Seasonal Instagram Photography Ideas - What to take photos of and when

As bloggers (or influencers) we seem to love a cliche; my Instagram feed is often awash with similar looking photographs. I often tell myself “nope, I'm not going to join in” only to be tempted after the 100th pumpkin patch photo I have liked and why not? The photographs are often fun and beautiful. If you are going to go for the cliche photos isn't it better to be one of the first? So what seasonal photos should you be taking for Instagram in the UK and when? This post will help you plan your Instagram content by letting you know which flora to take photographs of and when.

Which flora to photograph and when for instagram in front of ideas of flowers

A few notes:

When exactly wild flowers bloom is weather dependent, the winter so far this year has been very mild so snowdrops are appearing already. Unless there is a long cold snap the other spring flowers are likely to appear early too. 

If you are photographing flowers in their natural habitat please remember to take your photographs carefully without causing any damage. I find it heartbreaking seeing photographs of people posing amongst trampled flowers. Bluebells, snowdrops and similar can take years to recover from being squashed or picked. Wildflowers should also never be picked without permission from the landowner. Trying different camera angles should enable to you get the shots you want without damage.

One way to find the location of wild flowers near you is to look on instagram. This can also help you know when they are starting to come out eg I love visiting the Bluebells in Wanstead Park so from the beginning of April I check the location on Instagram to see if anyone has captured any. 

Which Flowers to Photograph and when For Instagram


When do snowdrops appear?

Between January and March.

How to find snowdrops

They can generally be found in woodlands. There are a few locations that are well known for the large number they have like Walsingham Abbey in Norfolk, but for Instagram you don't need a large number. There is a beautiful little patch near me at Norpar Flower Barns in Navestock, Essex, but there will be locations up and down the country.

A child crouched down and looking at a patch of snowdrops in February sunshine
Snowdrops taken at Norpar Flower Barn, Essex 23rd February 2019 (don't worry she's not actually damaging them)


When do daffodils appear?

February to April depending on variety.

How to find daffodils

At the right time of year daffodils can be spotted everywhere. National Trust properties and similar might have large areas with beautiful backdrops, but you can also spot them in gardens, parks and even on roundabouts. Keep your eyes open for good locations near you.

Daffodils in the foreground and a child running next to a red brick wall in the backgroun
Daffodils at side of road in Loughton, Essex 14th April 2018

Cherry Blossom

When does cherry blossom bloom?

Normally in late March to April these beautiful white to pink flowers can be found on trees along the streets and parks. Some of the most beautiful photographs I’ve seen have been towards the end of this period when the floor is carpeted in pink.

How to find cherry trees

Cherry trees in the UK can be found in gardens, on the sides of the road and parks. Like daffodils you might find a good location through chance. In the past I have found a row of beautiful cherry trees at Whipsnade Zoo and have seen many in local parks. There are more gorgeous Cherry Tree photos in this post.

A boy standing in front of a tree with pinky white cherry tree blossoms taken by Two Hearts One Roof
Cherry Tree Blossom taken by Two Hearts One Roof May 2019


When do tulips appear?

Tulips can be found growing in UK gardens from March through to May. To me tulips (and daffodils) always seem like Easter flowers to me. Around the same time they will be widely available to buy in shops too, but as cut flowers they are imported all year round.

How to find tulips

Tulips are probably easier to photograph cut so they are perfect if you are into flat-lays or posing with a bunch of flowers. They grow in flowerbeds in gardens everywhere or can be found to buy in florists and supermarkets.
3 tulip flowers in a row at arty angles


When do bluebells appear?

The blue haze from bluebells in full bloom is visible for a few weeks at some point in mid-April to late May.

How to find bluebells?

Bluebells are normally found in ancient woodland. The Woodland Trust website can be a great way to find woods near you. I found some of the local bluebell woods to me (in Loughton) through a Facebook group which include: Abridge (down an alley way from New Farm Drive), Linder's Field in Buckhurts Hill, Bedford's Park, Claybury Woods (at the rear of Repton Park), but I tend to visit the same Bluebells I saw as a child in Wanstead Park.

A family posing on a tree trunk in front of snow drops
Bluebells in Wanstead Park taken 18th April 2019

Rapeseed Fields

When do the yellow rapeseed fields appear?

Mid April to June.

How to find rapeseed fields

These plants are grown as crops so expect to find them on farmland; you can often spot the fields in the countryside as you drive around. You might be lucky and find a field with a parking spot and a good spot to pose on the edge or even one with a footpath running through. Please remember that unless there is a public footpath (which you are required to keep to) these fields are private property and you should not go in without the landowners permission. Also make sure you never cause damage to the crops as you could lose the farmer income. 

Unfortunately due to crop rotation finding a great field one year doesn’t necessarily mean it will be in the same place the next year.

a brother and sister standing in front of a yellow rapeseed field
Rapeseed Field Early May 2019 Norfolk from Scrapbook Blog
A rapeseed field taken at sunset
Rapeseed field in East Sussex taken 19th May 2015


When do Peonies appear?

Peonies bloom in the UK around May and June.

How to find Peonies

I’m not really sure when peonies became such a popular flower amongst influencers, but come May Instagram is awash with these beautiful blooms. While they can be found growing in formal gardens (I found a beautiful selection at Audley End House) many prefer to buy cut flowers. Around May and June they are widely available in florists and supermarkets (even Aldi).

Me crouching down next to some pink peonies in the garden at audley end house
Taken at Audley End Estate 17th June 2019


When does wisteria flower?

I normally see the beautiful purple wisteria flowers around my birthday in mid May, but they can be seen from May to June.

How to find wisteria

Wisteria is a climbing plant so it generally can be seen on the outside of houses or over trellis in gardens. It can be one of the harder flowers to find in a location you can photograph, but locations I have seen it in the past are more formal gardens in parks or historic houses and pub or hotel gardens.

wisteria hanging from the side of the house in spring
Wisteria blooms on a house

Confetti Flower Field

When to visit Confetti Flower Field

The confetti flower field has grown in popularity each year, but it is only open for a very limited window each year. In 2019 it was open from 21st June to 30th June and they expect it to be the end of June/ early July each year. Check their website/ Facebook for latest information.

How to find The Confetti Flower Field

The farm is located in Wick, Pershore, Worcestershire. You have to pay for entry and all information is on their website.

Attractive pregnant woman posing in front of colourful flowers at the confetti flower fields
The Confetti Flower Field taken in July 2018 by A Slice Of My Life Wales

Lavender Fields

When does lavender bloom?

Different types of lavender flower at slightly different times, but you can take photographs against the beautiful purple flowers from mid June to mid August.

How to find lavender fields

Lavender is an easy photo opportunity because there are a number of well established lavender fields around the UK that you can pay to go in to and take photographs. They can get very busy so it’s definitely worth getting in before everyone else. 
Lavender, even more than most flowers, attracts bees which can make photographs with children challenging if they are a little nervous of them. Good lavender fields include: Hitchin, Norfolk, Mayfield (Surrey), Cotswold, Somerset, Kent and York.

A baby sitting between 2 rows of lavender at Hitchen lavender fields
Hitchin Lavender, photo taken August 2016


When do poppies flower?

June to August.

How to find poppies

Fortunately poppies are annual flowers and if you see them somewhere one year they are likely to be there each year, the exception to this is obviously on farmland where they will only grow when the field isn’t being used for crops. The best patches are often at the side of the road in the country so look out for them when out for a drive.

A girl in a red dress walking through a field on a hill covered in red poppies taken by Lauren from Scrapbook blog
Poppy field taken by Scrapbook Blog in June 2019


When do sunflowers flower?

In August.

How to find sunflowers

In the UK we don’t grow sunflowers as a crop in the same way they do in France where I have been lucky enough to see amazing sunflowers fields, but you can still get some great photos with smaller patches or bought cut stems. Hitchin Lavender have a great patch of sunflowers and handily tell you on their social media when they are out. They are also grown at some pick your own farms.

A view of Hitchen lavender field with sunflowers in the foreground
A sunflower field at Hitchin

A baby sitting next to a sunflower
Happy baby next to a sunflower

Autumn leaves

When to photograph autumn leaves

We all know when the weather is turning colder and we can see the leaves changing around us come September. A wet summer apparently will produce leaves of more interesting colours which stay on the trees for longer. The perfect window for photos will depend on the location and weather, but if you miss them on the trees then you can still take the classic boots on fallen leaves photos.

How to find autumn leaves

Head out to any where with deciduous trees, even if you live in central London it's not hard to find a park. Any woodland or forest will do (unless it’s just pine trees, but even then there will probably be gorgeous orange ferns and other plants).

A mushroom on the floor of a forest with wet brown leaves
Epping Forest taken 18 November 2018

A laughing baby sitting in leaves in a forest perfect for Instagram
Baby in Epping Forest taken October 2016

Pregnant lady (me) in front of autumnal brown ferns as a seasonal idea for instagram photographs
Pregnant Autumn Instagram photo taken in Epping Forest 18 November 2018

Pumpkin Patches

When to visit a pumpkin patch

Pumpkin patches are growing in popularity each year and there are now some which are specifically targeted at people wanting to take photographs (like the Pumpkin Village which opened in 2019 at Marsh Farm). Patches are open at farms and pick your own locations throughout October, but they tend to get muddier and busier as you get closer to Halloween. If you buy a pumpkin and don't carve it they easily last for a month or two at room temperature.

How to find pumpkin patches

Your nearest pick your own farm is a good place to start looking, but there are pop ups across the country too like the Pumpkin House at Thursford. They often get really muddy so wear wellies. Many are free entry with the expectation you will buy a pumpkin or two. Or you could always grow your own pumpkins for next year?

Shelves of Thursford Pumpkin House with pumpkins on and a smiling face
Having fun at Thursford Pumpkin House, Norfolk

A baby sitting in a green pull along trailer with pumpkins, his sister is crouched down next to it
Pumpkin picking photos at the Pumpkin Village, Marsh Farm

A child sitting on a hay bale holding a knobbly orange pumpkin refusing to pose for a seasonal instagram photo
Pumpkins at Cammas Hall Pick Your Own Farm, Essex

A pregnant bump is visible behind a very large pumpkin which a child is touch taken at Norpar flower barn Navestock
A giant pumpkin at Norpar Flower Barns

Christmas trees

When to photograph Christmas trees

Umm Christmas? Actually posting a few days before Christmas is a bit late as people start putting their trees up in November. Whether you want photos of you choosing a tree, decorating it or just posing in front of it early December is probably a good time.

How to find Christmas trees

Obviously you can find them everywhere and a careful bit of photography can create any style you want. They make a handy backdrop for photographing pretty much everything in December from a child to a cup of tea.  A Christmas Tree farm could make a really beautiful photograph so it’s worth seeing if you have any locally.

Christmas trees make a perfect backdrop for photographs. This photograph is a close up of a tree with an elf decoration and bokeh lights

And to make the most of your instagram post make sure you use hashtags for nature and flowers.

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