Sometimes I Talk Too Much

As a stay at home mum whose partner works long hours there are days when adult conversation is lacking. I guess it’s not surprising then that I get a bit over excited when in the company of other grown ups and it turns out that when I'm overexcited I can’t stop talking. I'm sorry, I know I should talk a little less, but in the moment I just can’t help myself.

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At school drop off a parent might say in passing “Hi, how are you?” and although I know the expected response is some variation of “good thanks, you?” I have been known to go into a 5 minute verbal splurge of “actually it’s been one of those mornings, I have shouted so much my throat is sore, the children just wouldn’t get dressed and then they decided they needed a vitamin just as I was trying to leave the house and then the baby did a poo and I had to change him”. There has been more than one occasion when I have got back in the car to go home and cringed thinking “why didn’t I just shut up?”. I’ve not noticed any of the school run mums cross the road to avoid me yet, although I don’t see as many of them as I used to for some reason…

I am genuinely interested in other people, but I get nervous and don’t know what to ask them or how to phrase things without sounding rude so I often talk about myself instead. I also have a rubbish way of showing my empathy which involves sharing my own story of when something similar has happened to me to show I understand and they aren’t alone. Even worse, sometimes I get part way through the story and realise it’s not the same and in fact my story is incredible boring. Shut up Kate.

Twice this week I have made it to Mummy meet ups and twice I have talked far too much to strangers. I’ve probably massively overshared and everyone knows far more about me than I do about them. It’s not because I’m not interested, I just have the social skills of a newt (but I’m less cute and I’m hopefully not so slimy). I come away thinking “oh they were so lovely, I would love to see them again”, but I wonder how many times they leave thinking “gosh she’s a chatter box/ know it all/ boring cow”.  

It doesn’t really help that my specialist subject is being a mum. Through experience, conversations and reading I really do know a huge amount about pregnancy and young children and I like to try and help others by sharing that knowledge. It’s one of the reasons I blog, but I appreciate people don’t want to be talked at. 

If people want to subtly get me to talk a little less they could try changing the subject to films, music or travelling. All topics I don’t know enough to contribute much to. Or catch me on a day when I'm too tired to do much more than grunt.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. Some days I'm unable to get out due to pain but when I do, I tend to get a bit excited and talk for England!


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