I prefer Spring and Little loves Superheroes

There seems to be two types of people: those who are all over my Instagram feed embracing the start of Autumn and those like myself who prefer Spring. Yes I love to cuddle up in a warm jumper, but I prefer the feel of sun warming my skin.  I love the idea of cuddling up under a cozy blanket while watching a film, but I have children so the film is probably not something I really want to see. If I’m allowed under the blanket I end up with a foot in my face and I lose the plot of the film as I repeatedly have to get up to for drinks, snacks or dirty bottoms.

M and Baby Boy on the sofa watching TV

I’ll admit that the golden leaves make a wonderful backdrop for photos and all the Christmas lights are beautiful, but it’s often cold and wet and dark. I feel the pressure on every last warm day in September to go out and make the most of it knowing things will get worse

Spring suits me much better. Warm days hint at the summer ahead, each day gets longer and brighter. There are flowers and new life is everywhere. Spring gives me hope and happiness. Autumn fills me with gloom.

I write this after a warm weekend where the weather on Sunday was in the mid 20s and it was hot enough that Little asked to move our picnic blanket into the shade. I’ve even managed to empty the washing basket thanks to the sun drying everything quickly. We cut the grass. We had lunch outside. But what did my 3 year old want to do? Watch TV. I’m not sure at what point she learnt to turn the TV on, but she can do it in a flash now. It was a battle of minds where I turned the TV off every time she left the room and she turned it on every time she was left in there alone.

blue sky and green trees above my garden

a lawn mower cutting grass

Little likes to watch TV programmes a lot, but has never really been into films. There have been a few that have briefly captured her attention over the years including: Frozen, Moana and The Greatest Showman, but she has never been into Disney Princesses the way that her Big Sister was. At 3 she is more likely to be excited by the sight of Spider-Man than Cinderella. 

On Friday I suggested we watched a film and Little actually said “yes” so we went onto Sky Plus to look at the films and she picked Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles. She sat and watched it all. Little hid her head a few times in moments of peril, but I’ve not seen her so interested in ages. Even after a short break for dinner she went straight back to it.

On Sunday we decided to try her on The Incredibles 2 given she wanted to watch TV rather than be outside. She didn’t give it quite as much attention as the first film, but she was still loving it. She loves Superheroes and the Incredibles are a family of five with a baby like us. When Jack Jack was getting up to mischief Little was giggling away and she’s now calling Baby Boy Jack Jack.

Little and Baby Boy in a box hugging and smiling

Do your children always have to say who they are when they watch a programme? Anytime a new programme comes on the TV M will normally get in there first with “I’m the pink one” because whatever the cartoon there is a token female character in pink (insert eye roll here). 

Little’s first taste of identifying with TV characters was from Peppa Pig. M was obviously Peppa which made her George. Little has never minded whether her character is a boy or girl and anyway her favourite colour is blue. Apart from when it’s green or red or yellow or white. She’s pretty flexible on these things.

So right now we are the Incredibles family. G is Mr Incredible, I’m Elastigirl, M is Violet, Little: Dash and Baby Boy: Jack Jack. I love how the family argue and fall out, they all have their own issues but together they are awesome. 

So this is Elastigirl signing off, I better go be awesome (and pick Little up from Preschool).

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