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When people hear I am a mum of 3 I get comments along the lines of “how do you manage?” and I never really know what to say. Being a parent can be hard work no matter how many children you have, but obviously life with 3 children is different to when you only have 1 or 2.

If you are about to have your 3rd child and you want to find out more about what it's like or you already have 3 children and you are looking for some families like you here is a list of some of my favourite bloggers and Instagram mums with 3 children. Some of these ladies I have been following since they had their first child and others are more recent discoveries. 

3 children on a rocking horse in a playground taken by a mum of 3 blogger for Instagram
I love to see families of 3 children on Instagram and on Blogs

(In no particular order)

Mums of 3 To Follow On Instagram, Bloggers and Vloggers

Sarah,  Run Jump Scrap

Sarah had her third child soon after me and likewise she had a boy after 2 girls. I enjoy following her humorous, honest accounts of life on Instagram and her blog. Sarah loves to keep fit and regularly goes to the gym, but not in an in your face way.
Follow Sarah on Instagram or read her blog at Run, Jump, Scrap.

Eilidh, Just Eilidh (Previously Mummy & Monkeys)

The beautiful Eilidh blogs about travel and sustainability while being a mother. She will inspire you on a journey to a more simple, happier life with a focus on family.

Jaime, Oliver’s Mad House

Jaime, (not to be confused with the other Jaimie Oliver, chef) is a mum of 3, but only features her younger 2 children. Her youngest will be starting school in September leaving Jaime more time to focus on her pursuit for fitness, organising things and maybe even going on a few new adventures.
Follow Jaime on Instagram or read her parenting blog The Oliver's Madhouse.

Sareta, Sareta Fontaine

Sareta shares posts and videos about family life with a larger than life attitude. You will laugh along with her and her children as they have fun and smile at her life observations. 
Follow Sareta on Instagram or read her blog Sareta Fontaine.

Tara & Mandi, Living Rosa

Primarily on YouTube this family of 5 ladies share beautiful images and videos of their life in America. I love the insight the videos give you into their family life and their natural, friendly chats.

Leslie, Messy Blog

Leslie has a strong interest in encouraging STEM learning in children. Expect ideas of things to do with children and family fun.
Follow Leslie on Instagram or read her blog Messy Blog.

Stacey Solomon

Ok she is a celebrity, but I've actually chatted with her in person and she is just so relatable. On her grid and stories she is open and honest about family life (and everything else) including all her worries and problems with her youngest Rex.

Katie, Katie Ellison (previously Mummy, Daddy, Me)

A quick glance at Katie's blog or Instagram might make you feel a little intimidated by her lovely photography, amazing house and beautiful videos. She looks stylish, her children (and new puppy) are adorable and she has the cutest relationship with her husband. I have been following Katie for long enough to know that she is quietly funny, self depreciating, genuine and a really lovely person. You only need to read a few of her captions to see her honesty; she doesn't pretend life is perfect, yet you'll still end up a little bit in awe. 

Sushmita, Wildberries & Fables

With children aged 3 to 13 Sushmita is raising a vegan family who are eco-conscious. Her posts are informative and her photographs fun. She makes you think and introduces new ideas.

Raff, Raff Out Loud

Another vegan family, this time living in California, Raff is mum of 3 toddlers. She and her wife conceived their children through IUI and the eldest and the twins are only 7 1/2 months apart which makes for some pretty cute adventures.
Follow Raff on Instagram or read her blog Raff Out Loud.

Katy, What Katy Said

Katy is a big fan of decluttering and wants to help make other mum's lives easier. She is also a big believer in wearing clothes that make you feel great, yes even if that means a dress and lipstick on the school run. She has started a new Instagram hashtag called #EasyMamaStyle.
Follow Katy on Instagram, read her blog What Katy Said or even check out the Facebook Live chats she hosts 3 times week.

We Are The Samoahs

Follow this lovely family for positive quotes, cute kid pictures and days out in the London and Essex area.

Colette, We're Going On An Adventure

Colette blogs about life as a mum of 3 on her blog We're Going On An Adventure. Her youngest child is 6 and they live in the North West (UK). As you might expect from the blog title there are lots of posts about days out and holidays, but she covers a little bit of everything related to family life.

Ashley, Mommy Week 

Ashley is mum to 3 children including one who has epilepsy. She shares real life struggles but with a positive attitude, believing she is blessed. While much of her content has a US focus there is still plenty to relate to.
Follow Ashley on Instagram or read her blog Mommy Week.

Hannah, Make, Do and Push

Hannah's youngest has recently turned one and she shares moments from her life with 3 children and a cockerpoo on Instagram and her blog. She loves to get outside with her family and go exploring so expect to see beautiful outdoors photography with lots of the colour mustard (it's kinda her thing).
Follow Hannah on Instagram or read her blog Make, Do and Push.

Laura, Laura’s Lovely Blog

Laura's children are 8, 5 and 1. She writes about family life and books with a touch of feminism.
Follow Laura on Instagram or read her blog Laura's Lovely Blog

Jen, Jenliujones

Jen's Instagram is primarily photographs of her looking great as she tries to encourage mums that they can still enjoy fashion, but there are cute photos of her children too. She has created the hashtag #MamaGladRags where she encourages mums to share snaps of themselves dressed up.
Follow Jen on Instagram.

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