more Peppa Pig toys?” with one of those faces. Why did I say yes to them? Because Milly & Flynn toys are special. The toys are mainly made from wood and the company focuses on quality, safety and ethical considerations.

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Toddler opening Wooden Peppa Pig Toys from Milly & Flynn

Wooden Peppa Pig Toys From Milly & Flynn Review

We were sent 3 Milly & Flynn toys to review:
A campervan shape sorter
A campervan toy vehicle
Wooden finger puppets

One of the things that I noticed as soon as I opened the parcel was the packaging: it has clearly been designed to protect the toys, but it has been kept to a minimum. The toy car only came with a label and the campervan had a strip of plastic to keep it all together as well as tissue paper to keep the wooden shapes. We have reviewed a lot of toys over the years and it's refreshing to be able to open them without scissors (or a screwdriver) and to not have a bag full of waste.

Peppa Pig Campervan Vehicle

This chunky wooden vehicle is a fun and portable toy. As well as the campervan there is also a school bus and the family car available. Suitable for age 2 and upwards the vehicles are nice and solid and the wheels are securely attached. Due to the soft nature of wood and the design being printed/ painted on they will inevitably show signs of wear over time but they are a fun and open ended toy for Peppa Pig fans.

A wooden campervan Peppa pig toy being pushed along a railway beam

Close up of the Peppa Pig Campervan wooden toy from Milly & Flynn

Peppa Pig Campervan Shape Sorter

The wooden campervan toy has 4 shaped holes in the roof and it comes with 8 wooden blocks. The blocks can be stored inside and accessed by sliding the roof towards the back of the campervan. There are 2 blocks in each shape and each block is a different colour so it is great to practice both shape and colour recognition. 

I like that there are no colours around the holes you slot the shapes through so it allows children just to work on matching the shapes, this makes it a bit tougher. The holes are carefully sized too so the blocks will only go in the matching shaped hole (this isn’t always the case with shape sorters).

The colours of the blocks are nicely coordinated with Peppa Pig which allows conversations to encourage further learning e.g. "find the block which matches the campervan" or "find the block which matches the colour of Mummy Pig's dress."
Suitable for 2 years and upwards.

Toddler reaching out for coloured blocks to put in yellow wooden peppa pig campervan shape sorter

Close up of toddler putting a block into shape sorter

Peppa Pig Wooden Finger Puppets

The family of finger puppets come in a set featuring Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, George and Peppa. The figures are flat and made out of plywood with two holes at the bottom for you to put your fingers through giving the characters legs and making it easy to move them around. The holes are large enough I can put my fingers through so they can be used by both adults and children (aged 3 plus).

Toddler playing with Peppa Pig Wooden Finger Puppets

Family of Peppa Pig Wooden Finger Puppets

How Long Do I See These Toys Being Played With?

The campervan shape sorter would make a great present for a 2nd birthday because the child would gradually get better at using it over the next year or so and they would use it to play with as a vehicle too. At 3 and a third my daughter found the shape sorting easy to do and I think she only has a small amount of time left that it will interest her so I will put it away for when my son is bigger (I am so confident in the appeal of Peppa Pig that I’m not even going to question if he will be interested).

The finger puppets and the small campervan vehicle I can see being played with for some time by my youngest daughter. She loves to make up stories and interactions between figures and the finger puppets provide a variation on this play for her. As an added bonus neither the vehicle or finger puppets take up much space so they are great to stick in our bag and take out with us.

Playing with Mummy and Peppa Pig finger puppets

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