Happy First Birthday Baby Boy

Baby Boy you are 1!

Was it really a whole year ago you were born? I can’t remember life before I had 3 children, but then again some days I am so tired I don’t even remember my name. 

Baby Boy sitting in a high chair with a red velvet cupcake in front of him. The cake has a single lit candle in

You are were born in the middle of the night in our kitchen. Your timing was perfect so as to not disturb your sisters’ sleep. You eased us in gently, but ever after that first quiet day when you let your Dad and I rest you have made your presence known.

A newborn baby boy on a green towel on weighing scales. He weighs 3.965kg

I have said it before and I know I will say it again, but it’s absolutely not the case with you that the third child slots right in and I see no sign of boys being easier. You spent the first few months crying and then one day I noticed you weren’t crying constantly any more, I noticed I could put you down for a few minutes without you minding. Gradually over the year you have spent more time not crying and you have been happier to be independent, but there are still too many tears and a lot of cuddles.

So many strangers in supermarkets have told me “he’s such a happy baby”, and you do love to encourage smiles from people while we wander the shopping aisles. You reward them with a beaming grin back, but it doesn’t last for long. 

Sleep has been our biggest challenge. From day 1 you wanted to sleep. I think you would have slept most of the day and night, just waking to feed if you could, but you usually wanted to sleep in my arms and that just wasn’t possible. Between school runs and looking after your sisters I could never give you what you needed and as a perpetually tired boy it’s not surprising there were too many tears. Even now your nap times are so dependent on your siblings and when I get you into your cot asleep there is no guarantee that they won’t wake you up. Sorry Baby Boy, it’s a third child thing. I shouldn’t be surprised that at night you want to sleep curled up next to me, it’s the one time you can be sure to have me to yourself.

A tired looking mum (me) sitting up in bed in red and black chequed pyjamas with a baby boy sitting next to her in matching pyjamas

A mum (me) sitting on the edge of a sand pit. She is holding a baby boy in a standing position between her legs

3 children aged a few months, 7 and 3 sit on a long in front of bluebells

At 6 months you started crawling. So many people said “wow” and I would point out it wasn’t a good thing. That’s 6 months now you have been making a beeline for the smallest and most delicate of your sisters’ toys they may have left within your reach. Surprisingly given how early you crawled it took you a while to get into climbing and you aren’t walking yet at a year. Funny how you can be ahead of your sisters with crawling and when you first got teeth (4 months) but they got to grips with walking before you. 

You have taken a few single steps recently and yesterday you took 4 steps, but you are in no rush. Why walk when you would rather be carried? Why walk when you can crawl and climb to get anywhere you want to go. But baby, I’m ready to go on adventures with you. We need to go splash in puddles, go on muddy walks in the forest, I want to see you run with your sisters. Trust me, you’ll love it.

6 month old baby boy in a white and green striped boden romper on his dad's shoulders

baby boy being pushed on a swing by his biggest sister. He is smiling

I am loving that you have started to communicate. Your smiles are great and make you shine, they feel precious, but communication through waving, clapping, bye bye, hello, yes and no really helps give me a clue about what is going on.

You are my last baby and heading towards toddlerhood. This should have been a year I savoured, but I am so much more excited about what lies ahead than what has past. I feel complete as a mum of 3 and we all love you so much. Happy first birthday Baby Boy.

baby boy on his first birthday in an apron towel being cuddled up to his father's chest

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